Golden Sandstone


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△ Gold Sandstone
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A stone of ambition, confidence, and endurance. Enhances mental clarity, enabling one to think clearly and refrain from making impulsive decisions.

All stones are unique and may vary from the one shown in the picture.
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Golden Sandstone Bracelet
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Gold sandstone is the stone of ambition. If you lack ambition and goals in your life, this stone can help you get back on track. It can keep your energy calm and stable, and you will get better power, courage, and confidence to fulfill your life goals.

What Is Gold Sandstone?

Gold sandstone is available in brown with flecks of golden shade on the surface. These stones are mostly used for house decoration and are made in a low-oxygen atmosphere with glittering glass.

The stone can be smooth and polished, and the reddish brown with gold flecks is the most common type of gold sandstone.

Gold Sandstone Meaning

Gold sandstone is mainly made of glittering glass, representing fire and power. It is related to spiritual and historical meaning.

The meaning of the stone is that it gives inspiration, and gold sand stone is also regarded as a warrior stone that may give you the power to overcome obstacles in life and fulfill your goals.

The most common colors of sandstone are gold, reddish, and orange. The golden shimmer gives the stones an exquisite look. The gem offers the power of transformation, change, and energy.

Gold Sandstone Benefits

Gold sand stone has many benefits. You will find the stone is filled with fiery energy and vitality. Know more about its benefits below.

1) The copper in the stone offers pain relief from arthritis and gives strength to bones. It can also help with the circulatory system.

2) This gem is also considered the protector of the spirit. It has some reflective powers that can renew the spirit.

3) Gold sand stone can bring vitality to life. The stone is also related to the spinal chakra, which will give you strength.

Gold Sandstone Properties

Gold sandstone has many valuable properties. It can give you energy and vitality. You will find more passion in your work and in life, which will help you fulfill your goals. Check out the best properties of this gem.

1) Physical Healing Properties

Gold sand stone is related to your spirit, which can detox your energy level and renew your inner strength. It can regenerate tissues and offer better blood circulation.

If you suffer from low energy levels, wearing this stone will bring back the vitality you need to succeed in life. In addition, the copper in the stone offers healing benefits.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

This stone is a gem of ambition, but it will not make you tired. You will get better patience and get the feeling of calm and harmony in your life.

Gold sand stone has reflective properties just for being a glass stone. It will keep you grounded and provide vitality.

The stone is also known for offering courage, confidence, joy, and generosity to the wearer.

Metaphysical Properties

The gold sand stone offers courage and joy in the life of the wearer. It will prepare you on a spiritual level. This way, it can wash away the negative energies from the body. It also offers vitality, encouraging passion, drive, and better creativity.

Gold sand stone also works with the throat chakra, which will help you speak your mind without hesitation. In addition, you will find a sense of stability and safety.

Geological Properties

Gold sandstone is made of glittering glass and under a low oxygen atmosphere.

You will find the colors like metallic copper and reddish-brown, with gold shimmer on it. Besides the brownish appearance, there is also blue and purple sandstone.

Gold Sandstone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Gold sandstone is a birthstone of Sagittarius. It offers a sense of adventure to the Sagittarian people. The flecks of gold in the stone offer a splash of beauty and vitality.

Gold Sandstone And Chakras

Gold sand stone is related to various chakras. It can give you stability and a sense of safety. It can also encourage creativity in you and can bring passion to you.

How To Use Gold Sandstone?

You will benefit better if you keep the stone in touch with your skin. The direct touch will improve the healing power and give better energy to overcome obstacles.

You can wear gold sand stone as jewelry and get inner strength from it. When you wear it as an ornament, your aura will change into a ball of energy. If you are traveling, it can encourage you in the adventures.

While working, if you find a lack of energy affecting your work, you can use gold sand stone to bring back your focus. The gem can return your motivation for the job, and you can achieve your goals. You can keep the stone on your desk, which may give you energy.

How To Cleanse And Charge Gold Sandstone

You can cleanse gold sand stone by keeping it under a steady stream of lukewarm water. Also, as the stone is related to earth, you can keep it for hours under the sunlight. Or keep it over grass, mainly in the greenery.


Is Gold Sandstone Real?

Yes. Gold sand stone can be found naturally, but mostly they are lab-made and polished.

What Is Gold Sandstone Good For?

Gold sand stone is also known as the ambition stone, which can help you attain your life goals. It will generate energy and give vitality to your body.

Does Goldstone Have Healing Properties?

It can boost energy in the body and helps in blood circulation with tissue generation.

If you have a low energy level, the stone can elevate the amount of positive energy in your body. The best benefit comes from the copper material in the stone, which offers healing benefits.

Is Goldstone The Same As Gold Sandstone?

Goldstone is also known as gold sandstone. This has a shimmering quality on its surface, and it can look elegant and flashy. You may find colors like deep blue, lush green, and reddish rust.

Can Gold Be Found In Sandstone?

Yes. And minerals such as diamonds, gold, and rutile can be found in natural sandstones, mostly from pre-historic places.


Gold sandstone is a stone of ambition, which may help you reach your goals in life. It can bring vitality to mind and does some healing too. Buy this stone at crystal shop online today.


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