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real peacock ore rock meaning benefits and uses

Peacock Ore (Bornite) Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

When you have the peacock stone around you, you tend to worry less and seemingly find adventure and happiness in the littlest things of life. The stone helps create perfectly abundant happiness for you, enabling you to spread your positive vibes all along. Unfortunately, many people still do not know about peacock ore crystal. In this article, we will talk about peacock rocks, deciphering its history, meaning, benefits, and more.

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What Is Peacock Ore?

Peacock ore is a spectacular stone, also named bornite. It is known for its physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties among others.

The stone is best known for its spectacular appearance and is eponymous of the peacock because of the bird’s stunning plumes. If you have ever observed a peafowl, you will find several similarities with the peacock rocks. The stone is beautiful with shades of royal blue, dark purple, fuchsia, cream, and yellow among others. Certain variants of peacock rocks have also displayed a form of iridescence which further adds to its naturally beautiful appeal.

The History Of Peacock Ore

Now that you have already heard about peacock ore crystal, you are probably curious about its historical properties. In this section, we will give you a brief lowdown of the same.

Peacock ore is perhaps one of the most unique stones you will ever find when it comes to crystal healing. However, the ancient textbooks based on healing barely talk about peacock rocks. Even though humans are familiar and have used the peacock rocks seen ages, the stone is fairly a newbie when it comes to the healing segment.

The bornite crystal originates from several regions around the world. However, the majority of them originate from Mexico, parts of Arizona, and Peruvian regions. You will also find peacock rocks in parts of Brazil and other tropical regions. Peacock stone is natural, and the colors develop due to the natural oxidation process.

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Peacock Ore Meaning

Since you are now familiar with the history of peacock ore crystal, let’s delve deeper into its meaning. As you would probably know, peacock rocks come with several nicknames, the top among which is the Stone of Enlightenment. This indicates that the true meaning of peacock stone is associated with a tree.

Many individuals consider it one of the biggest relaxing agents because bornite crystal can inspire peace even in the most challenging situations. The stone can help change your idea and perception about the problems you are dealing with.

When you are in a dire event, you are commonly overwhelmed with stress, fear, anxiety, and even depression. However, the peacock stone helps deal with these negative emotions. That is also perhaps why the crystal is so popular among anxious folks.

Thanks to the properties of bornite, you are compelled to take one step back and rethink your choices. As your perspective shifts, your worries will be less, and you will also realize that your life is more enjoyable than you thought. Bornite adds perspective to your life enabling you to perceive things as they are even in the darkest hours.

Peacock Ore Properties

Peacock stone is best known for its multitude of healing elements. It comes with a unique energy that can truly transform your entire being. In this section, we will learn more about this crystal’s healing properties.

Physical Healing Properties

One of the biggest highlights of peacock stone is that it helps treat your physical pain enabling you to discover your preferred spiritual freedom. Scores of individuals use this stone to reinstate happiness and physical well-being in their lives.

The biggest goal of the peacock rocks is to promote your complete well-being. It keeps you fit, active, and happy. According to some sources, it is also known to make pregnant women vital, allowing them to be completely healthy as the baby starts to grow. Bornite enmeshes your soul and being with positive energy, and the child benefits from it.

Other health experts also believe bornite crystal helps boost the natural adrenaline level. The presence of ore helps boost the idea of feeling good. You feel better and end up becoming much more active. This way, you end up achieving all the goals you always coveted. Additionally, the feel-good factor impacts your entire life and well-being.

You feel better and are more confident to take up daily and challenging tasks. What’s more, your urge to perform physical activities is significantly higher. Thanks to the positive influence of peacock rocks, you are thoroughly energetic, and you feel like working out more than you should. Moreover, your proclivity to perform physical exercises increases, thus keeping you more active through and through.

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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Another property of peacock ore crystal is that it helps with mental and emotional healing. Even the slightest look at this crystal can make your day by adding a spark of much-needed happiness and joy.

This crystal’s mental and emotional healing properties are tremendous, to say the least. The stone makes you happy, and it tends to uplift every individual it meets on the way. As you observe peacock rocks further, you will realize that it is all about tapping into the happy and joyous moments in your life.

