Madagascar Rose Quartz


Experience the captivating beauty of Madagascar rose quartz! Each stunning gem tells a story of timeless allure, ready to elevate your collection with a touch of grace and sophistication.

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madagascar rose quartz
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Madagascar rose quartz bracelet details

  • Handmade
  • Bead size: 8mm
  • Gemstones are 100% genuine
natural rose quartz madagascar
natural rose quartz Madagascar

What is Madagascar rose quartz?

Madagascar rose quartz refers to rose quartz gemstones that are sourced from Madagascar. If we talk about the origin of rose quartz, it comes from places like Japan, Madagascar, Brazil, and the USA. However, mostly, it comes from Madagascar.

Difference between rose quartz and Madagascar rose quartz

The rose quartz from Madagascar exhibits a gentler shade of pink when compared to rose quartz found in other locations. It is the best quality because the color is pink.

What is Madagascar rose quartz good for?

If we talk about the properties of rose quartz, it is famous for love. Rose quartz has an inner healing energy and is also renowned for love.

  • If you have a problem in a relationship or something, you can use rose quartz for healing.
  • It’s also good for joy, abundance, love, and energy.
  • It can prevent heart attacks by developing and improving your circulatory system.
  • It aids in ensuring your muscles can be strong and as smooth as possible.

Madagascar rose quartz has different properties that you can use for different types of energies and healing, but it is more famous for love.

Is Madagascar rose quartz rare?

Madagascar rose quartz is not rare. Rose quartz, it’s not a very expensive stone. However, you can find it in different price ranges.

Good quality can be a bit expensive. The price depends on the size, for example, a larger bracelet with 12mm or 14mm will be a bit more expensive, while a smaller size like 8mm, 6mm, or 10mm will be cheaper. It’s not a very expensive stone, and you can easily find it everywhere.

Madagascar rose quartz is available in almost every form. You can use it as jewelry – bracelets, beads, necklaces, cabochons, or stones. It’s also available in towers, tumble stones, spheres, and carvings. So, it’s almost available in every form for various uses, such as jewelry or decoration pieces.

What is the benefit of Madagascar rose?

  • A crystal of giving
  • Help you discover love through meditation
  • A perfect gift for friends and family
  • A crystal of forgiveness
  • Help you be a bit more gentle on yourself
  • A crystal of beauty
rose quartz madagascar
rose quartz madagascar

A crystal of giving 

Madagascar rose quartz is the crystal of giving. When we don’t have love in our lives, we start to get grumpy, “Oh, well, not getting it.” So what happens is it helps allow you to open up to give more love. And as we give more love, opening up our hearts and our generosity to other people, we open up that flow and give and take and allow more love to flow into us.

Rose quartz is nice to hold in the hands, and we have hand chakras as well as a heart chakra.

These are the chakras that govern give and take, and if that’s out of balance, then we have problems in our love area.

So hold a Madagascar rose quartz in each hand and focus on equal give and take. The more we can give to the world, the more love will come back to us threefold.

Help you discover love through meditation

The other great thing about this is rose quartz in meditation will help you realize where you do have love in your life, instead of looking where it’s lacking.

It’ll help you come to an awareness of where it is, and you’ll realize you do have a lot of love in your life, a lot more than you realized, just maybe not in the form you’re expecting initially.

A perfect gift for friends and family

Madagascar rose quartz is a perfect crystal for friends and family, especially in a long-term relationship because we have that constant loving nurturing energy around that relationship.

If you ever want to buy a gift for a friend, and rose quartz is a nice one, you might even want to have two matching pieces and give one to them and one to you as a sign of your commitment and how close you will always be together.

A crystal of forgiveness

When things do go awry with loved ones, Madagascar rose quartz is a nice crystal to work with as well. It is a crystal of forgiveness because of its gentle energy.

A lot of the time when we get upset with a loved one, it’s because they didn’t fulfill our expectations, and we have these high expectations. Whereas rose quartz kind of simmers that down and nurtures that, allowing you to be a bit more gentle with other people.

