Raw Red Jasper


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“Gorgeous stone! Absolutely love my crystal! And the extra gift that was given to me also was beautiful thank you so much definitely will shop again”- Melody

All stones are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture. Each piece is handmade for you and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. 🎁 Your purchase helps nature.❤️ Thank you for supporting our small business. 😀

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raw red jasper necklace
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There are many gemstones or crystals that can help you in harnessing the goodness in your life. By wearing these stones or crystals, you can bring the best changes to your health and lifestyle. Raw red jasper is one such stone that can be quite beneficial for you with some amazing properties.

This stone is great for increasing your mental strength to be more focused in your life. It can be quite beneficial in many ways.

What Is Raw Red Jasper?

The raw red jasper is a gemstone that belongs to the chalcedony mineral class. It is completely opaque in nature, and it is considered as one of the types of quartz.

The color of the red jasper is mainly because of the high amount of iron in this stone. This stone comes with several benefits and can be used in different ways.

Raw Red Jasper Meaning

The meaning of raw red jasper is protection, grounding, and passion. It is also known by the name of “Supreme Nurturer”.

Red jasper crystal offers powerful protection for your spiritual and physical health against bad or negative energies. Hence, the main meaning of red jasper is protection.

What Is Raw Red Jasper Good For?

The red jasper is a protective stone that can be good for many things.

Protection From Bad Energy

Bad or negative energy around you can drain you physically and mentally. With the help of this red gemstone, you can block the negative energy from getting into your space or aura.

Relieving Stress

The red jasper crystal can be great for relieving tension, anxiety, and stress.

When your mind is blocked with negative energy, your body and mind both can feel the stress. This stone can be good for you to relieve stress and clean your aura.

Providing Energy

Red jasper can also be quite good for stimulating your energy level. By eliminating the negativity around you, it can offer you to be more revitalized and energetic in nature. Also, it can help you to gain better stamina, strength, and balance.

Keeping You Grounded

One of the benefits of raw red jasper crystal is that it can help you to stay grounded. This can help you be more focused and stay in touch with the ground while being robust and strong.

Raw Red Jasper Properties

All these amazing benefits that red jasper offers come from its great properties. Some of the significant properties of raw red jasper crystal are listed below.

Physical Healing Properties

The physical healing properties of raw red jasper crystal can help you in different ways. It can balance your sexual energy helping you to improve your lifestyle.

Also, because of the high amount of iron present in this stone, it can improve your blood circulation level. This stone provides ailment as well as protection against common health threats.

Mental And Emotional Healing Properties

Being a stone that can help you cleanse the negative energy around you, red jasper can help fine-tune your strength and focus.

If you are feeling numb lately because of stress, depression, or anxiety, the properties of red jasper can help you overcome them.

Metaphysical Properties

Red jasper’s metaphysical properties can help boost your energy level by balancing the organs and chakras. It can help you align your spinal cord correctly to instill a deep spiritual awakening.

Raw Red Jasper Birthstone & Zodiac Sign

The red jasper is the birthstone for the people born in March and April.

It is well-suited for people with the Aries zodiac sign. Hence, if you are born between March 21 and April 19, then red jasper is the ideal gemstone for you.

Raw Red Jasper & Chakras

While most gemstones can balance two chakras at a time, this red jasper can balance three chakras in your body. They are the earth chakra, sacral chakra, and base chakra.

Red jasper stone can help you to stay grounded and keep your energy high.

How To Use Raw Red Jasper Crystal?

As a great stone for providing emotional and physical balance while keeping you grounded, the red jasper can mainly be used in three ways.

For Home Use

As red jasper can effectively ward off all the negative energy from the surroundings helping to cleanse the body and mind of the people, it is a perfect stone to keep in your home. This can help to boost the energy level of your family.

For Office Use

The red jasper can help you cleanse your mind. This can be helpful for you to keep in your office space. Also, it keeps you grounded while providing a constant flow of energy.

As Jewelry

If you want to keep the red jasper stone close to your body, then wear it as a jewelry piece.

You can wear it as a ring or necklace to keep it in touch with your skin. This can help you to harness all the goodness physically and emotionally.

How To Cleanse And Charge Raw Red Jasper?

The best and most effective way of cleansing red jasper is by washing the stone with lukewarm water for about 3 to 5 minutes.

In order to charge up this stone, you can bury it under the soil. This can help you to charge it up easily.

What Is The Value Of Raw Jasper?

There was a time when red jasper stones used to be very expensive. But nowadays, they are available in abundance, leading to much more affordability.

The exact value of the red jasper stone depends on the quality. The value can range between $3 and $5 for each carat. The red jasper stones of the finest quality can cost approximately $6 to $9 per carat.

Where To Buy Raw Red Jasper Stone?

You can buy red jasper in our online crystal shop. We have different kinds of crystals for you to choose from.


Where Is Red Jasper Found?

Red jasper can be found in many places nowadays. It is easily available in India, France, Russia, the United States of America, and Germany.

How To Identify Raw Red Jasper?

You can do the knife test to know if the red jasper is real or not. The real one will not get a single scratch on it as it is very hard.

Can Raw Red Jasper Go In Water?

Yes, the raw red jasper stone can withstand water even for a longer period of time. In fact, lukewarm water is used for cleansing this stone.

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    The pendant is amazing and is done completely as shown and it’s beautiful. Thank you.

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    This is probably one of my favorite pieces!

  3. Lucita

    Looks exactly as pictured, and the pendant is beautiful!!

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