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Many people have been asking why should I wear shungite bracelet. Shungite is incredibly useful, and we recommend that everybody has a piece. It’s great for emergency scenarios, like when you’re extremely stressed out. It’s an incredibly refreshing stone to work with. Here is some more information for you.

“I love Shungite! I got introduced to this mineraloid about 5 years ago and the minute I held it in my hands, I’m like WOW! This is powerful!”-Jenny

What Is Shungite?

Shungite is the stone of clearing. This gemstone is supposed to be very old, ancient, and incredibly powerful.

It does not get shiny, and when you get rough pieces, you can have a little dark dusty residue to it. Even a tumbled shungite is still fairly matte looking, not all that shiny. If you think of shungite as a way to detoxify and harmonize your energy field, that’s a good way to look at it.

What Is A Shungite Bracelet?

A shungite bracelet is a kind of bracelet that is made of shungite stone.

Why You Should Wear Shungite Bracelet

  • Energy cleaning
  • Physically and emotional healing
  • Protect you from EMFs
  • Let go of programmed or habitual beliefs
  • Learning life lessons
  • Reduce stress

Shungite bracelet is the best way to find a balance between your body, mind, and spirit with exquisite style. Wrists are very important energy hubs that fall inside your body, and shungite bracelet is a great tool for ensuring this falls our positive ones.

Shungite Bracelet Properties And Benefits

Shungite stone bracelet is known for purification, grounding, and protection.

Physically Healing Properties

Physically, shungite stone bracelet is a great healer, and the cardiovascular system is one of its main targets.

As you wear your shungite bracelet on a major hub of blood vessels, it can do wonders to heal disorders in your blood and vessels. The same goes for damaged tissues and joints. Through our hands, we can give it to our entire body.

Energy Cleaning

Shungite bracelet clears stuck and stagnant energy. When you sit and meditate with it, it’s really like giving your entire energetic system a nice cleansing shower.

Shungite bracelets can dissolve any blocked energy that might prevent the proper flow of energy through your body. So, therefore, it also moves stagnant energy.

If there’s a place that you feel dull or heavy, it’s probably because there’s either a blockage or stagnant energy there, and shungite stone bracelet really helps move that around.

Emotional Healing Properties

If you feel anxious or overwhelmed, shungite stone bracelet has this amazing ability to ease all that anxiety and energy away.

Reduce stress

Shungite bracelet helps to reduce stress, and it works very quickly. It is excellent to have with you if you are under intense stress and anxiety.

Shungite bracelets will not only help you release stress and anxiety but will also help you discover where that stress is coming from and where the anxiety is coming from.

Help You Let Go Of Programmed Or Habitual Beliefs

Shungite bracelets also help you let go of programmed or habitual beliefs.

Maybe if you grew up in a family that believed a certain way, and as you grow older, you start to recognize that you don’t believe that, but it feels deeply rooted within you, and it’s hard to explore other points of view.

Robert Simmons, the author of the book of stones, describes shungite as an emotional rebirth. It just gives you a fresh start.

Shungite is a stone that will help you release that resistance and formulate your own opinion. Also, you tend to naturally react differently depending on your habitual habits, emotions, and deeply rooted patterns.

Sometimes you react in a way, or you’re strongly triggered by something, but you’re not exactly sure why. And shungite stone bracelet helps you realize why something might be a trigger for you and where that might have come from.

The shungite bracelet helps release it completely. And it enables you to let go of deep-seated feelings of doubt, guilt, and shame that maybe we’re holding on to, and the issue is long past.

Learning Life Lessons

Shungite can bring the wisdom of the past to the present. This is a stone that helps us learn lessons from the past.

It could be the recent past, something that happened yesterday, or five years ago. But if you’re looking to explore what you might have gotten from a situation in the past, it seems negative or dark, or you don’t know what it meant to you, but it affected you.

Then shungite stone bracelet helps you learn how that changed lives, how that affected you, and how you can move forward better. It helps you learn from mistakes, situations, and relationships and make different choices in the future or present.

Clears Electronic Pollution

Shungite bracelets are also known to aid in inhibiting electromagnetic fields resulting from electromagnetic radiation.

If you work in an office with a lot of electronics, like multiple computers, routers, and printers, you are surrounded by this electronic energy and work with it all day long. Then electricity can have a very agitating effect on our own energy. At the end of the day, you might feel a little agitated and jittery, and sitting with shungite bracelets will help to release that.

Because a shungite bracelet cleanses our energy, it helps to smooth our aura and energy field and release the irritation caused by overstimulating electronics.

How To Use Shungite Bracelet

When you’re wearing shungite stone bracelet on your wrist , you can touch it and think: What do I need to clear? What do I need to detox in this part of my body? What am I feeling overwhelmed with?

Because shungite stone bracelets can help us detoxify, clear our heads, and help to ground because of the carbon. They can get all of that energy out of your field. You can touch the shungite bracelets, and do the following steps.

  • Clear.
  • Take some deep breaths.
  • Ground into the Earth.
  • Breathe.
  • Recenter.
  • Recalibrate.

What Hand Should I Wear My Shungite Bracelet?

If you wish to receive more feminine energy, which contributes to soft skills, you should wear shungite stone bracelet on your left hand. And if you want to receive more masculine energy, you should wear it on your right hand.

How To Use Shungite Energy Pyramid

You can have shungite on your wrists, heart, and ears. You imagine a pyramid shape. When you visualize this pyramid shape connecting all of the energy of the shungite.

You can imagine it clearing, going up, coming down, clearing. You will like the shape of the pyramid because it will give you something to focus on. And it will give you a pattern of how you can clear your energy field.

Shungite is your friend during this period of time. It helps you detox, and clear your mind, and it helps you get into the center and in balance.

To stay grounded, realign with your power, your heart, and your head, and you can make whatever you need to happen at this moment now.

Where Is Shungite From?

Shungite is found in Russia.

Is Shungite Magnetic?

No, shungite is not magnetic.

Where To Buy Elite Shungite Bracelet Near Me?

Real shungite bracelet is such a powerful and useful crystal jewelry. It is like a deep cleansing for the body. Since it’s a black gemstone, it’s very supportive and protective. Purchase shungite stone bracelet at a trusted online crystal shop, and enjoy all the powerful properties of shungite, the best of Karelian nature.