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Caribbean Calcite Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Caribbean calcite is the gem of spiritual connection, change, and emotional comprehension. It is a perfect meditation stone because it allows you to access inner vision and link to higher selves, enabling you to find true purpose and start the journey of ultimate self-discovery.

The stone can help you develop clairvoyant and psychic talents. As you gain understanding, information, and inspiration, caribbean calcite supports you in accessing intuition. It’s a valuable stone for fresh starts and personal development.

raw caribbean calcite

What Is Caribbean Calcite?

Blue calcite, light brown, and white aragonite are all components of the recently found crystal known as caribbean calcite. It was only recently discovered in 2019 and exclusively originated from Pakistan.

Even though the majority of caribbean calcite sold today has been polished, it frequently includes druzy-lined cracks. It’s more delicate because of its hardness, which is between 3 to 3.5. 

It’s still unclear if you can find ocean blue calcite anywhere else and how long the existing supply will persist before it practically goes extinct.

Other names for caribbean calcite include “ocean blue calcite” and “caribbean blue calcite”. It resembles certain blue aragonite in look.

The History And Origin Of Caribbean Calcite

Ocean blue calcite is a brand-new combination mineral. It was just discovered in Pakistan in 2019. It consists of a mix of white and light brown aragonite and light ocean blue calcite. 

map of Pakistan

Your attention is drawn to the stone’s hue and the structure’s little cracks and nodules immediately. As a one-time discovery, ocean blue calcite will likely go extinct in some years due to over-mining.

Most miners and artisans will see excellent returns on their investments due to the color and minerals included in the ore. If no other deposits are discovered, this will result in a deluge in the marketplace and a subsequent drought that will never end. 

You can only pray that the local miners mine this material ethically and refrain from letting profit or selfishness get in the way.

Caribbean Calcite Meaning

Caribbean calcite is available in various hues, including khaki, marine shades, and light beige. This gemstone produces calming frequencies, has distinctive design elements, and has calming and therapeutic properties that you can sense just by looking at it. 

Deeply calming and therapeutic, it can calm the spirit, promote inner vision, and heighten awareness. It is possible to live comfortably, psychologically, and peacefully. 

Ocean blue calcite frees the mind from harmful and poisonous pollutants, enabling you to carry on living a life that is full of feeling, tranquility, and genuine happiness.

Caribbean calcite is a beautiful, unique gemstone that comes in various hues, from a vivid turquoise that resembles the caribbean shoreline to gray with hints of brown. It is a gem that is relatively uncommon, has a peculiar optical flow, and has friendly and calm frequencies.

Where To Buy Caribbean Calcite

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Caribbean Calcite Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Caribbean calcite is an excellent crystal for overall healing and recovery.

This stone is perfect for healing after surgery or a protracted sickness. Its relaxing, breezy vibe dispels discomfort levels and can decrease blood pressure. 

Ocean blue calcite can aid with migraines, muscular discomfort, jaw pain, and any pain linked to high-stress levels by removing obstructions impeding your physical body.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Caribbean calcite has soothing and peaceful harmonies

Almost everyone leads a unique lifestyle full of responsibilities and pressure, but God did not make you for such busy lives, and you frequently overlook what is essential. It wasn’t until you came to ocean blue calcite that you realized you needed a rest.

It encourages relaxation and eliminates any mental aggravation, like the calm seas of the caribbean shore. Many users of caribbean calcite describe its light energy as enclosing them and obstructing any unwanted energy that may otherwise disturb their peace of mind. 

Engaging the powers of ocean blue calcite could be a welcome change that makes your days peaceful, orderly, and beautiful.

Metaphysical Properties

Ocean blue calcite awakened people’s psyches, enabling them to use spiritual abilities and increase awareness

You might be able to be more open to other people’s viewpoints by using intuitive perception and divination, which will also increase your intelligence and empathy.

Blue Calcite Point

Geological Properties

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a hardness of three. You can find it on every continent, in various shapes and colors. Marble and limestone are primarily made of calcite. 

Caribbean calcite is an uncommon variety of calcite. Pakistan is the only country where it’s found. This crystal combines white and brown aragonite with blue calcite.

