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Green Opal Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Green Opal Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

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What Is Green Opal?

Green opal is a hydrous amorphous silica SiO2nH2O chemical composition similar to quartz minerals. What makes it unique is its unorganized interior structure and traces of nickel which contribute to its distinctive green color. 

The History And Origin Of Green Opal

The origin of the green opal stone has always been debated amongst scholars. There is a strong belief in two origins of the name opal. First, it might have been derived from the Sanskrit word Upala, which translates to “precious rock. The other possibility is that the greeks might have originally named it “opallios,” meaning “seeing a shift in hue.”

Irrespective of its name’s provenance, nothing is documented regarding the past of green opals. According to one account, green opals were discovered in some Tanzanian destinations in the mid-70s. 

Nevertheless, in regards to ordinary green opal stone, it may be reasonable to say that people have known its existence just like other gemstones for around six Millenia. Then again, most opal gemstones are not rare, and a sizable percentage of prevalent opals are green ones.

Regretfully, the green opal types do not have a very illustrious history as most folks are never interested in ordinary opals. It only appears in current history since the market has provided room for non-precious opals that can still be used for spiritual healing. 

Green Opal Meaning And Symbolism

The green opal stone symbolizes good luck and abundance, a common attribute of green colors. Therefore, it is expected to bring abundance and good fortunes into your life. Its other meanings are attributed to its grounding abilities, such that the stone may connect you to the real world and help with your self-discovery. 

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Green Opal Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Green opal stone is a potent remedy for cataracts and other eye disorders. In the shortest history, the stone may have been used to alleviate labor pains, epidemics, and ailments caused by toxic insect bites or stinging. 

However, in modern times, the point of interest in the green opals has been linked to laryngo chakras. And so to speak, it may heal sore throats and, most importantly, instill confidence in your day-to-day conversation. 

Lastly, the moss opal may increase your will to live, cure Parkinson’s, and clean your blood. 

Green Opal Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Like the physical properties, the green opal’s emotional healing properties are also inveigling. 

First, the stone emits enough good energy to assist you in dealing with emotional pains. Because trauma kills the perception of a positive world or the ability to grow emotionally and love, the green opals may help you to forget the past. It then sparks the deeming abilities to perceive the world in a colored vision. 

Using the green opals gives you hope for a brighter day and enables you to keep an eye on new opportunities. 

Besides the emotional healing property, the moss opal may also help you to see clearer and make better judgment calls without being affected by emotions. You may need to solve puzzles related to your relationship, economic endeavors, or risky investments. 

Green Opal Metaphysical Properties

Green opals are known to have a connection with the heart chakra and laryngo chakras. It powerfully bonds you to these two chakras and creates a balance that allows you to control your spiritual feelings, thinking, and other emotions. 

In the practical world, there is a struggle to make decisions since the head and heart are always at odds and constantly opposing each other. Thus, by connecting the two means, you may make sensible judgments that appeal to both. 

Another core metaphysical strength of the green opals is based on the heart chakra’s propensity to work in conjunction with the third-eye chakra. So, while you may turn out to be emotional, the stone may still foster your abilities to think logically and purposefully. 

If you are afraid of getting emotionally attached, the green opals will give you a different point of view and even help you make a difficult yet right decision. Suffice it to say, it may be what you need to walk out of a toxic relationship and get over a past relationship. 

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Geological Properties

The green opal is an amorphous gem whose Sanskrit term “Upala” means a stone of great value. It’s comprised of unstructured silicon, specifically silica hydrates. On the other hand, the green color results from traces of nickel which in turn combines with the silicon hues. 

The stone conforms to the Strunz mineraloid classes. It is grouped under the tectosilicates with a chemical formula SiO2nH2O. Its unstructured crystalline components have a Mohs Scale hardness rating of 5-6.5, while the refraction indexing is about 1,450 (+.020, -.080). Even so, this green stone lacks pleochroism and traces of birefringence.

Green Opal Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Green opal is mostly considered a birthstone water sign, including Pisces, Scorpios, and Cancers. But it’s still useful to Libras and Aquarians. 

If you are a bearer of any of these signs, the green opals may enable you to forget the hurtful past and welcome new opportunities. Again, the moss opal stone is not entirely restrictive to these signs as it may still work for you even when you are a Sagittarius or Virgo. 

Green Opal And Chakras

Green opals has a strong linkage to the heart chakra. It cleans this chakra, allowing you to perceive emotions without being governed by them. 

Besides strengthening emotional connections, green opal stone clears obstructions inside the 3rd eye chakras. This may enable you to think clearly and more rationally. 

Assuming you were to overcome a negative emotion, the moss opal will instill newfound excitement in your heart and dissolve the old scars. 

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What Is Green Opal Good For?

It Boosts Your Emotional And Psychic Abilities

Green opal is an emotional and spiritual stabilizer. It’s good to unburden the mind from previous traumas and balance thoughts to achieve equilibrium. This balance may help you to heal emotional wounds or repair social bonds. 

On the psychic level, green opals may be used in shamanic practice, meditating, and astral transit. It enhances your second-sight visions and makes it easier for any gifted person to venture into the psychic and spiritual realm. 

It Serves As A Protective Stone 

Amid ill-wishers, the green opals may act as your shield against any malfeasance they conjure up. This ability is coupled with a shield against astral larvae or undesirable energies, including succubae lodged in your aura.

