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Snakeskin Agate Spiritual Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Snakeskin Agate Spiritual Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Welcome to thegreencrystal, in this article, we’re going to talk about snakeskin agate. It is a stone that works with muscle pain in the neck and shoulders. This kind of agate brings peace and happiness and makes you aware of neglected places in your body. It does so to bring up those places painful.

white snakeskin agate thegreencrystal

What Is Snakeskin Agate

Snakeskin agate is one of the cool stones. They have a texture that resembles the skin of a snake. If you take a closer look at the snakeskin agates, you can see some white material between the scales. When you feel this, you can rub your fingers over the scales. You will be surprised that you can feel each one of the scales.

“I live in the desert, so these are pretty amazing looking rocks to me.”-said Martin

If you like to have fun, just collect rocks, and you like unique things, that are just different. then check the snakeskin agates.

Snakeskin Agate Properties And Benefits

Physical Healing Properties

Snakeskin agate is a stone that acts on the brain and metabolism. It can provide better production and drainage of lymphatic fluid and body fluids. This stone can reduce excessive mucus caused by colds and also reduces allergies.

Emotional And Metaphysical Properties

Snakeskin agate is a balance bringer between body, soul, and spirit. It works on your light tube. We have a kind of light tube that is associated with. That is apart from chakra and aura.

Snakeskin agate improves and makes your light tube open again, making you more available to all kinds of energies. It also enhances that light pipe. It creates a stronger connection between the high and low energies.

Snakeskin agate takes you from your head more into your feelings. It promotes sober thinking and thoughtfully acting and works over the throat, blood, and directly under the skin.

Snakeskin Agate And Chakras

This stone’s energy is connected with the third eye (your clairvoyance point). The energy of snakeskin agates is always healing. Just look at the doctors Aesculapius, you will see a kind snake, which is healing. So it is a powerful healing stone.

How Is Snakeskin Agate Formed?

What causes those scales? It’s just like a withering snake-like pattern, and this has nothing to do with snakes. Snakes have not carved this. Snakes don’t carve gemstones. The coloring is interesting.

raw snakeskin agate

Something cool about snakeskin agates is the process. The host rock can be five to 23 million years old. So this rock could be like five million years old.

It’s found in Rome beds, which are like layers of volcanic and sedimentary rock. This process is basically from volcanoes. A lot of gemstones kind of art have that similar formation.

Agate is always really interesting. It is a form of chalcedony, and chalcedony is a type of quartz, and there are different types of quartz. Another type of quartz you may be familiar with could be citrine, amethyst, or ametrine.

The world of gemstones is so vast. There is probably something you have never seen in your whole life. That’s what’s so cool about geology, and there are always new discoveries.

Where Is Snakeskin Agate Found?

There’s only one location in the United States, and it’s only found outside of Rome, Oregon. It’s not that common, and it is unique. Snakeskin agates are not something you will be able to find in a jewelry store or even a trade show. They are something that you may have never seen before.

Should I Use snakeskin agates?

Yes, you have to continue differently with this situation by becoming aware of the places where blockades are and things you’ve swallowed away and do not want to see.

Snakeskin agates can give you the confidence to step outside your comfort zone and explore new aspects of yourself, all within your discretion. Snakeskin agates can blend in with the crowd. This is the stone for you if you don’t want to be seen and wish to continue your activities in peace. Snakeskin agates can facilitate a kundalini rising and encourages full embodiment of self.

Types of Snakeskin Agate

You don’t necessarily have to cut some stones to appreciate them. Like rough or raw snakeskin agate is ok. You can also tell there is color in it. And there are green and white snakeskin agates. They all have a different color inside of them. But sometimes, it’s not even worth exposing it because the uniqueness of the stone is radical enough. 

Rough Snakeskin Agate

snakeskin agates pendant

Green Snakeskin Agate

green crystal earrings thegreencrystal

White Snakeskin Agate

white crystal

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