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Abundance Crystal Shape

Abundance Crystal Shape

In this article, we will discuss abundance crystal shape. What crystal shapes are best for manifesting abundance? In fact, you can use any abundance crystal shape that you desire, but I’m going to show you some of the most popular ones.

Jewelry-The Most Popular Abundance Crystal Shape

Abundance Crystal Shape bracelet
abundance crystal shape-bracelet

Most popularly, you can use crystal jewelry, your abundance jewelry, as this is something that you are wearing constantly. It’s a constant reminder of your manifestation desires.

You can have rings and bracelets, it’s great if you are always on the computer or just looking down, working with your hands, you are constantly looking down at those.

Crystal necklaces are very easy to wear if the braces and rings do bother you during the day. Necklaces are very easy to slip on, and they kind of encompass your heart chakra, which is a lot of the abundance crystals are green, which is perfect for the heart chakra energy as well.

And of course, you can wear crystal earrings, abundance earrings, and this helps to balance the right and left side brains to help you focus on your abundance goals.

Crystal Balls and Spheres

Crystal sphere is a very popular abundance crystal shape Balls are the perfect universal shape, and they just keep rolling in the money.

The small ones are perfect for the palms of the hands; you can squeeze them, you can use them as massage; they are the perfect size for portability.

The large ones are great for meditation; you can feel that abundant energy in the palms of your hand, great for obviously calling in abundance.

Abundance Crystal Shape-Crystal Eggs

Crystal egg is a perfect abundance crystal shape as well because it too fit perfectly in the palms of your hands, so you can do meditation or manifestation or whatever energy work you are doing, you can use crystal eggs.

Eggs are also known for the energy of new beginnings, so in this case, you are transforming your old money mindset into a new positive money mindset, and eggs help you to ease into this transition.

Crystal eggs, in particular in abundance, are known as attracting nest eggs. So, nest eggs are when you have that savings account, that amount of money that you don’t have to worry about money anymore.

So, the financial freedom that that savings and nest egg gives you is thanks to a crystal egg to remind you of that intention. You can place it in your money corner or wherever you have your money or finances.

Use the crystal eggs for nest eggs, for new beginnings, and any kind of energy work in the palm of your hand.

Crystal Clusters

Crystal clusters are perfect for calling in abundance as they have many little crystal points growing from a common base, they are just the definition of abundance.

Crystal clusters are perfect for placing your other stones to enhance their energy. You can place or you can scan your aura to enhance your aura with abundance. Of course, you can also hold them, you can meditate with them.

These are natural formations, they’re not as smooth as your polished eggs and spheres, but they have that raw energy from Earth as they have not been polished or smoothed down. So, crystal clusters for abundance.

Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are great for directing the energy of your intentions. It helps to direct the energy out through the tips of the wand.

There’s a tip at each end of the double-terminated. It receives and gives out energy at the same time, so double-terminated ones are great for that dual energy.

Large wands are also great for scanning rooms and scanning groups of healers. It helps to spread that energy of abundance quickly. So, with crystal wands, you can also direct energy into certain other stones, into a layout, and out into your money box.

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