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Blue Calcite Meaning, Properties And Benefits

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What Is Blue Calcite?

The gemstone blue calcite has a potent spiritual impact. It aids in connecting with your higher self and aids in achieving or regaining emotional equilibrium. Utilizing this crystal will make it simpler for you to communicate with your spiritual group, including your guardian angels, ancestors, and other higher-dimensional beings.

Why Would You Use Blue Calcite?

You can use this blue gemstone to manage your stress, worry, and anxiety. It exudes reassuring and tranquil energy. High vibrating blue calcite can provide balance and harmony to your life.

The term “stone of the mind” also applies to calcite. Calcite improves memory, learning skills, mental analysis, and discernment. For academic success, it is the ideal stone. When there are conflicts or mental shifts, calcite is also helpful.

Blue Calcite Meaning

The symbolism of blue calcite in its purest form is one of clarity, serenity, and harmony. Since caribbean blue calcite is a rare variety of blue calcite, it also has the meanings of uniqueness and originality.

Your third eye chakra is connected to a geode made of blue calcite. It represents karmic crystal healing since it helps you access your higher self’s knowledge and awareness.

Blue Calcite Properties

Physical Healing Properties

This blue crystal is a powerful mineral for decreasing blood pressure and is thought to help with pain relief in all aspects physically. It is also linked to joint and bone problems, alleviating arthritis and promoting a speedy recovery from fractures, dislocations, and sprains.

More importantly, this stone will maintain a healthy level of the body’s calcium. The stone is claimed to improve the body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins. It’s supposed to enhance your immune system and stimulate metabolism. Additionally, this stone is supposed to help circulatory system problems and normalize heart rhythm.

Emotional Healing Properties

This blue crystal is incredibly peaceful and soothing. It can aid in letting go of bad emotions and restoring harmony to the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.

While providing mental and physical benefits, this stone aids with spiritual and mental protection. Your aura may become a shield of defense that might serve as an absorbent to soak up all negative energy. It also aids in letting go of internal negativity that has built up.

Metaphysical Properties

The profound spiritual stone blue calcite, is a great ally for the conscientious metaphysical crystologist. Strong psychic energies are available in it. It also has the power to activate your psychic powers, including astral projection and clairvoyance. Additionally, its blue energy contains a communication stone at its center.

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What Chakra Is For Blue Calcite?

The therapeutic crystals for the throat chakra include blue calcite. Your throat will be activated and cleansed if you wear a blue calcite necklace. The heart chakra interacts with the blue chakra, healing vibrations, calming, nurturing, and consoling you.

What Does Blue Calcite Fo For Zodiac Signs?

Those born under the sign of Cancer frequently have creative minds. Blue calcite’s connection to the third eye chakra can help you think more creatively.

A Cancerian who struggles to express their truth may benefit from this blue crystal. It will give you the self-assurance you need to concentrate on and articulate your desires. Cancer people enjoy being occupied. You can unwind after a long day with the aid of blue calcite’s calming influence. The advantage will be felt when you sleep more soundly.

The Benefits Of This Blue Crystal

Eliminate Any Negative Energy

It removes unfavorable vibrations, purifies them, and transforms them into good energy. You consequently develop a more upbeat and optimistic outlook.

Facilitates Communication

Keep a chunk of this stone with you if you perform any work that relies on open and honest communication. It might help you comprehend the significance of your interpersonal communication more fully.

Expand Mental Abilities

Blue calcite is a rock of the mind in all its varieties. Additionally, by incorporating blue vibrations, this stone aids in calming and soothing an overactive mind and enhancing mental discernment and analysis.

Increase Energy

This blue crystal is excellent for increasing your body’s energy and tranquillity. It’s a perfect crystal for encouraging lucid and insightful dreaming. Last but not least, this stone has certain protective qualities that can be useful to keep in your house to deter robbery.

blue calcite point

How To Use Blue Calcite

At Home

Put it in any room where you and your family spend more time, such as the dining room, living room, or kitchen. The crystal can be used as a practical home decor piece.

At Work

This blue crystal, a gemstone of the throat chakra, can avoid misunderstandings and poor communication among coworkers. Additionally, it enables you to speak up freely about your ideas, thoughts, and worries. It gives you the courage to be innovative and tell the truth to the team, enabling you to make your point.

It can make you more convincing than ever, which will help you win over your boss or superior.


It is nice to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of this blue crystal by wearing it. Employ jewelry that maintains this crystal’s energy near the third eye and throat chakras because they are the chakras that are activated by it.


The primary purpose of blue calcite is as a stone for meditation and balance. It’s ideal for centring yourself after being in a dynamic or macho environment.