Green Opals May Attract Wealth And Abundance

Green opal crystal balances energy and raises consciousness for spiritual progress and monetary riches. As a kind of green crystals, it opens doors to new possibilities and revitalizes your intellect, personality, spirit, and emotions. Using moss opal may give you a clear vision in complex circumstances such as risky investments. 

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How To Use Green Opal?

Using green opals may only be effective if tuned towards the right purpose, setting, or specific goal. The common settings may be as below.

At Home

You may need the green opals in your home to strengthen your relationship and make better judgment calls. 

When your goal is a better relationship with your partner, you may place the green opals in the cabinet in your bedroom or just at the head of your bed. Regarding your day-to-day conversation, placing it in your living room may help you to make better judgment calls and harmoniously live with your families. 

At Work

It would be best if you considered wearing a green opal jewelry for a better work relationship. Still, if you are about to make a risky investment move and you want your colleagues to be in favor of your interest, you may have to place moss opal prisms in the boardroom. 

Meditation With Green Opal

Adding green opals to your meditation practice may boost the outcomes. You have to decorate the meditation space with raw gemstones or huge prisms. While this option may be expensive, holding the stones in your hand while meditating will suffice. 

Green Opal In Jewelry Uses

Moving around with a green opal stone in your pockets or purse may seem somewhat unrealistic. Yet there are easy and effective ways of integrating the moss opal into your life. For instance, jewelry has been proven to be a convenient way of using quartz stones. Conversely, the green opals may be used as the following:

Green Opal Ring

Just like the diamond or gold rings, the moss opal rings may be made with a silver lining that allows the insertion of the moss opal. The ring structure is made to enable the crystal to come in contact with your skin directly. This allows its powers to be directly sipped in your body. 

Green Opal Earrings

6mm Green Opal Stud earrings

One advantage of moss opal earrings is that you may match them with your dresses and avoid the burden of carrying the stones in your purse. 

Despite the elegance of the moss opal earrings, they are not as common as you may think. For instance, it is uncommon to find individuals wearing silica jewel earrings. It can be seen in unusual presentations with asymmetrical designs and paired with various extremely excellent apparel items.

Green Opal Necklace

green opal bead necklace

Green opal necklaces come in a variety of styles. It’s common for goldsmiths to exclusively make gold necklaces that are integrated with the green opals at the center. Other designers may blend the green opals with amazonite and rhodonite. 

Green Opal Bracelet

6mm African Green Opal Bracelet

The green opal bracelet is less widespread but is still a vital jewel. The common moss opal gems are relatively delicate, although there are larger variants that pique the interest of young folks with more ostentatious preferences. Furthermore, the bracelets may be mixed with any gemstone to emanate their decorative potential fully. 

How To Identify Green Opal

Unlike other quartz minerals, it’s not easy to identify green opals. But the common procedure is to place it on your body and observe if the inert whitish color turns to vivid Green.

In either short and longwave, the moss opal displays a bright green or yellow-green color with the phosphorescent property.

The moss opal 660 and 470 nm absorbance spectra may also help identify the stone upon heating. For instance, a moss opal is supposed to darken when heated. Apart from heating, it should dissolve in hot seawater, bases, or methanol. 

Alternatively, moss opal falls in Strunz’s classification as a group 9 mineraloid. Thus, its remarkable mineral composition can be identified through the litmus effect or the green color. 

How To Cleanse And Charge Green Opal?

You may cleanse the green opal crystal by leaving it inside the indoor plant’s container to purify it. It regenerates and cleanses itself when directly interacting with the earth or soil. Alternatively, soak it for 15 minutes in cold water or place it above the smoke from smudge sticks or frankincense. 

Remember, green opals may dissolve in hot water or water that’s softened with detergents. Lastly, when dealing with moss opal jewelry forms, you may have to expose them to direct sunshine for 18 minutes after lengthy usage. The sunlight should help you kill germs on its surface, the negativities absorbed, and the astral larvae.

Final Thoughts

Green opal crystal is a highly grounding gem that emphasizes your manner of being. It’s more of a karmic gemstone that may accentuate tangible and intangible strengths and weaknesses. By magnifying your flaws, the gem leads you to heal your weakest places and eliminate subconscious thought constructions that don’t benefit your ultimate purpose.

The moss opal also strengthens the link across the lower and superior selves, allowing you to receive a signal from the inner spirit in a stronger and much more distinct manner. When you need to mend relationships or make them stronger, the green opals connection to the heart chakra is there to guide you throughout the quest for higher love. 

Lastly, the moss opal has a great influence on the decisions you make. Integrating it into your life allows you to make tougher calls without being clouded by emotions. 


Is Green Opal Rare?

Green opal crystal is not very uncommon because as opposed to other costly opals. 90% of opals are common, meaning there is little space for the proliferation of priceless opals.

Is Green Opal Worth Anything?

Yes. The green opal’s worth is estimated to be about 15 dollars per carat, though its worth is somewhat lower than that of other opals.

What Is A Green Opal Called?

The green opal crystal also goes by the name green silica, moss opal, or dendritic opal. 

How Much Are Green Opals Worth? 

Most moss opal price per carat ranges from 10 to $ 200 .

Where Does Green Opal Come From?

Recently, there have been notable green opal mining sites in Australian, Brazilian, and Mexican destinations. 

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