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crystal shapes and formations

Crystal Shapes And Formations

I’m so excited to cover crystal shapes and formations because they influence the energy and how we pick up, and work with a crystal, or how we choose to connect with that crystal.

In this article, I’m going to be going over four crystal shapes and three crystal formations. Yes, if you didn’t know, the shape of a crystal or the way a crystal is formed organically affects the way that we pick up on the crystal’s energy.

We may not even be aware of this when we’re out crystal shopping. We may be so attracted to a crystal, and we aren’t even aware that it could be because of the formation or because of the way it is shaped.

What Is Crystal Energy?

Crystals emit a vibration, a frequency, and when we choose to connect with that crystal, however, we choose to have a practice with that stone, depending on the shape of the formation, we can feel this energy a little bit differently. That’s what’s cool about shapes and formations – we can work with that beneficial energy in a way that it is already naturally emitting to us.

Get ready because I’m just going to dive right into these shapes and formations, talk about the benefits, how I work with them, what I like about the shape or formation, and all that good stuff.

Skull Shape

The first crystal shape that we are going to be chatting about is the skull shape.

Skull Shaped Crystal Meaning

Skull shapes deal mainly with the crown chakra and can help facilitate a deeper connection with the Divine while also boosting mental clarity.

I’ve been experimenting with skull shapes to mainly help me connect with my ancestors and receive higher knowledge. I find that working with crystal clear quartz or amethyst in this skull shape is beneficial because that crystal property already expands our minds.

It boosts mental clarity, and the skull represents that.

So getting, a clear quartz or an amethyst is definitely what I recommend if you’re looking to boost those areas in your life.

How To Use Skull Shaped Crystals?

This past month, I’ve been very interested in connecting with my ancestors and angels. You can set an intention with your skull shape to receive downloads while meditating with the skull shape.

Or if you want to place it next to your bed to get dreams that are kind of like messages from your ancestors or angels, setting the intention, “I want to have a dream tonight where I’m connecting with my angels. I’m open to receiving any signs.” This is a practice in which you can be relaxed and have your mind open up to the possibilities of making contact with your angels or ancestors.

At first glance, I would say a skull shape definitely seems a little intimidating, a little scary maybe, but it is a way to work with literally the afterlife or connect with higher realms.

It doesn’t have to be something scary; it’s just a totem to dive into that realm. That’s how I use the skull shape, and I’ve been loving it.

Twin Flame Crystal Formation

Moving on to our next formation, the first formation that I’ll be sharing with you is one that I think is very interesting, and that is the Twin Flame formation.

Twin Flame crystal shapes and formations
Twin Flame crystal shapes and formations

What Is A Twin Flame Crystal?

A Twin Flame formation is two equal crystals side by side from the same base, and this can help you attract a soulmate or a twin flame. That’s how they’re mainly used.

Twin Flame Crystal Meaning

They help you heal from a twin flame or bring one into your life, depending on what your intention is.

Twin Flame crystals can also help you move past self-sabotaging tendencies so that you can move to your highest timeline.

Personally, when I got this crystal, I didn’t necessarily use it to attract a twin flame, but I felt like it helped me manifest a higher timeline.

These crystals are very potent, especially if you have one in clear quartz or any kind of quartz crystal. It helps amplify whatever it is you’re looking to bring into your life.

For example, if you are looking to bring in your soulmate or your twin flame, there’s a higher chance of that happening if you have the twin flame formation. I would say just think of extra energy, extra potency if you do any kind of ritual manifesting technique, anything like that. If you have a twin flame crystal, there’s going to be a little extra-ness there.

Heart Shape

This next crystal shape is very, very popular, that is the heart shape.

Crystal Shapes Meaning

The heart shape is used to connect with our heart chakra and help us discover what we need so that we can heal and grow from the inside out.

Mainly used for heart-opening work, if you are currently going through a hard time or you need major healing work, starting with the heart-shaped crystal can assist you greatly on your self-healing journey.

This is another shape that we can benefit from if it is in the shape of a crystal that deals with the heart chakra. For example, green aventurine, jade, rose quartz, rhodonite – whatever heart chakra crystal you want to work with, getting it in the heart shape is wonderful. It does help with emotional difficulties, overcoming challenges, going through grief, and depression.

Heart shapes are great for comforting our hearts, and healing our hearts.

Harnessing Love Energy

Also, if you want to call in love, if you’re looking for love in your life, set an intention with your heart-shaped crystal that you are getting closer to finding that love of your life.

Or maybe if you have a smaller heart-shaped crystal, hold it in your hand and state your affirmation. “I’m getting closer to meeting my soul mate,” or “I am,”, whatever it may be. Work with that energy, work with that heart shape to call in that love in your life.

Wonderful Gifts

Also, not to mention, these are wonderful gifts. If you want to give a gift to someone, maybe they’re super new to crystals or something like that. Having a heart-shaped crystal, and offering that to them, just shows your love for them and wanting them to manifest whatever their heart’s desire is.

Tabby Or Tabular Crystal Formation

This next crystal formation I’m so excited to share with you. This is a new one that I recently just picked up, and that is a tabby or tabular crystal formation.

What Are Tabby Crystals?

Tabby crystals are named as their growth patterns are flat and broad. They act as a bridge of light that allows energy to move over areas where blockages or breaks in the vibrational field would otherwise prevent energy flow.

