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Black Onyx: Meaning, Properties, Benefits&Uses

Within the wide variety of gemstones, it is possible to find many with excellent and numerous properties that we can take advantage of. One of the most outstanding stones is the Onyx, not only for its beautiful variety of colors but also for its uses and the great properties it offers. Black Onyx is one of those stones that you should always have at home, or that must accompany you in your workspace.

In principle, we can say that black onyx is highly appreciated by those looking for an ally against the fears that stop them. It is characterized by being an excellent stone when making decisions and provides great stability to the body and mind. 

Black onyx is a stone with multiple uses, especially for those who love the stability gemstones provide. If you want to know a little more about this amazing stone, here we tell you its meaning, benefits, and all the uses you can give it.

Oval black onyx

What Is Black Onyx?

Known as the stone of war, Black Onyx is a stone known to bring strong spiritual energy to its wearers, especially if worn at night. It is the perfect stone to represent the changes that occur in different areas of life, those moments in which one cycle closes to begin another.

In ancient times, this stone was highly valued by different tribes of the American continent. These civilizations understood the power of this onyx stone and used it to get rid of their fears and move toward their goals to achieve them.

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Its enchanted black tone makes it an attractive stone for jewelers and gives it a special meaning, especially when this black is accompanied by other colors such as white or gray in the same stone, which makes a clear reference to the different shades that can occur in life.

Other precursors of this belief associate the presence of other colors with yin and yang, referring to the duality that surrounds us and can dwell within us at the same time.

Black Onyx Meaning

Onyx stone, particularly black onyx, is attributed with different meanings, one of the most important being protection. Back onyx is considered a protective crystal, as it can protect its wearer from all kinds of negative energy and convert it into positive energy to restore the balance and peace of mind that the wearer needs.

Similarly, this stone is also given the meaning of giving physical and mental resistance, which is also known as a very spiritual stone.

Black Onyx Benefits and Healing Properties

Black Onyx is a stone that can bring numerous benefits to the body and mind. Its users can use it to alleviate different ailments or give it different purposes. Among its most known benefits are the following:

Physical Healing

Black onyx crystal is well known for favoring the physical appearance, so it is constantly used to treat skin, hair, and nails. In addition, those who know these benefits attribute to the prevention of premature aging and its great contribution to treating brain problems.

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Emotional Healing

Black onyx stone not only brings physical benefits but is also excellent on an emotional level, especially when under great pressure or stress, or when it comes to making important decisions that can drastically change the course of the life we lead. This stone favors the fulfillment of the proposed goals and objectives, so many users wear it as an amulet or talisman.

Spiritual Healing

Black Onyx is also used to improve stability on a spiritual level since it is closely linked to people’s faith and dreams. In addition, it is believed to help maintain memories and help eliminate fears.

Chakra Healing

Thanks to its intense black color, black onyx stimulates two important chakras, the root chakra and the “earth star” chakra, both known as body energy centers. The latter, being of vital importance to allow the energies to remain balanced throughout the body, is located between and below our feet.

These chakras are the basis of the body’s spiritual and physical energy. When these are balanced, the physical body can feel more full of strength and vitality. Also, on a spiritual level, one can feel more security and stability.

When supported by the black onyx crystal, the root chakra brings independence and makes us feel that we are not alone in the transit of life.

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Metaphysical Properties

Black onyx is a crystal that can prevent illness and physical ailments and heal them. Combined with meditation, it helps to find the north and the answers that dwell within. It is necessary to add it to our daily life to free the environment from bad energies and prevent those who wish to harm us from achieving their goal.

Black onyx is an excellent stone when we try to bring guidance to our life, so if we are going through a stage of doubt or internal conflict, this crystal will help us regain the confidence needed to face the tests and achieve the proposed goals.

Black onyx is also considered a stone that stimulates supernatural abilities, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience. So it can also be used to develop intuition powerfully. It is a strong ally for mediums.

Black onyx will also help you to:

⦁ Stabilize chaotic emotions.

⦁ To turn the energies of others in our favor.

⦁ Strengthen our immune system.

⦁ To have confidence in our relationships and decisions.

⦁ Develop our willpower at work.

Zodiac Birthstone

When we talk about astrology, it is necessary to mention that in the case of black onyx, it is a protective stone under Saturn and Mars dominion. Black onyx stone is considered the birthstone of the Leo sign and its specialty is to provide authority to its user, as well as to prevent conflicts and offer protection against all kinds of negative energies.

In addition, this stone can be worn by people of the sign Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. It is said that it will attract luck, money, and happiness.

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Love and Relationships

Black onyx will become an excellent ally in many ways in our relationships, diffusing its powerful energy to help us find the confidence and serenity needed to live in harmony with others.

If we talk about romantic love, black onyx crystal will help us to find security and awareness of our value. Offering us a mirror of self-love that allows us to recognize our charm and thus become highly attractive people.

While within relationships, black onyx stone helps to keep the flame burning, even during difficult situations. It is a stone that will favor honesty and trust, so it promotes a healthy relationship full of communication. In addition, black onyx will help singles open up to potential mates and opportunities for the heart.

Similarly, black onyx helps in interpersonal relationships in general, so it is not surprising that those not in tune with us also decide to withdraw from our lives.

Money and Business

At the work and professional level, black onyx will help us to maintain calm, durability, and concentration to develop our projects. It will guide us to professional activities that attract money to our businesses and positively favor connections with suppliers and investors.

