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Rainbow Moonstone Meaning, Properties, and Uses

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What Is Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone is a beautiful, translucent gemstone that displays a range of colors when it reflects light. The colors are caused by the light diffracting from the feldspar layering within the stone. Rainbow moonstone crystal is usually a creamy white color, with occasional flashes of blue or other colors. It is best seen in natural light, where the colors are most pronounced.

The History Of Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone has been used in jewelry for centuries by ancient Greek and Romans. The Roman civilization believed moonstone was created from the rays of the moon. The Greeks and Romans thought the moonstone was associated with the moon gods. With the Art Nouveau 20th century phase, moonstone experienced a resurgence in popularity among artists and goldsmiths who used it to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

Rainbow Moonstone Meanings

Moonstone’s true meaning is its ability to cleanse the chakras and promote balance between your body and mind. If you’re feeling negative or blocked in any way, moonstone can help you regain clarity and connect the mind to your body. This gemstone is often used to restore balance and promote harmony.

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Rainbow Moonstone Properties

Physical and Emotional Healing Properties

rainbow moonstones may be the right gemstone if you hope to find love or bring more light into your life. According to legend, this stone can help you find the right partner and make you brave and confident in relationships. Rainbow moonstones could be a powerful tool if you’re starting a new relationship or want to change the dynamics of an existing one.

Enhances decision-making, especially when under stress. Rainbow moonstone crystal provides the energy of calm, peace, and harmony, as well as the strength and determination to carry on during difficult situations. It helps to keep emotions balanced, especially during heightened or overshadowed emotions. It can be used during meditation to connect with higher realms and promote a more positive outlook

Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone can help with visionary abilities. It is known to help people see things more clearly and helps with balance, harmony, and hope. The gem benefits people who want to be more creative, have more compassion, and be more confident. 

Rainbow moonstones can also help strengthen intuition and psychic perception. This gem is known for assisting people in avoiding tunnel vision and seeing other possibilities.

Geological Properties

Moonstone is a type of feldspar whose specific gravity falls between 2.56 – 2.58 and has a pearly and opalescent schiller. It is made of two different types of feldspar – orthoclase and albite. When light falls between the thin layers of these two minerals, it undergoes multidirectional dispersion or adularescence.

Moonstone deposits have been spotted in Madagascar, Norwegian parts, the Austrian alps, the USA, and even India. This creamy bluish yet translucent stone has a hardness of 6 to 6-1/2 (Mohs), while the refractive index is between 1.520 – 1.525.

Rainbow Moonstone Energy Color

The emerald rainbow moonstone crystal is quite a sight to behold. Its lustrous, creamy white shine is comparable to other moonstones, allowing us to place it in the moonstone family. However, although beautiful, the rainbow moonstones’ hues aren’t as common as some other colors.

Rainbow moonstone bears a frequency associated with good health and fortune. Besides, it may help improve your sense of self-worth and overall wellbeing. It also has a very calming energy. This color energy makes it perfect for those who want to find harmony in their life or seek to build stronger relationships with others.

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Rainbow Moonstone And Zodiac Signs

The rainbow moonstone is a June birthstone with a natural affinity with the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancers are known to be intuitive and emotionally aware, and as such, they can easily connect with the energies of the rainbow moonstones. However, this isn’t to say that other zodiac signs can’t also benefit from its energies.

Water Signs

Water signs Pisces are known for their intuition. They can tell the feelings and mental state of people around them. Rainbow moonstones offer you more protection emotionally from the negative energy that can build up in social situations. 

It also activates your psychic gifts, which can be helpful when you feel overwhelmed by emotion. Rainbow moonstones can help you find your way to calmer waters whenever you are lost in a pool of emotion.

Fire Signs

Fire signs are go-getters. They set their sights on a goal and achieve it. Other times that can result in them bulldozing over anything that gets in their way. Thus, Leos, Sagittarians, or Aerians may achieve an emotional balance, allowing them to focus on their emotional wellbeing while still working hard.

