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Peach Moonstone Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

What Is Peach Moonstone?

A feldspar crystal known as moonstone has a supple, watery opaqueness with a silvery-white reflection known as chatoyancy which moves as a streak across the face in response to changes in light. It was employed in Roman jewelry and the East for about two thousand years. It’s a customary wedding present in India and has long been regarded as a precious stone with particular meaning for lovers. Peach moonstone, so named because of its luster that resembles the moon, comes in delicate tones of peach, gray, blue, white, and a chromatic variant called rainbow moonstone.

The History Of Peach Moonstone

One variety of moonstones is the peach moonstone, and most ancient cultures valued them for spiritual qualities. For instance, the Romans thought Diana, the moon goddess, held moonstone in high regard. They believed it might support the development of feminine energy, creativity, and intuition.

Peach moonstone was a “stone of happiness” in prehistoric India. It was frequently given as a present to honor a significant occasion or fresh beginning. In India today, the peach moonstone is still regarded as a lucky stone.

It’s interesting to note that peach moonstone has always been associated with divine intervention. Because of its link to the moon, some people think it is a rock of prophecy, and you can utilize it to communicate with the divine.

Suppose you’re seeking a stone that will enable you to let go of the past and welcome fresh starts, peach moonstone may appeal to you. This gemstone is ideal for anyone embarking on a spiritual journey because it is thought to embody the virtues of luck, hope, and intuition.

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Peach Moonstone Meaning

The stone has the same heavenly feminine powers as other forms of moonstone, but it provides a particularly strong link between the heart and will (solar plexus). As you endeavor to discover your creative and loving energy, you continue enjoying the same protecting properties of moonstone and how you may be able to improve them.

Peach moonstone is a more reflective stone that lets you rekindle your love for the things in your life that bring you joy. Your genuine character is obscured due to the constant congestion of nonsensical and emotion-driven thinking in your mind. Over time, you lose both the interest that motivates these sentiments and the ever-present connection you have with your inner spirits.

It would help if you got into the habit of performing something good for yourself because every time you interact with this rock, self-loving vibrations emerge. Treat yourself by engaging in a past-loved hobby or treating yourself to a former hangout.

Try something completely new you’ve been thinking about doing for days or months. These are all relatively insignificant things that serve to affirm your genuine love for yourself. You can only start to love others around you sincerely until you feel more at ease with yourself.

Peach Moonstone Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Peach moonstone contains a variety of physical therapeutic powers, just like the majority of crystals. It can treat PMS and menopausal symptoms, promote serenity and relaxation, and lessen tension and anxiety. Additionally, peach moonstones can aid with insomnia and enhance sleep quality.

The stone can aid body detoxification, improve circulation, and support the immune system. Peach moonstones can also help ease physical and emotional pain. According to legend, this moonstone is a superb fertility stone that can be utilized to boost the likelihood of conception.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Peach moonstone is the stone of change. It can assist you in embracing change and letting go of old emotional scars and destructive thought habits.

Another benefit of peach moonstones is that it encourages tranquility and inner serenity. Particularly during periods of anxiety or upheaval, it might assist you in finding emotional equilibrium and stability.

This gemstone is indeed a stone of hope on an emotional level. It can assist you in finding the good in any circumstance and preserving your optimism even in the most trying circumstances.

Peach moonstone is a wonderful stone for authors, artists, and anybody wishing to express themselves more meaningfully because it fosters imagination and creativity.

It’s a stone of clarity for the mind. You may be able to view situations for what they truly are and come to informed judgments. Additionally, peach moonstones can improve your memory, psychic powers, and intuition.

heart shape peach moonstone

Metaphysical Properties

Peach moonstone emits a calming and compassionate aura and can help with emotional problems, including depression and rage. This crystal may provide emotional support in various circumstances, enhance the best in everyone, and help you relax and prepare for fresh starts.

The crown and heart chakras are stimulated by peach moonstone. It strengthens the heart, fills it with compassion, and ignites good thoughts. It’s regarded as a particularly feminine stone and connected to the moon’s power. Peach moonstones help promote inner harmony and equilibrium.

Geological Properties

Peach moonstone is a feldspar made of potassium aluminum silicate. The hue ranges from tan brown to a very pale peach/pink. The change in hue is thought to result from increased aluminum content in the feldspar’s chemical composition.

Peach Moonstone Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Peach moonstone is ideal for people who desire to dive deeply into their psyche because it’s a stone of intuition and insight. The rock is a gemstone that June babies should consider wearing since it fosters intuition and creativity.

Peach moonstone is frequently related to the astrological signs of Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, and Sagittarius. It can aid this progress because these signs constantly seek new learning and development opportunities.

Peach Moonstone And Chakras

Peach moonstones stimulate the sacral chakra and aids in your ability to express your creativity. Additionally, it promotes manifestation and cures the emotional body.

8mm Peach Moonstone Mala thegreencrystal

Peach moonstone mala is a lovely item to use during prayer and meditation, and you can even use it as sacred jewelry to encourage more introspection and concentration. Collaborate with you to increase your excitement and energy as you realize your deepest creative aspirations.

Peach Moonstone Benefits

Anyone seeking to boost their feminine energy, get ready for a life change, or strengthen their spiritual relationship will find peach moonstone is an amazing stone. Here is a summary of some top advantages to keep an eye out for if you consider adding peach moonstones to your collection.