So, tabby crystals naturally kind of form in a double termination. Double-terminated crystals help with the flow of energy. They’re great for bodywork. So, tabby crystals kind of mimic that, but again, they have this flat and broad shape to them.

Again, this is a new crystal for me. I’m excited to keep meditating with it. I’ve had great experiences so far. But yeah, they’re cool. I like the tabby shape.

Angel Shaped Crystals

And the next crystal shape that I’m going to be sharing with you is another very popular one, one that I love to work with, and that is the angel shape.

Angel Shaped Crystal Meaning

The angel shape amplifies your connection with your angels. It’s the best shape to act as a totem as you communicate with your angels from above.

Also, this is wonderful for protection. If you are calling in higher guidance, strength, and overall protection, having an angel shape can greatly assist you in feeling the love from your angels.

I recommend getting an angel shape if you personally kind of know someone or there’s someone in your family or someone connected to you who has passed away, and you want to connect with them. Having an angel totem can help you have a practice where you can feel their love, and feel their energy through the crystal.

I think for angel shapes, getting an angelite is wonderful because that is literally like the property of angelite. It helps you with the divine connection, communicating with your angels, and all that good stuff.

But you can also get the angel shape in different crystals; that’s fine too. I would recommend maybe third-eye chakra crystals or crown chakra crystals and also heart chakra crystals. Any kind of crystal in that shape is going to help you build that connection with your angel.

How To Use Angel Shaped Crystals?

Like I said, these are great for protection. If you want to have your guardian angel with you, you can have this in the car with you. You can also have a special place in your home, maybe where you honor the afterlife or anything like that. Having the angel shape there is wonderful.

I’m pretty big on connecting with my angels; that’s something that I do almost every day. And whenever I feel like I just need a little extra support or anything like that, maybe I’m doing something that I’m a little nervous about, even like speaking in front of people, if I have to lead something and I need a little bit of extra support, I might take my crystal shape with me, my angel crystal shape with me, so I can feel like my angel’s presence around me.

So that’s a little trick that I do if I just feel like I need a little bit of protection, support, and security in what I’m doing. I always gravitate towards the angel-shaped stone.

Rhombus Shape

The last crystal formation that I will be sharing with you is the rhombus shape/formation.

Rhombus Shaped Crystal Meaning

Rhombus shapes are super unique as they split the light into its color. It energizes and then balances the chakra system. Rhombus shapes represent the inner focus that human beings need to hold their life tasks during their lifetime on Earth. It strongly helps with inner balance and clarity.

So, diving into this formation, this shape, we mainly see the rhombus shape with calcite, and this property, calcite, or just the rhombus shape with these crystals, really does help bring more focus into whatever you’re doing.

Who Should Own Rhombus Shaped Crystal?

If you’re someone who’s super duper passionate and you feel like you have found your life purpose and you are chipping away and working on that, having the rhombus shape with you can only really benefit you in staying consistent with that practice with your soul work.

Harnessing Clarity and Determination for Your Soul Work

We mainly see the rhombus shape with honey calcite, optical calcite, and red calcite. It’s mainly calcite where we see the rhombus shape forming naturally like this.

And all of those crystals intertwined with this shape help us bring in that clarity, bring in this determination.

So I would suggest working with this crystal in a work setting if you have a project that you need to put in a lot of time and energy into. Having the rhombus shape with you is going to help boost that area of your life.

Also, if you feel like you are trying to figure out what your kind of soul work is, this is a great crystal shape to help get you there. Lay with this stone, have it in your hand, place it on your body, and feel this light infusion.

What do you see when you’re meditating with this stone? You ask, “What is my sole purpose? What am I meant to do here?” Be open and receptive and see what comes through in meditation with this shape.

Flame Shaped Crystals

The last crystal shape that I’ll be sharing with you is the flame shape.

Crystal Flame Shape Meaning

The flame shape is mainly used to bring about more fire in your life, helping you tap into your passion. It can also be used for sexual energy contraception. If you’re looking to have more zest in your life, it also can bring more creativity.

The flame shape is definitely for one who is looking to bring something into creation. It can be used for manifestation work; it can be used to call in a new project, or to start a new beginning where you need this extra motivation to bring something into being.

How To Use Crystal Flame Shape?

I have the flame shape in rose quartz; it represents kind of like burning love for me. I feel like I mainly got this because I was thinking about what I wanted on my honeymoon table when I got married, and I thought this was so perfect to express my passion, and my love for my partner.

Flames are great to place in the bedroom; they’re great for the workplace, somewhere where you need that motivation, you need this stamina. They’re great; they’re wonderful.

I would say I mostly see flame shapes in carnelian. Carnelian is great in the shape of a flame because it really brings extra fire.

Any root chakra crystals, heart chakra crystals, something where you need grounded energy to bring something into being, that would be a great crystal in the flame shape.

If you are a fire sign, I feel like getting a flame crystal would be great for your placement because you are all about fire. So all of you fire signs out there, I recommend investing in a flame crystal.

Conclusion On Crystal Shapes And Formations

I hope you enjoyed going over these different crystal shapes and formations. I think it’s really fun to just kind of check-in and talk about like what are the new shapes and formations that are out there. I know that there are more formations that I haven’t covered. I will be updating as much as I can. You can learn more about crystal shapes here.

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