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Purple Rose Quartz

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Gaze upon the mesmerizing dance of pink and lavender hues in the purple rose quartz crystal, a captivating gemstone that radiates the very essence of universal love.  This stunning purple rose quartz tower is a powerful symbol of love and compassion. It can promote self-love, forgiveness, and healing in relationships.

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healing purple rose quartz
Purple Rose Quartz $99.00 Original price was: $99.00.$89.90Current price is: $89.90.
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Purple rose quartz is more than just a pretty face; it’s a powerful ally on your journey to self-discovery and connection with all beings.

  • Increases self-love and acceptance
  • Fosters forgiveness and compassion
  • Heals relationships
  • Promotes peace and tranquility

Purple rose quartz tower details

  • Handmade
  • Weighs approx. 160 grams
  • A beautiful mix of purple, pink, and grey hues
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Height: 4 inches

Doesn’t anyone who practices self-love find themselves emotionally appealing? Purple rose quartz is the most popular crystal for all love enthusiasts.

As a crystal healer, I am often asked many questions about crystals. Probably the top question I get most often is, “If I were to work with only one crystal, the very first crystal that I ever worked with, which crystal would you recommend?” My answer is always going to be to start with a gentle crystal. In my opinion, the most gentle crystal you can work with is purple rose quartz.

healing purple rose quartz
healing purple rose quartz

Can rose quartz be purple?

There are many different types of rose quartz you can buy, and there are different colors too. Purple rose quartz is a rare type. You can see the difference between pink and purple, it’s cool, and not many people have purple rose quartz. You will love working with it.

Purple rose quartz meaning

Essentially, it is the stone of love, promoting self-love and working with your heart chakra. It’s a peaceful stone, great for harmony and well-being. Often used in affirmations, it enhances positive thinking.

Regarding love, it can open up your heart if you’ve never received love or comfort your grief if you’ve lost it.

Some other main points about purple rose quartz include its potential to increase fertility, strengthen your physical heart and circulatory system, and its use in beauty routines. You’ll find it in face rollers and beauty products, even in crystal-infused water.

Another thing purple rose quartz can do is allow for grace during times of change.

If you are in a transformation in your relationship or something related to your family, and it is a rough situation, this will help you adapt to those changing times and heal your heart if it’s broken.

Let the purple rose quartz help you release what no longer serves you in love. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t good for you but having trouble letting go, this is a great stone for you.

You’ll also find comfort in times of grief and despair. This crystal helps with self-forgiveness. If there’s something you can’t get past and you feel it’s too bad to forgive yourself, wearing it above your heart, like on a chain, will remind you and others to find more love and give yourself a break.

Purple rose quartz benefits

I love purple rose quartz specifically because it has this centering, grounding effect of bringing back love to yourself, love to your perspective, love to everything.

Incorporating love into all parts of being, which means purple rose quartz is the number one crystal for me. A master of love.

What purple rose quartz is really about is gratitude, self-appreciation, appreciation of the environment, appreciation of life, wealth, and nurturing oneself. It goes beyond self.

Ask yourself, will you love and nurture yourself, and then create more love outward? It’s like Colonel Ease, and I love rose quartz for that reason.

I would also say, that purple rose quartz creates commitment, determination, and a linkage/connection to self and others.

What I feel, personally, is that rose quartz is always going to take you to heal yourself first and then to infuse that love outward into the world. It’s sort of like the classic direction when you take an airplane ride.

You have to put your oxygen mask on yourself first before you can help anyone else. Well, rose quartz is the number one king of all crystals when it comes to self-love and delivering that love into the world.

How you can incorporate rose quartz into your routine?

Certified crystal healers often use them on their patients to address physical ailments and emotional well-being. If you have purple rose quartz at home, you can also use it in your everyday routine for emotional well-being. Now, let me show you a few ways to use rose quartz in your everyday routine.

First, hold it against your heart and say an affirmation to yourself. Doing this in front of a mirror is a good place. You can say, “I am open to infinite love.”

Another way is to place the purple rose quartz tower on your bedside table to attract more love into your relationship, as mentioned earlier.

You can also place rose quartz in the bath. When you’re having a bath, just pop some rose quartz crystals inside. Maybe add some essential oils, such as rose and lavender. This is great for promoting body love.

Also, placing a purple rose quartz tower in the relationship part of your house, like the bedside table in your bedroom, can promote love in an existing relationship. Learn more about rose quartz crystal here.

Where is purple rose quartz found?

Where can we find rose quartz? We can find it in Africa, the United States, Japan, India, Madagascar.

3 reviews for Purple Rose Quartz

  1. Ellen

    beautiful piece. Excellent quality, received quickly

  2. Tamsin

    I purchased several items from this shop. All were lovely and just as pictured.

  3. Pippa

    Perfect gift for my inlaws 50th Anniversary! Amazing condition, packaging and shipping speed. Thank you very much!

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