  • You can soothe and calm emotions and mind with peach moonstones.
  • It improves creativity, psychic capacity, and intuition.
  • It is a stone of hope and optimism that enhances your feelings of happiness and joy.
  • It guards against harmful influences and energies.
  • It enhances your creativity and imagination.
  • It is a fantastic tool for achieving your goals.
  • You can link with the holy feminine energy by using peach moonstones.
  • It is a stone of peace and love.

How To Use Peach Moonstone?

At Home

Moonstone can encourage the movement of energy in the house and is a “water” gemstone in feng shui. It can aid in this situation by boosting the feminine power in the house. You can use it to draw love and happiness into your life or to solve domestic issues caused by a deficiency in feminine energy.

The moonstone is reputed to support many facets of household well-being and health. For such reasons, many people incorporate peach moonstone into their feng shui practices.

The southwest corner of your home, the area, connected to relationships and love, is the ideal location to store peach moonstones.

At Work

Moonstone improves intuition and encourages creativity, success, and luck in relationships and business. It clarifies dreams and visions and aids in outlining a clear course of action. Peach moonstone fosters a sense of security and a readiness to be vulnerable in a happy relationship. Worry or nervousness are calmed, and it reveals the best in individuals. Peach moonstone aids in imparting the importance of patience.

Wear Peach Moonstone Jewelry

10mm Peach Moonstone fidget necklace thegreencrystal

The finest method to incorporate the magic of the moonstone into your life is through jewelry made of moonstone. Getting the stone set close against the skin enables optimum absorption of its healing properties, whether you select a magnificent shining moonstone bracelet or a lovely moonstone ring on your finger.

Applying gemstones to your skin can harmonize your body’s inherent frequencies and deliver healing energy where it is most needed. The defensive energy of obsidian, the sparkle of opal, the iridescent quality of labradorite, and the calming energies of amethyst are additional stones that match the moonstone.

Meditation With Peach Moonstone

Try meditating with peach moonstones if you want to tap into its energy. Allow the stone’s energy to permeate your mind and body while you relax with it in your hands.

Use Peach Moonstone In Feng Shui

Moonstone may enhance your Home’s feng shui in several ways. The most advantageous moonstone shape is spherical since it radiates light in every direction. You can also carry the stone around in your pocket as a crumpled piece of stone.

The Best Combination To Use With Peach Moonstone

Peach moonstone pairs beautifully with a wide variety of other gemstones. Amethyst, unakite, rhodochrosite, and pink aventurine are a few crystals that go beautifully with moonstone. Every one of these stones has distinct qualities of its own that might provide the wearer various advantages.


Amethyst is a strong stone that can assist in shielding the user from harmful energies. It’s also reputed to be a beneficial stone for people battling addiction. It can contribute to the creation of a strong, healing and guarding energy when combined with peach moonstones.


Unakite is a great gemstone for encouraging equilibrium in one’s life. It can aid in healing emotional wounds and promote growth. When combined with peach moonstones, this stone can generate strong energy for self-care and self-love.

Pink Aventurine

Pink aventurine is a stone that is thought to assist the wearer in drawing good energy into their lives. Additionally, it is supposed to increase motivation and inventiveness. When combined with peach moonstones, it can generate strong energy of love and upward mobility.


The stone rhodochrosite is thought to help the user experience feelings of compassion and love. It’s also supposed to aid in reducing anger or grief. Paired peach moonstones can create powerful energy of love and compassion.

peach moonstone frame

How To Cleanse And Program Peach Moonstone

Your moonstone will function most effectively when it’s kept frequently cleansed and charged, just like all gems and healing crystals. To keep that positive energy flowing and completely active, you may wish to periodically wipe away any residual negative energy from your healing crystals.

Moonstone responds to moonlight and water like how the moon appears in the sky. Just purify your moonstone’s energy by submerging it in water, after which you may place it on a sill or in direct sunlight during a waxing or full moon so it can absorb the rays.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, peach moonstone is a magnificent and potent stone. Its lovely energy has the power to calm and heal the user’s body, mind, and spirit. It is unquestionably important to add to your inventory if you want to transition into fresh beginnings and engage more with the feminine energies. You can easily find it at gems and stones shops near me.


What Chakra Is A Peach Moonstone?

Peach moonstone is a crown chakra crystal, and it is the stone of fertility, love, magic, intuition, hope, protection, and spiritual purity. It educates you about the natural cycles of life, awakens the soul to empathy, and aids in the embrace of love. Moonstone soothes and inspires.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Moonstone?

Peach moonstones have the spiritual significance of bringing new starts and hope. These calming stones improve intuition and provide good fortune. Additionally linked to the heavenly and feminine spirit is the peach moonstone.

Is Peach Moonstone And Sunstone The Same?

Sunstone and peach moonstone are two distinct stones. The name “sunstone” refers to a particular form of feldspar that’s yellow-orange in hue. Even though they are two different stones with distinct energies and qualities, they are occasionally mistaken for peach moonstones.

Where Is Peach Moonstone From?

Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Australia, Tanzania, and the U.S are among the countries where peach moonstones may be found.

Is Peach Moonstone Rare?

It’s a precious stone with a fascinating backstory. Peach moonstones are extremely rare, which makes them quite valuable. Moonstones from India and Sri Lanka are the most sought-after and expensive ones. Such pristine and improved stones are unique to India and Sri Lanka.

Is Peach Moonstone Natural?

Yes. Peach moonstone is a genuine gemstone. It is a particular variety of feldspar, and its peach-like hue gave it its name.

Can Peach Moonstone Go In The Water?

Yes. The Mohs scale rates the hardness of moonstone at 6-6.5 out of 10. Of course, this value is more than 5. But immersing the rock in water for an extended period is not advised.

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