Caribbean Calcite Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Caribbean calcite concerns Libra’s balancing charm and Taurus’s unwavering commitment.

It is a calming gemstone that supports you in adjusting to the present. It eases anxiety and fear while still promoting tranquility and trance. 

Caribbean Calcite And Chakras

Caribbean calcite opens, stimulates, and heals the third eye and crown meridians. Removing barriers and emotions that might hurt you yet are imprisoned also helps the throat chakra.

Caribbean Calcite Benefits

 Caribbean calcite’s soothing vibration is excellent for healing and treating various conditions. It can promote general health and reduce symptoms to varying degrees.

Frustration-reducing calcite replaces it with a calmer state of mind. It is an excellent gemstone to use when it comes to controlling and detoxifying all systems. It is a grounding gem that strengthens your faith in intuition and makes it easier for you to recover from setbacks. 

1) Decreased Anxiety

Ocean blue calcite eases anxiety and encourages lucid dreaming and sound sleep. The crown and third eye chakras are opened, stimulated, and healed by ocean blue calcite.

2) Calmness

The vibrations of ocean blue calcite are calming and peaceful. 

You were not built for hectic lives, and you frequently need to pause and recall what’s essential. Many people lead busy lives that are filled with stress and deadlines. You can get relief from this gem.

3) Better Sleep And Lucid Dreaming

Caribbean calcite is a calming stone that encourages living in the moment. It promotes sound sleep and vivid dreaming and provides relief from tension and anxiety.

4) Elevated Consciousness

Ocean blue calcite encourages self-awareness, a crucial trait for developing a positive outlook on relationships. 

The energy of ocean blue calcite is frequently linked to heightened consciousness, which enables you to interact with others more effectively, and healthily regulate your emotions. It forges more robust bonds with loved ones.

5) Increases Peace And Harmony

Caribbean calcite can enable you to transition into a more peaceful state by assisting you in letting go of anxiety and fear. It can promote deeper sleep as a result.

6) Stabilizes Aura And Energy

Caribbean calcite clears the mind of harmful impurities, allowing passion, inner-childlike joy, and harmony to flow more freely.

7) Activates Psychic Abilities

Ocean blue calcite can aid in cognitive activation. It allows you to access your skills and use your unique talents.

8) Releases Past Traumas & Karma

Caribbean calcite radiates a liberating vitality ideal for those who feel constrained by anxiety or criticize themselves for past actions. It leaves them with a light, calm, and tranquil demeanor by clearing the air of unwelcome frequencies.

tumbled caribbean calcite thegreencrystal

How To Use Caribbean Calcite?

Keep your caribbean calcite in your hands and massage it while working hard, irritated or anxious to connect with it. Allow its carefree and light energy to flow all about you like a great wave of joy and peace. Focus on the idea that this gem is trying to be of assistance to you and is looking out for your most significant benefit.

Hold it in your hands and concentrate on repairing your energy channels whenever you spend a lot of time sitting down. Allow your base, crown, and third eye chakras to speak with it. Allow yourself to feel the calm of your identity returning to its original location at conception. 

Exercise this when you start to feel restless, agitated, or unbalanced. It will help you to remember the bigger picture and bring you nearer to earth.

At home

Even though you have a whole room set aside for reflection or even a tiny shrine off to the edge of the living space, the corner of your house is a great place to place a gem that encourages a goal you would like to foster. 

Place caribbean blue calcite, for example, in your meditation area if you want to focus on developing conviction and imagination. Every time you take a moment to be mindful in this part of your home, the frequency of the stone will convince you of the mission and inspire you.

At Work

Ocean blue calcite is a calming gemstone that supports you in adjusting to the present. It eases anxiety and fears even while promoting tranquility and meditation. 

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Wear Caribbean Calcite Jewelry

Wearing ocean blue calcite is renowned for its gentle but potent calming effect. 

Caribbean calcite is connected to the crown and third eye chakras, giving it an excellent therapeutic energy tool for gaining more meaningful information, perception, insight, and understanding.

The gemstone will assist you in viewing life as a favorable opportunity for growth, development, and prosperity. It aids in developing a positive outlook that motivates you to pursue your goals by remaining persistent and believing in yourself. 