You can attune to the greater cognitive plane by using it as a great meditation aid. Blue stones have a calming effect on the body and the psyche.

Who Should Use It?

High vibrating blue calcite can provide harmony and balance to anybody’s life. Once you lie with a piece of this rock under the pillow, it can assist you in remembering your dreams. Energy therapists use it to clean the chakras because they can absorb harmful vibrations.

How Can You Tell If Blue Calcite Is Real?

There are some things to consider when trying to purchase natural gemstones. When buying real gemstones, trustworthy suppliers are always the best option.

Following receipt of your blue calcite, some general guidelines ensure its quality. When you grip it in the palm of your hand, it should feel chilly to the touch and not rapidly warm up. It should appear as a sky blue base color with white veins rather than as a solid color. The crystal should not be translucent but opaque.

How To Cleanse & Charge Blue Calcite Stones

Smudging or burning purifying herbs is among the finest ways to rid your blue calcite of bad energy. To do this, you must burn incense, palo santo, or white sage and send the smoke in that direction toward the crystal. It will remove any negative or low vibrational energy and enhance positive vibrations in your gemstone, your energy, and your surroundings.

It’s a great idea to power your blue crystal after you cleanse it. The healing power and greatest frequency of the stone are restored by charging. You can charge it in a variety of methods, including:


The strong vibration of selenite restores a stone’s original vibration. This technique allows for the simultaneous charging and cleansing of blue calcite.


It’s the ideal way to charge by the moonlight because blue calcite resonates with it. Keep your blue crystal out during a full moon, laying it on the ground or another natural surface. Don’t forget to cover it with a glass bowl to keep it dry.

Chinese Quartz

Put your blue calcite in the center of four Tibetan quartz crystals that have been terminated. Ensure the points are pointing inwards.

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Best Crystals To Use With Blue Calcite

This blue crystal is soft and can be used with other stones. All varieties of calcite perform well with it, though there are several other rocks to try:


Your auric field is cleansed of negativity by obsidian. It encourages a more intense meditation practice if combined with the frequency of blue calcite.


The gemstones of communication are blue and turquoise calcite. Collectively these stones enable you to communicate on a more spiritual level.


The stone of metamorphosis is charoite. You can advance your psychic abilities and develop higher insight when paired with blue calcite.


What Is Blue Calcite Good For?

Anxiety is reduced, and frayed nerves are calmed by blue calcite. It is a calming stone used when recovering that promotes physical healing by releasing negative emotions and relaxation. After experiencing emotional trauma, this crystal can also serve as a natural sedative.

Where Is Blue Calcite Found?

Among the most frequently occurring minerals is calcite. You can find it in Pakistan, as well as in Mexico, Iceland, the United States, and Great Britain.

How Expensive Is Blue Calcite?

This is a typical and common stone. It makes it reasonably priced, particularly when compared to unique crystals.

What Is The Difference Between Blue Calcite And Celestite?

Blue calcite and celestite can have extremely similar appearances. Due to celestite’s higher weight, this is the simplest way to distinguish them. Celestite relates to the crown chakra rather than the third eye chakra,  yet both stones resonate with the throat chakra.

The celestial vibration of celestite is a result of its pure energy and its relationship to the crown chakra. As a result, celestite can promote a greater degree of consciousness, tranquillity, and spiritual awareness. In comparison, the third eye connection of this blue crystal renders it more potent for fostering open communication and elevating psychic abilities.

Can Calcite Go In Water?

Yes, it is stable in water.

What Chakra Is Calcite?

It offers relaxing energy that helps one move out of bad emotions, eliminate stagnation and links to the heart chakra.

What Makes Calcite Blue?

It is a colored version of the mineral calcium carbonate, and it has this blue color due to oxidized copper impurities.

Can Calcite Be In The Sun?

It can’t be exposed to the sun for a long time, and it will lose its color. However, it won’t happen immediately, keeping the stone out of the sun for even a brief time is better.

Is Calcite Natural?

Calcite is a typical component of sedimentary rocks, particularly limestone, which is largely generated from the shells of extinct marine animals.

Is Blue Calcite Rare?

It is common, it is found in many nations. The primary veins of the crystal are extracted from Mexico. However, this crystal is among the most uncommon varieties of this mineral since it is less common than other types of calcite.

Can Calcite Go In Salt?

Don’t cleanse it with salt. Although it’s OK to submerge other stones in salt for some time, doing so with calcite stones can compromise their structural integrity. You can attempt to use rice. Because rice is a potent energy absorber, burying your blue calcite in rice and leaving it for about three hours will wash it of harmful energies.

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