Earth Signs

People who were born under an earth sign are often known for being very patient. But that doesn’t mean they don’t experience a range of intense emotions. One of the emotions they might feel strongly is fear of obliviousness. Wearing or carrying around rainbow moonstones can help ease some of that fear. You fall under the Taurus and Capricorn astrological signs, or you are just a Virgo.

Air Signs

Rainbow moonstone crystal is a powerful tool for Geminis, Libras, and Aquarius regarding their crown chakras. These signs are prone to confusion and feeling unsafe. Rainbow moonstones help to offer gentle guidance and support. By resonating with the heavenly realm, they offer air signs of direction and backing from angels.

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Rainbow Moonstone And Chakras

The rainbow moonstone crystal is one of the few stones associated with seven different chakras. These chakras include:

Third Eye Chakra

Rainbow moonstone crystal helps clear and cleanse the third eye chakra, which can help you tap into your own telepathic talents. When your third eye is in harmony, you can observe things more clearly and with greater awareness. However, you may feel sad and hopeless when it is out of balance. Rainbow moonstones can help you to embrace reality as it is, without fear or worry.

Throat Chakra

Rainbow gemstone can help improve communication by connecting with the throat chakra. It helps explain your mental inclination and life goal, which can lead to better communication. Rainbow moonstone crystal also provides the motivation and knowledge required to say the right thing at the right time. As a result, you may become more charismatic and persuasive when using this multicolored labradorite.

Crown Chakra

Rainbow moonstone crystal has particularly powerful in opening up and activating the crown chakra. This can, in turn, help you to establish a stronger connection with higher dimensions. 

Rainbow moonstone crystal is also helpful for lucid dreams, astral travel, and meditation. If you’re looking for a better spiritual experience, try using this crystal in the full moon period.

Heart Chakra

By connecting to your heart chakra, rainbow moonstones can help you sense the true feelings of those around you. If you’ve been struggling to read people or figure out who is being genuine, this stone may be able to help you find emotional balance and clarity. Additionally, those who are seeking true love may find the rainbow moonstones to be helpful allies.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is where your creative and feminine energies meet as a woman. Rainbow moonstone crystal is very attuned to this chakra due to its links with lunar and fertility. The sacral chakra also governs creative power, helping you manifest your reproductive abilities. 

Root Chakra

The energy of the rainbow moonstone works to encourage balance in the root chakra. This chakra is important because it connects your aura’s energy to mother earth’s energy. When the root chakra is balanced, it allows for a successful and optimal manifestation.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is a key indicator of strength, energy, and future projection. It is also known as the manifestation catalyst. Rainbow moonstones can connect the solar plexus chakra. Thus, it helps one to focus on objectives and provides the insight to see how life is developing.

What Is Rainbow Moonstone Good For? 

Rainbow moonstone is known for its cleansing properties which can help to clear away negative thoughts and emotions. This increased clarity can help you access parts of yourself that you may have been unaware of. The new mental clarity this stone brings makes it easier to take advantage of arising opportunities by overstepping negativities. 

Rainbow Moonstone Shapes And Forms

While rainbow moonstones have been commonly used as jewelry throughout history, their fame started in the 60s. To showcase its adularescence, rainbow moonstone crystal is typically carved into cabochons. A stroke’s directional path is incorporated into the carving to make it appropriately thick and shiny. The gem is available in pendants, bracelets, and rings, taking square, circular and triangular shapes. 

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How To Use Rainbow Moonstone?

The rainbow moonstone has to be matched for the proper purpose to get the desired outcome. So, if you are targeting productivity, you may use it in your office or home to create strong bonds. 

At Home

You may place the rainbow moonstones under the bed to create a more substantial relationship, get lucid dreams and promote feminine feelings. Conversely, putting it in your living room promotes harmony and wellness. 

