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crystals for anger

Crystals for Anger

We got a question from many of you asking me what crystals are good for anger, to help calm down anger, and irritability, and also crystals good for resentment. Those are all different flavors of anger, so let’s dive into the topic of crystals for anger.

Anger and Its Manifestations

When we look at anger, we have it starting as irritability. You might start feeling a little irritated when that anger starts to grow. Then it morphs into anger when it grows even more. It can turn into rage, which is a volcanic type of anger where that anger is spewing out like a volcano.

And then it can also morph into resentment, which is smoldering anger over a long period of time. So we have these different flavors of anger.

Best Crystals for Anger

crystal for anger
crystal for anger

Let’s look at different crystals and gemstones that are good for helping to release anger, cool down anger, and restore balance and harmony to you.

Rose Quartz

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As one of the best crystals for anger, rose quartz has a nice soothing energy; it has a very sweet energy about it.

  • good to calm down irritability
  • release frustration
  • cleanse you of resentment.
  • work on the heart chakra
  • work on heartache

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If you have suffered heartache or betrayal from people, that can lead to anger, and that can lead to big, angry, explosive anger and resentment over a long period of time.

Rose quartz helps to work on the heart chakra, healing from that heartache, healing from the betrayal, helping you to release that anger and resentment, and restoring balance to you that way.

Also, anger can morph into depression, and the root of depression often is anger.

Rose quartz helps to heal that side of it as well – the anger that morphs into depression. Rose quartz can clear that from you as well, helping you to work through that, helping you to release that, and restoring emotional balance to you. And helping your heart chakra to be strong, healthy, vibrant, and bright.

Also, the anger can then morph into judgment.

If you’re angry at yourself for something, you might start judging and criticizing yourself. If your anger is directed at someone else, you’re angry at someone, then you might start to judge and criticize others as well.

As one of the best crystals for anger, rose quartz also helps to work on that aspect, releasing the anger, releasing the judgments and criticisms that are associated with that, to cleanse that from your heart chakra, but also to cleanse that from your mind.

Cleansing those judgments, and criticisms from your mind, and also rose quartz helps you to let go of angry thoughts that loop around in your mind and get stuck there. So it’s nice to gently cleanse your mind of those energies.

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Black Tourmaline

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Let’s talk about the next one on the list of crystals for anger- black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is so good for releasing irritability, resentment, and also rage – that volcanic type of anger. It helps to calm you down. It also has a very good grounding quality, so when anger and irritability take over, that can cause you to be ungrounded. Black tourmaline helps to ground your energy, and works also on the root chakra to help you with that grounding.

It also helps to ground excess emotional energies.

When emotional energy gets big and reactive, it helps to ground that energy, releasing it from you. Also helps you to release and let go. When you are holding on to anger, resentment, or ruminating over situations in the past that have caused you to be angry and upset, black tourmaline is so good to help you with the letting go process, to work through your emotions, to let go, to release, and move on in a good way.

When you are holding on to anger and resentment, it keeps you stuck in life, plus it is very draining. It takes a lot of energy to be resentful, it takes up a lot of your energy when you’re angry. Black tourmaline helps to free up your energy, freeing up that life force energy so that you can channel it in a good way and move forward in your life.

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Black tourmaline is also great because it helps to heal the past.

When there are wounds in the past, when there are patterns that have happened in the past, traumas or situations that are triggering anger, it helps to heal those traumas, those situations from the past, so that those emotional triggers are neutralized, so that you are not getting reactive with anger.

The black tourmaline helps you to respond to situations in a good way with more neutral energy instead of reacting. When we get into big reactions, usually things don’t go so well, but when we respond to situations, things go better.

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The next one on the list of crystals for anger is howlite.

As one of the anger management crystals, howlite is so good because it has a soothing energy, it’s a very gentle energy, but it’s a strong stone for healing. Nice to release irritability, to calm that down.

Also works on the nervous system to release tension in your nervous system, to help you to be more calm, and relaxed. It has a very soothing, calming energy to it as well. Soothing, calming down that anger, releasing anger thoughts, and strengthening the nervous system so that your nervous system comes back into balance.

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Ever notice that when you get angry about something or resentful about something, your nervous system can be revved up for a long time?

So let’s say you’re trying to sleep and you feel like you’re buzzing because you’re angry about something, you can’t sleep. Or let’s say you sit down to read a book, but you’re angry about something and you can’t seem to read because you’re all stirred up and jittery, or you feel like your nervous system is just buzzing.

Howlite is good for that. Howlite helps to heal the nervous system. Also has a grounding effect when you pair howlite with black tourmaline, it even has a stronger effect for grounding nervous system energy, getting you out of that revved-up state.


Let’s talk now about another crystal for anger – aquamarine. Aquamarine has a soothing effect, it cools anger.

Anger is very fiery, it’s a very fiery type of emotion, it’s like it burns quick, it burns hot.

As one of the crystals for anger, aquamarine has a cooling effect, a soothing effect, calming down that fiery, angry energy, especially when you’re getting all worked up and fired up where anger becomes like a volcano and you feel like you’re erupting that anger all over the place and directing it towards other people. This has a nice soothing quality, cooling quality, and helps with that.

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The last one on the list of crystals for anger is amethyst. It also has a cooling effect, helping to cool anger. It also helps to release conflicts with others.

If you’re having arguments with other people and those arguments are heating up, maybe you’re debating a topic or an issue and maybe you don’t see eye to eye with someone and you’re getting all worked up and angry, they’re getting worked up and angry, both of you are angry at each other, amethyst is really good to heal those conflicts.

Conflicts with others, if you’re angry at yourself and you’re in conflict with yourself, amethyst will also help to heal that conflict and the anger associated with conflict as well.

If you find that you’re having heated debates, it helps to calm irritability.

Amethyst also strengthens inner peace and peace of mind. This has a very beautiful, peaceful quality as well. It also helps to act as a cleanser to cleanse the mind of irritability, of irritable thoughts, and helping the mind to be more at peace.

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Best Crystals for Anger Combinations

You can combine these crystals for anger.

Rose quartz combines well with the howlite. Black tourmaline is really nice with howlite.

Black tourmaline, rose quartz, and howlite together, those three together as a combination, are really nice for anger.

Also amethyst and rose quartz combine nicely together.

Howlite and amethyst combine nicely together.

So if you combine these crystals for anger together, it’s really beautiful. All of these stones harmonize well together.

Conclusion on crystals for anger

Do you have these crystals that help with anger in your collection? What do you love about them? What healing effect does it have for you when you work with them to release irritability, anger, and resentment? Hope you like this post about crystals for anger.

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