Help you be a bit more gentle on yourself

The other thing that Madagascar rose quartz helps you with is to be a bit more gentle on yourself. Do you tend to be a bit harsh on yourself and unforgiving on yourself sometimes?

If that’s the case, try wearing rose quartz each day and just hold it each time you beat yourself up. It’s really important that you love yourself, and that allows love to flow into your life as well.

If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else, and how can anyone love you?

So, learning to love yourself, and not just the bits you like about yourself, but the bits that you don’t like about yourself that’s where you get the real points. Rose quartz can help you to do that.

A crystal of beauty

Not only is rose quartz a crystal of love, but it’s a crystal of beauty.

So, there’s this beautiful myth about how rose quartz came to be. You would have heard of Aphrodite or Venus. Well, this time she was dating or having a relationship with a dynast beautiful God-Adonis or Donelson Beauty.

Aries or Mars, the God of War, got jealous about this and turned himself into a wild boar and attacked Adonis. Aphrodite ran to his aid but in doing so, she cut herself on a brad bush, and her blood fell upon some white quartz.

Her blood soaked into it and turned the quartz pink. So, the rose quartz is said to contain the essence of Aphrodite or Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

A traditional way to use Madagascar rose quartz is to leave it outside each night, and when the dew forms in the morning, wipe that dew off and cover it over your face.

You can also lightly rub some rose quartz over your face, massaging and getting the circulation in your face. This helps to bring out a youthful glow and also helps with wrinkles. So, definitely carry your rose quartz when you want to bring that youthful Aphrodite beauty back into your life.

How to cleanse Madagascar rose quartz?

raw madagascar rose quartz
raw Madagascar rose quartz

When it comes to cleansing Madagascar rose quartz, you can use the element of water because water is the element of love and emotions. Because of the gentle energy, nice gentle water like a gentle stream is perfect.

Where to put rose quartz in the room?

You can use Madagascar rose quartz when all is going well in love. It has a gentle nurturing energy.

If all is going well at home, then grid it around the house, and place it in prominent places. If you want a gentle nurturing energy in the bedroom, then place it in the bedroom. It’ll have that soft energy that’ll keep things going well.

You can also put it around places where else you spend a lot of time, maybe the workplace or a spiritual place.

Rose quartz animals

The animals that you can use for Madagascar rose quartz, people sometimes get disappointed, but it’s Turkey.

Turkey is one of the animals in many different cultures and is renowned for giving. It gives us our body when we think about Thanksgiving, the festival of gratitude. This is all about giving and being grateful, and you know the turkey is a prominent part of this.

Work with Turkey and see what mysteries Turkey can teach you.

If you want to know how to do this, grab your rose quartz, hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize a turkey before you allow yourself to interact with Turkey. However that unfolds, see what knowledge this great bird has to teach you.

Rose quartz planet

The planet, of course, that is associated with rose quartz is Venus, the planet of love. Now, Venus rules Friday, and so Friday, being that day of luxury and enjoyment, thank God it’s the weekend, is a really good day to work with rose quartz and bring that loving energy into your life.

Our experience in hunting for Madagascan Rose Quartz

We were in Madagascar, hunting for a deposit of rose quartz. It was about a seven-hour drive on back roads to get to the mountainous region, beautiful lush greenery, and an abundance of water, and the people were great.

hunt for Madagascan Rose Quartz
hunt for Madagascan Rose Quartz

We started our hike after a several-hour drive. About an hour and 45 minutes into the hike, we came upon a village. There were no people because they were all at the mines, mining and pulling stones for me to view.

They had all qualities from the lowest to the highest. The thing about rose quartz is it shows one face, but after working the stone, hammering, clipping, and preparing, you find the gem quality inside. As you can see, the beauty of the stones is spectacular.

4 reviews for Madagascar Rose Quartz

  1. Maisey

    The color of this is very nice. A real old fashioned dusky pink.

  2. Faith

    the quality of the quartz is worth the price.

  3. Kian

    Brilliant quality and fast dispatch, love the bracelet!

  4. Soraya

    Excellent! Gorgeous bracelet, exactly as pictured. I love this madagascar rose quartz bracelet and thanks for customizing to my size.

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