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Crystal bracelets are pretty-looking jewelry you like to wear to accessorize your outfits and personality. These popular choices give a touch of elegance to your closet. Other than expressing your personality and yourself, crystal bracelets emanate energies that can bring good luck, protect and heal you.

Benefits Of Wearing A Crystal Bracelet

Crystals are infused with amazing healing powers and energies, which can bring positivity to you. Different crystals offer various energies. They mostly provide good feelings and diminish the negative energies from your body.

To achieve the power of crystals, you can keep them in touch with your body, and if you are not a fan of a necklace, then a crystal bracelet is your best option.

The crystal bracelets will stay in touch with your wrist, the pulse point that will connect the stones better. You have to find the right crystal bracelets for yourself and wear them. It will give you good energy and accessorize your outfit perfectly.

How Effective Are Crystal Bracelets?

One of the best benefits of crystal bracelets is keeping you calm and grounded. It’s also helpful for your mental well-being.

Wearing a crystal bracelet will protect you from anxiety, irritation, and bad energies. You can make better decisions in life, as it will clear your thoughts and allow you to grow in your career and personal life.

What Do Crystal Bracelets Mean?

You can reap benefits from crystal bracelets. You will get more healing benefits, emotionally uplifting, and many more. Wearing a crystal bracelet means giving yourself a better chance in life, both mentally and physically.

Different Types Of Crystal Bracelets

There are different types of crystal bracelets available. You will find different crystals and designs.

1) Crystal Bead Bracelet

Bead bracelets do not have a metal base or body. They are made of beads joined with a string. The beads can be of different color crystals, which will look aesthetically pleasing and charming.

2) Crystal Chip Bracelets

These bracelets are made of crystal chips. When you wear such bracelets, they will elevate your outfit and overall look.

3) Crystal Stretch Bracelets

These bracelets are made by joining crystals on an elastic cord. Crystals stretch bracelets are easy to make, and you can easily wear them. No matter your wrist size, you can always roll them on your hand and take them off whenever you want.

4) Men’s Crystal Bracelet

Men’s crystal bracelets are made with the right purpose and intention in mind. Crystals do not see gender, but you may get designs based on that.

What Crystal Bracelet Helps With Anxiety?

Amethyst can help with anxiety. This is a soothing stone in purple that can heal nightmares and insomniac people to some extent. Wearing an amethyst bracelet at night might help you sleep well.

Which Crystal Bracelet Is For Good Luck?

Quartz crystal bracelets are good for bringing good luck into your life. Both amethyst and citrine are members of the quartz group. You can use clear quartz to get better luck and energy in life.

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Bracelet Breaks?

If your crystal bracelet breaks, this means the stones have fulfilled their purpose.

Every crystal has its energy, vibration, and meaning, and it can handle a certain period with its wearer. Once the bracelet breaks, it usually means the stones have absorbed all the negative powers from you. The crystals will assist you until your negative energies overwhelm them.

If you are a person who depends on your crystals way too much, your bracelet may break continuously. This is because the stones will always be taking away your negative energies, and one day they can’t take it anymore.

How To Cleanse Crystal Bracelet

Cleansing or charging your crystal bracelet means you purify the stones from the build-up of bad energies. There are various ways you can charge crystal bracelets.

  • Run the bracelet underwater. If you live closer to a natural stream, putting the bracelet under the water flow will be best. Otherwise, keep it under the faucet water.
  • Submerge the bracelet in brown rice. This will cleanse the crystals from negative vibes.
  • Leave the crystal bracelet on a windowsill and let the natural light charge it. Make sure to place the crystal from the morning till evening. That way, the bracelet will get better energy. You can also put the bracelet under the moonlight.
  • Bury the crystal bracelet in the ground. Nature will cleanse it properly.
  • Burn herbs and incense around the crystal bracelet, and it will charge it with positive energies.

Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet

You can wear crystal bracelets on both wrists. However, it will depend on the things you want from the crystals.

1) Wear Crystal Bracelets On Left wrist

The left wrist is the receptive side of your body. This hand deals with the stresses and your internal chaos. When you wear a crystal bracelet on your left wrist, it should be because you want internal benefits and healing energies.

To get rid of emotional stress, you should wear the bracelet on your left wrist. Go for black tourmaline, which can help protect your inner self.

2) Wear Crystal Bracelets On Right wrist

The right wrist is the giving side of your body. Wearing a crystal bracelet on your right hand when you are trying to take action, want to make the right decisions, and control your energies.

You should wear crystals that have healing properties with more energy. You can opt for amethyst on your right wrist, which will provide a calming sensation.

Can I Wear A Crystal Bracelet To Sleep?

Different crystals respond in different ways, but most of them are fine to wear at night when you go to sleep.

However, some crystals aren’t beneficial for sleeping with, because they might have too much energy, which can keep you awake at night. You have to choose crystals that are not the third eye and crown chakra, psychic, energy boosting, or vibrational.

Where To Buy Crystal Bracelets?

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