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How to Use Black Onyx

At Home

Thanks to its numerous benefits and properties, black onyx can be taken with you anywhere. If you want to protect your home from negative energies, it is recommended to have it in the living room, either as a small sculpture or in its original form. 

Thanks to the mental stability that this stone can provide, black onyx crystal can be placed in spaces near the bathtub when taking a relaxing bath or on the nightstand in the bedroom.

At work 

Its anchoring action and durability will be a great ally when we seek to improve our professional activities or push us into a new company. Bringing black onyx stone to the office will help us to maintain good energy and optimism in our work environment. 

It can be placed on our desk to promote colleagues’ relaxed and benevolent atmosphere. It will also be conducive to pragmatism for teamwork, which will create good working dynamics.

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How to Cleanse And Care For Onyx Crystals

Like any other gemstone or mineral with esoteric properties, black onyx needs maintenance and care in general. This is key so that the energies it has absorbed are eliminated and continue to have great power.

A fairly simple way to clean it is to put it under the tap and let the water run for a few minutes, then let it charge in the sun and program it. It is recommended to clean it during the new moons and charge it during the new moons to manifest all its power.

How to Program Black Onyx

The last step to take advantage of black onyx’s benefits and be able to use it properly is to program it for the purpose you want to use it.

The programming of a stone consists of letting the energy flow through it. For this, it is necessary to visualize the objective we want to achieve and transmit it to the stone.

It is important to hold the stone in our hands, visualize its purpose and let it be, that is, not to carry with our anxieties what we have in our hand. It is better to enter into a state of peace and relaxation before doing this. And above all to be aware that the results ultimately depend on us, the stones are a tool but if we are not ourselves in tune with what we want, it is difficult for them to help us achieve it.

To do so, hold the black onyx in your left hand and repeat:

I dedicate this stone to the highest possible good and ask that it be dedicated to it with love and much light.

If you want to program the stone for a specific use, concentrate on the purpose for which you want it (e.g., healing something specific) and then finish the procedure by saying:

I dedicate this crystal to the purpose of (your wish).

Programming the black onyx is important to accomplish what you want. Remember that although it brings great benefits, it will also depend on your faith that it can be a great ally to fulfill your purposes and bring stability to your life.

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Final Thoughts

Black onyx is a stone full of properties and benefits for all those people who wish to include it in their lives. This stone can turn us into more intuitive people, full of courage and self-love. 

It also contributes to the change of habits and gives us a general feeling of protection. It can keep negative energies away from our surroundings and protect us from bad intentions directed toward us.

Black onyx stone has great benefits for all its wearers, so you can take it with you wherever you want, either as an accessory or as a talisman. We are sure you will take advantage of the many benefits it has prepared for you.


Who Should Wear Black Onyx?

Black onyx should be used by those people who wish to achieve their goals and objectives, those who live their lives with the desire to achieve the best. 

It is also recommended for those who wish to live a practical and simple life, away from the problems. It is a stone that will help its users make the most of their days.

What Is Black Onyx Good For?

Black onyx can have multiple uses since it grants different benefits accordingly. Since it is closely related to esotericism, this stone can have very varied uses, among which the following stand out:

Stress Reliever 

If you are living stressful situations or have to make a crucial decision for your life, wearing a black onyx will help you. It will allow you to be much more focused, and at the same time, you will be able to make more coherent decisions. The same with the objectives and personal goals you have as a purpose to achieve.

Greater Overall Stability

Thanks to the fact that black onyx helps to eliminate fears and therefore to have greater emotional and physical stability. It will help you feel more courageous and full of faith in the face of any adversity that may arise in life.

It Strengthens Nails, Hair, and Skin

Black onyx stone has multiple physical benefits, among which are notably the care of nails, hair, and skin. In addition, it is excellent to prevent premature aging and regenerating the cells of our skin, making it look younger and fresher.

Protection Against Negative Energies

Wearing a black onyx with you will absorb all the bad energies around you. If there is an attack of negativity or similar that is causing stress, pain, or physical confusion, they will be undone little by little with its presence.

Aura Cleansing

Professionals in this area recommend the use of black onyx at least once a week to clean the aura completely. It is also recommended in cases where we are going to visit places with a lot of energy such as hospitals or funeral homes, so that no energy adheres to us.

Meditation and Concentration

Black onyx will also help you to keep your mind more focused and free of distraction in a situation or activity that requires it. If you want to meditate, study or do the planning for your work, this stone can be your ideal companion.

What Does Black Onyx Symbolize?

It is said that the black color of this stone absorbs all others, and its abyss of darkness absorbs and emanates the power of unity of all other stones. Everything in it related to balance and eternal peace. 

Black onyx is the overcoming of multiplicity in unity. In black onyx crystal, the potential energy of all manifestation is in absolute rest. It is a stone that will open the doors of intuition and wisdom.

What Does Black Onyx Protect From?

Black onyx is considered the great protector of the stones. It will absorb like a black hole, all kinds of negative energy, whether it is within us or that comes to us from outside through a psychological or psychic attack. Likewise, it will protect you from bad thoughts that may run through your mind automatically, giving you peace and serenity.

Where Can I Buy Black Onyx Near Me?

Crystal lovers are often in need of good energy around them. There are numerous places you can shop for black onyx. And it’s easy to find a crystal store near me.

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