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do gemstones really work

Do Gemstones Really Work?

Do gemstones really work? It’s a really good question.

The Energy Of Gemstones

Crystals are energy-infused objects created by Mother Earth. They have a frequency and energy that flows at a particular level. Their energies co-mingle with our cell energy or aura energy and make a healthy rhythm of a vibrational ” dance”. Gemstones are not a miracle!

Do Gemstones Really Work?

We humans must align with them by mind, body, and spirit. Yes, it’s a reminder, but it’s more than that. Remember, quartz has been proven to be the most powerful stone! Hence, this is why radio stations’ frequencies are controlled.

Quartz watches ticks on a rhythm instead of a “Beetle Juice” time. There is a reason why stones have been used for thousands of years till today! Give crystals more credit. Science has proved its power. For example, when you touch rose quartz, you can automatically magically become much more loving.

Do gemstones really work Rose Quartz Heal Crystal Bracelet

Use Gemstones To Improve Daily Life

If you’re interested in using crystals to improve daily life, you need to take some time meditating with your gemstones, and researching what their properties are, so you can get into the proper mint mindset. This is one way how healing crystal works.

Rose Quartz

For rose quartz, it represents qualities you would like to embrace to improve or heal in your lives. Rose quartz represents all things love. When you see this stone and meditate with it, you consider those areas of your lives that need more love, more opening, and acceptance to love, self-love, and forgiveness.

As you’re meditating on these qualities, you form intentions like you want to be more compassionate, these are the areas that you want to be more compassionate, and these are the areas you want to be more forgiving.

As you meditate with crystals and form these intentions, the intentions become clearer, and this starts to manifest in our daily lives as you become more loving, empathetic, and compassionate.

So when you meditate with your stones, when you wear your stones as a reminder, your thoughts develop into intentions which then manifest into actions in your daily life. That’s how crystal works.

The more you meditate with your stones, you tend to develop a toolkit of stones that you need more often, and the more you meditate with them, the more you have already formed these intentions the quicker it works.

For instance, rose quartz is a gemstone that quickly diffuses intense emotions, stress, anxiety, frustration anger. So holding the stones is supposed to diffuse and deflate those quickly.


When you feel frustrated with something, you can go and get howlite and sit. It works quickly because your mind and body already know where you want to go.


Another example, hematite is a stone that focuses a scattered mind, and as you’ve spent all day long looking at spreadsheets, your brain feels like mush, and you can’t focus or think on anything. Holding the hematite will help you come back. It will help you draw your thoughts and energy back together.

If you have any questions about do gemstones really work, feel free to contact us.

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