Raw Green Aventurine


△ A Grade raw green aventurine
△ Stone Size: 2-3cm
△ Perfect for adding to your healing crystal set collections

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raw green aventurine
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If you are looking for better opportunities in life, you can take help from raw green aventurine. This crystal is associated with abundance and prosperity in life. You will get motivation and a flow of creativity when you keep this crystal close.

Green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, and it’s also known as the love stone. It takes and joins the energies of earth and water. Keeping this stone will bring you confidence and help you accept the changes.

What Is Raw Green Aventurine

Raw green aventurine gets the color from the inclusions of fuchsite. However, other inclusions can give different colors to the crystal.

Most green aventurine is found in India, but it’s also available in Vermont and China. This is the crystal of prosperity, and it may give you motivation and creativity.

Raw Green Aventurine Meaning

Green aventurine is also known as the healer of the heart, as it’s related to the heart chakra.

The most important part about green aventurine is that it’s related to prosperity. If you are looking for a good relationship, finance, and better career opportunities, you may keep this stone with you.

Raw green aventurine crystal can also relieve you from gambling, drinking, and smoking habits. In the early days, Tibetans used this crystal to decorate statues, buildings, and artistic things. It was believed that the statues would have a better look if the crystal had the best shine.

Green aventurine has different names, like Venetian stone, Indian jade, adventure stone, and many more.

Raw Green Aventurine Properties

Raw green aventurine has many properties. Check out the main features below.

Physical Healing Properties

Green aventurine has one of the best healing abilities. It will steady your nerves and return balance to the body. It may lower blood pressure, give energy, and regulate the thymus gland.

Green aventurine can be a healer for those who have been suffering from a long sickness.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Raw green aventurine crystal offers emotional and mental healing too.

You already know it’s a stone of opportunities, so your luck might get a chance with it. It can give you positive energies, provide you with confidence, and nurture the creative side in you.

Green aventurine can become a good influence when you want a good relationship with your loved ones. Thus it heals you emotionally and heals your old wounds.

Metaphysical Properties

Green aventurine is connected with the heart chakra and a healthy heart. The crystal may give you lots of energy that you need in your daily life.

This green crystal clears the blockage inside you, solves your trust issues, and gives you the strength to turn your life back. The natural crystal healing process may help you in everyday life, and you can work on your leadership tactics.

Raw Green Aventurine Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Green aventurine is the birthstone of the Cancer zodiac. This crystal provides better confidence for cancer people. Aries also has some connection with the calmness of this stone.

Raw green aventurine can also help Leo people. It may provide them with positive emotions and divert their feelings to better places.

Raw Green Aventurine And Chakras

Green aventurine is connected with the heart chakra. This is the reason it’s called the heart healer.

Raw green aventurine crystal can erase unhappy memories from life and may lead you towards better things in life. If the past things still wound you, it will help you forget the unpleasant memories. You will learn to love and care again, as the crystal will heal your heart.

Raw Green Aventurine Benefits

Raw green aventurine has more benefits than you know. It does not just heal your heart, but it brings better opportunities in life and many more. Check out the benefits below.

1) Avail Better Luck

Green aventurine is a stone of luck. So, if you keep this crystal with you, it may bring better luck to you.

You can use this to improve your career and financial status. If you work with this crystal, you may become the luckiest person in your family or the workplace.

2) Lots Of Opportunities

Green aventurine can bring better opportunities in your life. You will get signs of good opportunities in life, and all you have to do is to embrace them.

3) Provide Abundance

You may start to accept the changes in your life. Raw aventurine may give you better opportunities and abundance. You will get better energy, and it will attract better wealth, and you may start to win games.

How To Use Raw Green Aventurine?

There are many ways you can use green aventurine. You can wear it, carry it with you and many more. Check out the uses.

1) Wear It

You can wear raw green aventurine crystal as jewelry. Wear it around your heart, and it will get connected with the chakra.

2) Keep It With The Money

If you want to increase your wealth, you can keep it in the money box. Or you can keep it in your purse and carry it wherever you go.

3) Place It In The Garden

The green color of this crystal signifies natural energy. So, you can get energy from the earth by keeping green aventurine under plants and deep within the soil. It will also purify the crystal, and you will get better energy.

4) Take It To Bed

Based on the emotional status you are going through, you can keep an aventurine with you when you sleep. If past emotions are troubling you, the crystal may help erase those memories and bring better sleep.

How To Cleanse And Active Raw Green Aventurine?

You can cleanse green aventurine in many different ways. You can put it on a selenite or clear quartz for some hours. Keep it around the smoke of Palo Santo and sage. Bury the stone in the soil or salt.

In addition, to cleanse and charge raw aventurine, you can keep it under the full moon. This will cleanse the stone by erasing all negative energies from it.


What Does Raw Green Aventurine Do?

Raw aventurine is a stone of prosperity. You may get better motivation and creativity when you start to use it. It’s also associated with the heart chakra, which may balance your love life.

Can Raw Green Aventurine Be In The Water?

You must not put green aventurine in water for a long time. For cleansing, you can put it under salt water. This is because it can change color and have cracks on the surface due to chemical reactions.

What Does It Mean When Someone Gives You Green Aventurine?

When someone offers you green aventurine, they want you to have joy, optimism, and luck in your life.

What Is Aventurine Good For Spiritually?

Raw green aventurine is known as a heart healer. This crystal links your feelings with peace, harmony, gratitude, and compassion.  See more crystals here.


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