Remember, life is long enough, and there’s no point harping on the past, thinking negative thoughts. Bornite helps you to prioritize positive energy the right way. This way, you can clear your mental insecurities and memories that hurt you. It sucks out the negative energy from your system, reinstating you with positivity and goodness.

The colors of peacock ore crystal transcend through your usual gloom. It helps heal negativity from the moment you take a look at it. And when you have bornite at home, it is unmissable. Even if you do not believe in crystals, you will be compelled to take a look at this, and the sheer brightness of the stone will fill your heart with happiness.

Bornite exudes some beautiful colors that pass through the negative emotions you are dealing with. According to experts, they transcend your self-created mental barriers and emotionally stabilize you.

Peacock ore crystal also helps boost your self-esteem and renders a creative spur in you. When you have the bornite crystal around you, you might find yourself entering a whimsical world that you know nothing about. Do not fight your emotions. Instead, enjoy the energy you receive from the stone. Ultimately, bornite will help you stay up front and set your soul free.

Peacock Ore Metaphysical Properties

The peacock ore stone is also known for its metaphysical properties. At its very crux, it helps change the world you are in. As you already know, bornite is an excellent element for self-reflection and enables you to see things more clearly than ever.

Every time you experience life challenges, it is common to subscribe to self-doubt and negative thoughts. The world around you is no longer the same, and everything you try to see appears foggy. The result? Your vision and judgment are severely impaired, and life seems to be nothing more than a never-ending dark pit. You almost feel like the entire world has its back turned on you.

Peacock ore stone is an excellent resource to steer clear of negativity. It is rich in energy and plenty of other healing elements that help you picture life from newer angles. It helps change your perspective about life, thus impacting your priorities. Within no time, you will realize that the things that were previously bothering you do not have any impact.

You will realize that life isn’t that bad at all. All humans need is a slight adjustment of perception. Peacock ore stone wouldn’t compel you to observe life with rose-tinted glasses. Instead, it will reinstate the confidence you had within yourself. Bornite will prepare you for the challenges ahead and keep you self-motivated.

Geological Properties

In case you didn’t already know. Peacock ore is commonly known as bornite. But what is bornite made of? Well, it is a form of copper with iron sulfide, and you will mostly find it along heated vents. Depending on the variant, it might also contain traces of chalcopyrite. In most cases, miners have found a combination of chalcopyrite and bornite in common deposits of copper.

Peacock ore stone is created after the bornite is extensively exposed and warmed up. The most conventional grade of bornite is reddish because of the copper. However, new colors gradually emerge as the peacock ore stone is exposed to oxygen. When you combine that with the adverse heat of your regular thermal vent, you will soon witness the mermaid-Esque finish in the bornite crystal.

Peacock Ore Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Peacock ore is the natural birthstone of Capricorn and Taurus. Its element is earth. So, if you fall under these zodiac signs, you might as well invest in a quality peacock ore stone for your overall health and well-being.

Peacock Ore And Chakras

Peacock ore is one of the most imperative and powerful crystals when combined with chakra-based healing. The energy of the bornite crystal is so intense that when you place it on a specific chakra, it will naturally impact the other ones.

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What Is Peacock Ore Good For?

Help Boost Adrenaline Levels And Keep You Active

One of the biggest benefits of peacock ore stone is that it helps keep you active through and through, thanks to its physical properties. Even a glimpse of the bornite crystal will make you happy and thoroughly enjoy what comes along with it.

Help Balance Emotions

If you struggle with unstable emotions, it’s time you got a peacock ore stone. This crystal is an excellent tool for the uninitiated to keep you grounded and your emotions in shape. You feel better about your life and are thoroughly well balanced throughout the day. Negative thoughts don’t linger and are instead replaced with positive energy to live and enjoy life.

Boost Self-esteem And Confidence

If you are struggling with low self-esteem, you might want to check out the peacock ore stone. The bornite crystal has several metaphysical healing properties that effectively boost your self-confidence, making you more confident performing regular errands. What’s more, you are more focused, and your drive towards life is entirely novel and unique.

