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Raw Black Tourmaline

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Prepare to be captivated by the raw, untamed beauty and profound metaphysical properties of black tourmaline – nature’s ultimate protector and healer. This striking gemstone, with its deep, opaque black hue and mesmerizing inner sparkle, is a true marvel of the Earth’s creation.

  • Raw black tourmaline
  • Size: 3m/1.2″
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raw black tourmaline
Raw Black Tourmaline $26.90 Original price was: $26.90.$19.90Current price is: $19.90.
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Raw black tourmaline is such a good crystal to add to your collection, and it has so many benefits. Some keywords that are related to raw black tourmaline are purification, protection, and grounding.

  • A powerful protective stone that can shield against negative energies, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic pollution.
  • Creates a reflective barrier that deflects and neutralizes unwanted energies.
  • Highly grounding, helping to connect the user to the Earth’s energy.
  • Cut through anxious thoughts, promote emotional healing, and foster self-confidence.
  • Clear the mind of clutter and enhance focus, concentration, and logical thinking.
  • Support blood circulation, and the immune system.
  • Relieve muscle aches, joint pain, and respiratory issues.
  • Activate and balance the root chakra.
raw black tourmaline crystal
raw black tourmaline crystal

What is a raw black tourmaline?

There are many different types of tourmaline. They range in many different colors, and there are a lot of pretty tourmalines, and they’re gorgeous.

Black tourmaline is pretty abundant; more than 50% of tourmalines out in nature are black tourmaline.

Raw black tourmaline stone has a reflective, black color with tiny sparkles of light that can provide guidance and transform negativity. This stone is known for its ability to stabilize the root chakra, promote emotional balance, and enhance focus and clear thinking.

Raw black tourmaline properties and benefits

Chakra associations

The chakra that is associated with the stone is the root chakra, and to be honest, if you’re trying to work on your root chakra, raw black tourmaline stone might be the very best one to start with.

Protective properties

Raw black tourmaline crystals act as etheric vacuum cleaners, cleansing oneself and one’s environment of negativity and disharmony.

Meditating or carrying one of these stones can keep one’s auric field clear of imbalances, even in the presence of destructive energies.

So, if you’re going to be around, like energy vampires, bad situations, just toxic environments in general, having some raw black tourmaline is going to protect you. It’s kind of like having your ally with you.

Purification and grounding

Raw black tourmaline can provide high levels of purification, which serve to elevate one’s consciousness.

Let’s say, that negative force isn’t an external force; it’s more of an internal negativity that you’re feeling. Black tourmaline can help dispel worry, shame, fear, anger, judgment, and all of those other, toxic emotions that are self-inflicted because it aids with grounding and cleansing the auric field.

You can use it in both circumstances, whether it’s an external or internal negativity, which is why people believe raw black tourmaline is such a powerful stone, and it has a great use for you.

Protection from negative energy

Raw black tourmaline forms a powerful shield against psychic attacks, spells, ill-wishing, and negative energy.

So, if you feel like someone is purposefully sending you bad energy, raw black tourmaline is going to help stop all of that because it has a very powerful way of absorbing that energy, and that includes EMF and geopathic smog.

Rough black tourmaline cleanses, purifies, and transforms noxious energy into a lighter vibration.


Because black tourmaline raw stone supports the purification of the body, it eliminates toxic substances, and its main work is done in the root chakra.

When consciously working on the root chakra, raw black tourmaline helps purify the body of toxins and wastes.

It supports the cleansing of heavy metals and environmental pollution from the body. It really does absorb all of that yuckiness.

“When I come off of working with raw black tourmaline, I do feel like I have this refreshing, like detoxified feeling, like in my aura. I notice a difference in my energy field when I’m handling black tourmaline, especially when I am on my phone a lot.”-Kelsie

Absorbing EMFs

Another big use for raw black tourmaline is to help absorb the EMFs in your home.

If you want to place some black tourmaline next to your electronics, next to your Wi-Fi routers, it’s really going to help absorb those EMFs.

You can see a couple of videos online of people experimenting and doing this; they have the EMF reader, and they’ll take some black tourmaline and place it in front of different objects, and it does absorb the EMF. It’s there’s proof of that.

Emotional support

Raw black tourmaline is known to have a powerful impact on the root chakra, making it a valuable tool for those working on emotional healing and self-understanding.

The stone is believed to help individuals navigate their “shadow” side, providing guidance and clarity as they piece together the story of their lives.

When feeling sad or stressed, holding the raw black tourmaline can have an uplifting effect, helping to guide you through periods of darkness and negativity.

The natural, unprocessed form of the stone is particularly prized for its grounding and protective energetic properties, which can support overall well-being and emotional balance.

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How to use raw black tourmaline?

black tourmaline raw stone
black tourmaline raw stone

Black tourmaline raw stone is one of the stones that you can use the most. Not only to protect yourself from others, but from your own negative thoughts, fear, and anxiety—that is negativity that you create myself.

Meditation and affirmations

You can hold the raw black tourmaline in both hands and meditate.

You can use a chant, a prayer, or an affirmation. For example, “I clear and banish all unwanted energies from this environment. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Carrying for protection

You can also carry black tourmaline raw stone with you, take it to work, or if there are negative people around you, it won’t affect you. In that sense, it acts as a protective shield and negativity repellent.

Protection from radiation

Rae black tourmaline can protect us from radiation that comes from electrical appliances. So, it’s very good to keep it at home too.

“Lately, I’ve been practicing a simple routine whenever I find myself spending too much time on my phone, usually around an hour or so. I’ll grab my raw black tourmaline, hold it in my hands, and power off my phone. Sensing the weight of the black tourmaline, I’ll do this for about 10 to 20 minutes, believing the longer, the better. Afterward, I place the stone down and extend my hands in front of me, feeling a subtle vibration, as if some kind of exchange occurred. It’s an odd, prickly sensation.”-Esther

How to clean raw black tourmaline?

Raw black tourmaline can be put in water to cleanse it. It’s a hard stone, about seven points on the Mohs hardness scale, and will not be damaged with mild contact with water.

However, prolonged contact with water or contact with mineral water such as saltwater can damage your stone. So, it’s best to cleanse it under running water for a minute or two and lay it flat to dry.

While you do this, visualize the stone as being clean and free from all negativity.

If you want to make sure that your black tourmaline is completely clear, you can bury it in fresh soil for a night or a day. The earth will neutralize it so that it’s fresh and ready for a new purpose.

Raw black tourmaline FAQs

What does raw black tourmaline look like?

It has a natural, unpolished, and unprocessed look, retaining its raw, organic form.
The color is a deep, opaque black, often with tiny sparkling inclusions or reflections within the stone.

Where to buy raw black tourmaline?

You can buy raw black tourmaline from our online crystal shop, where we offer high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Visit our store to explore our wide selection of raw black tourmaline specimens and experience the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home.

Where is black tourmaline found?

Black tourmaline crystals form in a hexagonal crystal system, and they are found in Brazil, China, Pakistan, Africa, and the United States of America.

4 reviews for Raw Black Tourmaline

  1. Lyndon

    Absolutely love my raw black tourmaline! It arrived quickly and exactly as described. The stone has a beautiful, rough texture and a powerful energy.

  2. Josef

    It feels very grounding and protective when I hold it.

  3. Jerome

    The stone is lovely and the customer service was great.

  4. Viola

    I’m using it in meditation and I can feel a slight difference in my energy levels.

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