At Work

It would help if you had the rainbow moonstones to give you the drive for goal achievement. You will have to put in zones where there’s is less intuition, homelessness, and failing negativities. This could be in a less productive department. You may store the gem in your desk or trophy cabinets in your office. Lastly, you may want to consider this gem in your work area where conflicts are likely. 

Wearing Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Wearing rainbow moonstone jewelry allows the gem to be in contact with your skin. This could be in the form of a bracelet, pendant, ring, or necklace. You can get them at the crystal shop near me.

Through this contact, rainbow moonstones help promote peace, balance, and harmony while providing spiritual defense. They are a powerful gemstone for those who wish to develop their supernatural abilities. And most importantly, you get to match a rainbow moonstone jewelry with your desired clothing. 

Meditation With Rainbow Moonstone

Having a rainbow moonstone in your hand during meditation and concentrating on thoughts of empty, dazzling sunshine flowing into your brain through the gemstone may bring you heavenly peace. 

This stone is a beautiful jewel that can help you see things more positively. Rainbow moonstone is perfect for meditation, as it can help you relax and have more fun with your practice. You may also find relief from stress with hypnosis by improving your sleep and deepening your contemplation. This stone is a joyful stone that brings happiness and good health to all who use it.

Rainbow Moonstone vs. Moonstone

At first glance, it may be difficult to tell the difference between a moonstone and a rainbow moonstone. However, upon closer inspection, one will notice that the latter is not a type of moonstone. 

Rainbow moonstones get their name and spectral colors from iridescent light interference and are a type of feldspar mineral. They are, therefore, white labradorites. Moonstones often have black tourmaline in them, which is lacking in labradorites.

How To Care For Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is a beautiful and unique gem, but it’s also sensitive to certain things like chemicals, heat, and acids. Keep your rainbow moonstones shining brightly by avoiding things like ultrasonic cleaners. Instead, clean the gem lightly with mild soap, soft cotton pieces, and water.

How To Cleanse and Program Rainbow Moonstone

You can cleanse rainbow moonstones with salt water. Leave the gem in seawater overnight and towel dry it the following day. 

Remember, leaving a rainbow stone in water for too long can damage the stone’s structure and quality. An alternative to leaving the gem in water is to bury it in soil overnight so the negative energy can escape into the ground. You can place rainbow moonstones in moonlight or smudged with common sage for activation or infusion.


Where Is Rainbow Moonstone Found?

Most rainbow moonstones formations have Australian and Madagascan traces. Besides, India, Sri Lanka, and Poland have also been consistent with their deposits. 

What Is The Black In Rainbow Moonstone?

These rainbow moonstone gems feature black areas, giving the gemstone a marbling appearance. The darkness is from the black tourmaline, a prominent stone with potent qualities. 

Can Rainbow Moonstone Get Wet?

Yes, rainbow moonstones can get wet. It’s essential to dry them after washing to avoid long-term degradation.

Which Crystals Does Rainbow Moonstone Harmonize With?


Due to its qualities, merlinite is quite akin to rainbow moonstone crystal since it fosters spirituality and insight while also attracting good fortune in life. This gemstone can provide the greatest spiritual power. When combined with moonstone, they have an even greater impact and support one another.


The Labradorite that is golden-yellow also displays an iridescent brightness. Such crystals’ frequencies often offer strong protection against all negativities and interference. However, combining rainbow moonstone with golden-yellow Labradorites gives you a balance of male and feminine powers. This is also among the greatest pairings for enhancing cardio, digestion, and sleep.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has a light pink tint, a glassy sheen, and a semitransparent appearance rather than a concentrated color. This crystal stimulates psychic powers and profound emotions when worn with a rainbow moonstone crystal. Since they all promote feelings of love, using them together will develop harmony, inner serenity, a feeling of purpose, or appreciation for yourself.

What Happens When You Sleep With Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow moonstone has some efficacy in the treatment of sleepwalking. It can promote calming energy that might aid in restful sleep. Additionally, this valuable stone may treat sleeplessness and shield users from nightmares.

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