Instill Creativity And New-found Happiness In Life

Another major highlight of the bornite crystal is that it instills your system with creative elements. You are suddenly more creative and are driven by entirely new happiness in life. You start discovering happiness in the mundane, and the things that previously bothered you do not affect you anymore.

Allow You To Stay Grounded

If you struggle to stay grounded and every major and small life change affects you, you might want to get a peacock ore crystal. It will help you stay grounded and surround you with every kind of positive energy, helping you battle the blues valiantly.

How To Use Peacock Ore?

At this point, you are probably wondering where to keep the peacock ore after you get it. In this section, we will talk all about it.

One of the easiest ways to use the bornite crystal is by keeping it in a small container or a bag. Next, you place that bag in the specific zone where you are working on the creative stuff of your life, and the chakra automatically starts to work.

Next, you might want to hold the crystals. This can either be one or multiple crystals. We recommend holding the crystals as you set out in a meditative pose around your sleeping area. When the peacock stone is in its organic state, you can place it in any area and hold it as you meditate.

Where To Place Peacock Ore In The Home?

There are many ways to place a peacock stone at home. For instance, you can put it by the windowsill allowing it to absorb the lunar aura. Alternatively, you can place it in your home’s health zone or at your bedside table for positive energy.

Where To Place Peacock Ore At Work?

Regarding work, it is ideal to store the peacock rocks in the area where you make the most important work-related decisions.

Wear Peacock Ore Jewelry

If you want to be surrounded by positive vibes all the time, try wearing peacock ore jewelry. This will help you make the right decisions and keep you active, positive, and happy throughout the day.

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Meditation With Peacock Ore

If you want to relax, you might want to meditate with a peacock stone. The idea is simple. Just hold the peacock rocks in your hand and chant positive affirmations. This will calm you down and help steer off the negative energy.

How To Tell If Peacock Ore Is Real?

When the peacock ore crystal is real, you will notice that the broken edges will start to develop a brownish-gold hue which will eventually turn pink and other colors when in contact with air. Fake peacock ore crystal won’t exhibit this property and will stay yellowish until its lifetime. It’s important to buy crystals at a reliable online crystal shop.

How To Cleanse And Program Peacock Ore?

Get a bowl of boiling water and place your peacock rocks in it. Rinse thoroughly and wash off with a clean cloth. You can also smudge peacock rocks for proper clean-up or burn sage, sweetgrass, or any variant of cedar to activate the stone.

After noticing the smoke, place your peacock rocks right over it for some time. Alternatively, you can also place the crystal under the moon or sunlight to activate it.

Final Thoughts

Peacock ore crystal is an extremely powerful tool when used the right way. Use this crystal to avoid negative emotions and stay positive, vibrant, and confident. So whether you are grappling with self-doubt or anything else, peacock rocks will certainly work in your favor. Bornite will remove all negative thoughts that keep you uplifted and positive. You will enjoy performing your daily tasks, and the things that previously deterred you from your goals will no longer affect you.


Is Peacock Ore Man-Made?

Peacock stone comes from bornite, which is copper ore. The colors result from oxidation, and the crystal is thus natural.

Is Peacock Ore Natural?

Peacock stone develops its beautiful hues from the natural oxidation process. Therefore it’s natural.

Where Is Peacock Ore Found?

While peacock ore stone is found in several regions, it predominantly originates from Brazil.

What Is In Peacock Ore?

As you already know, peacock ore is an oxidized bornite that takes the shape of a crystal. As the crystal gets oxidized, it develops some beautiful, colorful hues.

Is Peacock Ore Toxic?

No, peacock stone is not toxic and can be safely used by everyone.

What Chakra Is Peacock Ore Good For?

Peacock ore stone is ideal for all common chakras. Thanks to its unique healing properties, it can effectively align with every possible chakra. The physical property of peacock rocks, which is more commonly known as bornite belongs to the sacral chakra. The biggest highlight of bornite crystal is that it automatically impacts the others when you place it on a specific chakra.

Is Peacock Ore Rare?

No, peacock ore is not rare. You can find several variants of peacock rocks from reputed gemstone dealers.

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