When you use ocean blue calcite, you’re encouraged to think more profoundly, which enables you to transcend negative influences that keep you from enjoying the lovely things in the world.

Meditation With Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean calcite is the gemstone of enlightenment, transformation, and social skill. It is a superb meditative stone since it enables you to speak with better spirits and achieve spiritual perspective, leading to a sense of fulfillment, a true sense of self, and embarking on a road of spiritual growth.

You can enhance telepathic and perceptual abilities with this gem. Ocean blue calcite aids you with gaining awareness, comprehension, and imaginative capacity as you develop your instincts. It’s a helpful stone for new beginnings and career advancement.

Imagine a powerful wave of carefree joy washing over you as you unwind with ocean blue calcite. While relaxing on the beaches, you won’t be bothered by reality’s tiny issues! Improve your meditation using the ocean’s natural channels by visualizing the sound of birds and the salty wind.

How To Cleanse And Program Caribbean Calcite?

It’d be great if you sometimes washed your caribbean calcite, but it is not suggested that you wash it with either fresh or salty water. The gemstone could be harmed by it. 

The best purification methods include brown rice, sage smoking, or selenite. One of the most important and influential ways to clean and recharge ocean blue calcite is to place it in a selenite basin.

blue calcite

The Best Crystals Used With Caribbean Calcite

Blue Calcite

This gem can aid in cognitive activation. It allows you to access your skills.

Brown Aragonite

Brown aragonite serves as an anchoring stone that keeps you grounded.

White Aragonite

This stone’s frequency aids in spiritual purification.

Caribbean Calcite vs. Larimar

Many chunks of high-grade caribbean calcite resemble larimar in color. The first term that the inhabitants of Barahona gave to this unusual blue pectolite was “Larimar Stone,” which translates to “Blue Stone” in Spanish.

Caribbean Calcite vs. Blue Aragonite

Calcite is the steady form of calcium carbonate. In comparison, aragonite is the metastable state. They are two distinct minerals. Aragonite can eventually change into calcite with time or heat. Therefore, it’s white and brown aragonite and “Caribbean” blue calcite.

Final Thoughts

Caribbean calcite stones are durable and beautiful. They also are easy to use and locate. You can feel the fantastic power exchange pulsing through your body when you place them in your hands.

Irrespective of the shade of ocean blue calcite gemstones you choose, they are beautiful objects in your home or apartment, not just because of the fantastic cleaning effects they have on the area and those in it. 

Ocean blue calcite has the power to cleanse your environment and get rid of negative energy that affects your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.


What Is Caribbean Calcite Suitable For?

Ocean blue calcite is renowned for improving a user’s spiritual well-being. Additionally, it aids with mental clarity and has been linked to increased creativity, self-assurance, and more! 

You can also utilize ocean blue calcite to help in personal development, self-discipline improvement, and energy removal to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual path.

Is Caribbean Calcite Rare?

Since ocean blue calcite is so hard to locate in nature, it’s a rare stone. 

There are only a limited number of supplies of this gem available worldwide, and it’s only found in specific locations.

What Is The Caribbean Calcite Tumbled For?

These stones tumbled blue stones can keep you serene and calm thanks to the blended qualities and powers of aragonite and blue calcite. These stones will stabilize your emotions and ideas.

Is Caribbean Calcite the same as aragonite?

Due to the chemical similarity between calcite and aragonite, these lovely stones may be known as caribbean blue calcite or blue calcite (calcium carbonate). Usually, calcium carbonate crystallizes as calcite, but surprisingly, seawater causes it to reduce to aragonite.

What Does Caribbean Calcite Look Like?

It is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind stone that comes in various colors, including white, light brown, and bright caribbean sea blue. This stone hails from Pakistan, not the Caribbean, despite the colors making it appear like a beachfront scene.

Where Does Caribbean Calcite Come From?

The only site where ocean blue calcite is mined is in Pakistan

2019 saw a significant uprising in the use of this brand-new stone. The name alludes to the stone’s resemblance to the caribbean sea’s brilliant blue hues.

How Hard Is Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean calcite rates a three on the Mohs scale and is extremely delicate.

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