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Raw Amethyst Ring

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Let the soothing energy of amethyst wash over you, dispelling stress and anxiety, and promoting a sense of serenity. This raw amethyst ring is more than just jewelry—it’s a talisman, a companion, a source of empowerment. Wear it with pride, knowing that you’re not just adorning your finger, but also nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Order your rough amethyst ring today and unlock the door to a world of tranquility, intuition, and protection.

  • Handmade
  • Stone: raw amethyst
  • Adjustable size
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raw amethyst ring
Raw Amethyst Ring $59.90 Original price was: $59.90.$39.90Current price is: $39.90.
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This raw amethyst ring has a major attraction element to it when people are first starting to get into crystals and spirituality. It’s got this beautiful otherworldly charm which is rooted in its enchanting color and its amazing clarity.

raw amethyst ring

Frequently considered as a symbol of peace of mind, it’s become exalted in the crystal healing world, with many claiming it changes negative energy into positive and that it can even realign chakras.

Raw Amethyst ring Properties

  • Associated with February birthdays
  • Symbol of empowerment and balance
  • Potential aid for sobriety
  • Enduring beauty

Raw amethyst ring is bolstered further by its association with four zodiac signs, along with it being widely worn to represent the birthstone of February.

raw amethyst rings
raw amethyst rings

Although you can’t absolutely claim that an amethyst will stop you from getting drunk, there is a lot of legend and folklore. But one thing is absolutely for certain: this gemstone, with its beautiful color, its unwavering clarity, is going to go on for many thousands of years to come.

Amethyst has long been regarded as a stone of sobriety. Sometimes, people would drink out of amethyst chalices or wear an amethyst ring so that when they’re drinking, they remain in control and keep their dignity.

Even to this day, it’s a really powerful empowerment amulet for alcoholics or people who suffer from addictions. It’s really good for any of us when we become overly obsessed with something and forget about that balanced, clear state.

So, this raw amethyst stone ring can really help you to keep your balance and define wisdom.

The raw amethyst ring is the spiritual guidance

raw amethyst crystal ring
raw amethyst crystal ring

The rough amethyst ring is the spiritual guidance. It allows you to connect with either your innate inner guidance, your spirit guides, or your guardian angels.

You may want to call upon different deities or beings, such as ascended masters. Saint-Germain, for instance, is associated with the violet flame, and amethyst, being of that violet color, is very much connected to the violet flame, the flame of transformation.

Another great goddess is Athena, who is known as a goddess of war, but war was always her last resort. She always tried to find a wise way to achieve a win-win situation and would never just go to war for the sake of it because she was aggressive or anything like that.

All of these are different beings, or even just your innate gods’ guidance, or your inner god or gods, can really guide you through your life path.

By simply grabbing your raw amethyst stone ring, because of that tendency for you to slow down, to stop, relax, and listen, it allows you to connect and find that guidance.

So, if there’s anything in your life that you’re feeling perplexed about, or if things seem crazy and you’re looking for answers, then a raw amethyst ring is great to work with.

Just sit outside, give yourself that time to rest, to think, to allow your mind, your emotions, and everything else to find its balance again. And as you call upon that guidance.

How to use a raw amethyst ring?

Open the door to spirituality and inner peace

It’s good to think about what makes you feel blissful, what makes you happy, and what really feeds your soul. Maybe it’s a massage, maybe it’s reading, maybe it’s bushwalking, or birdwatching, or something like that.

Take your raw amethyst ring with you as you go and do these activities, and then after that activity’s finished, the amethyst will hold its energy and continue that blissful state as you go throughout the rest of your day.

Your ally for a peaceful night’s sleep

Not only is amethyst valuable during the day, but it’s also great at night. And this is one of the few crystals that I would invite into the bedroom when you want to have a sound night’s sleep.

So, you can have your raw amethyst ring by a bedside table. It’s really good to stop those extra thoughts that are running through your mind or anything that stops you from having a great night’s sleep.

If you’re worried and it’s anxiety or stress that is keeping you up at night, what I recommend doing is going outside for a few minutes and just sitting there with your rough amethyst ring and treating it like a worry stone.

Treat it like a dear friend and tell it your worries—, out loud or in your head—putting clear, concise sentences as if you’re having a conversation. Then, leave that uncut amethyst ring outside to cleanse overnight and pop a second one in your room.

So, If you’re having problems sleeping, a raw amethyst ring is great to help.

Where to buy the amethyst raw ring?

Amethyst raw rings are available from us, our crystal shop offers a variety of amethyst jewelry, including raw amethyst necklace and raw amethyst. When choosing an amethyst raw ring, it is important to consider the size, style, and metal of the ring. You should also make sure that the ring is from a reputable seller.

Learn more about amethyst

Amethyst history

Amethyst is a very, very old gemstone. It’s got a lot of mythical legend and folklore attached to it. It goes back as far as the Neolithic period, that’s 4000 BC. Actually, pieces of jewelry have even been discovered at burial sites from 2400 BC.

It has featured strongly in Greek mythology, with tales of wealthy lords who wanted to hide their sobriety and apparently their drink from amethyst goblets, using this purple hue of the crystal to disguise their water as wine. Throughout the years, amethyst’s association with piety and celibacy has seen it worn frequently by bishops, priests, and cardinals.

In the 1700s, Queen Charlotte of England owned an amethyst bracelet that was worth 200 pounds at the time. Actually, in today’s money, it would have cost over 50 million. In centuries following this, numerous new finds of this gemstone have sort of dwindled in financial value, and to this day, people’s fascination with this enchanting gemstone seems to be unwavering.

Amethyst colors

What seems to draw people to this amazing gemstone is undeniably this beautiful purple hue that it’s got. It’s just so bewitching and beguiling; it’s just got this draw to it. But of course, the raw amethyst ring is available in another variant, and that’s of course green. You may have seen it before, the gorgeous, gorgeous mint spearmint colors of prasiolite.

So as we’ve mentioned, it’s available in varying tones, and that can depend on its location. Definitely, it can be seen in its famous chocolate box purples, but the raw amethyst ring can also be seen in pinks, and that’s actually the famous Rose de France amethyst. That’s a very particular point on the color chart, and this gemstone connects with loads of other gemstones.

3 reviews for Raw Amethyst Ring

  1. Jessica

    I’m in love with this raw amethyst ring! The stone is captivatingly unique, each ring one-of-a-kind. It’s more than just an accessory; I feel a sense of calm and peace whenever I wear it. It’s like a little stress reliever on my finger

  2. Emily

    I wear it every day as a reminder to stay centered and connected to my intuition.

  3. Sarah

    I bought this raw amethyst ring for my sister, and she absolutely loves it! The stone is a beautiful shade of purple, and the craftsmanship is excellent. It’s a unique and meaningful gift that I would highly recommend.

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