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angel numbers and their meanings

Angel Numbers And Their Meanings

In this article, I want to share with you a subject that I love, and that is angel numbers and their meanings. Maybe you’ve heard of them recently or you’ve been seeing them on social media, as they have been growing in popularity over the past few years.

There is something special about receiving these divine codes. We are going to be breaking down their significance and how you can make the most out of seeing them.

I learned about angel numbers many years ago, but it wasn’t until maybe three or four years ago that I started to dive into learning the significance and meaning of angel numbers.

Maybe you can relate. If your interest is peaking right now in angel numbers, there is a reason why.

In this article, I would love to talk about the basic knowledge of angel numbers, dive into their significance, discuss how they can show up for you, and talk about some best practices when you are seeing angel numbers pop up. I’ll be going over the most common angel numbers at the end of this article.

Where Do Angel Numbers Come From?

You may be wondering, where do angel numbers come from? Angel numbers stem from numerology, which is the study of mystical relationships between numbers, letters, and patterns.

Like in most methods of divination, numerology is a tool used to gain a deeper knowledge of the self, others, and how we relate to the world at large.

I truly believe that the universe is always guiding us and that we are here on Earth to live a life full of magic, and to learn from ourselves.

Feel the spiritual abundance all around us. Every single person has a connection to the spiritual realm, whether one is aware of this or not. Our angels or guides are always with us every step along our spiritual journey.

Why Do I See Angel Numbers?

Our angels can’t communicate with us the way we communicate with each other on Earth. They can’t communicate with us through words.

But angels can communicate through numeric sequences aligned to specific energetic frequencies that we learn about in numerology. Each number carries important wisdom that we can learn from, and our angels are sending us this message that we need to receive.

There is a special reason as to why we are seeing it.

On another level to this, our angels are sending us light codes for our soul’s development. When we are consciously picking up these signs, these messages, these numbers, we are tapping into this divine connection of really understanding our soul’s evolution, which is pretty powerful.

How To Find My Angel Numbers?

You may be wondering, how will I know that these angel numbers are showing up for me? What are the signs of receiving angel numbers? To be honest, it’s quite simple.

Once you are introduced to this subject of angel numbers, doing some research like you are right now, learning about angel numbers, they will come flooding in.

Having an open mindset and possibly calling out that you are ready to receive angel numbers can be an activation in itself.

You will start to notice these numbers pop up everywhere, and I’m talking on your phone. You’ll see a certain number of emails, possibly your phone battery when you’re scrolling on social media. You’ll see a certain number of likes, and comments; you’ll just see these numbers everywhere.

Some of my personal favorites, when I’m really seeing a confirmation of an angel number, is through a receipt. When I buy something and I hear the total, and the total is an angel number, I just kind of smile and think, “Oh wow, it’s awesome.”

You can also see these numbers really blatantly. Maybe there’s a billboard with this number on it or the car in front of you. You will seriously start to see them everywhere.

My Experience with Finding Angel Numbers

I have a fun little story about when I was really starting to dive into angel numbers, really getting into the thick of it a few years ago. I was out with a friend; we went to go get sushi, and I was chatting with her, talking about angel numbers, telling her I’ve been diving into this, and I keep seeing angel number 444.

I think there was another one I shared, and she actually heard about angel numbers too, so we were just chatting about it. She was interested, but it was something very new to her as well.

About 10-15 minutes go by, and we get our bill, and I looked at the amount. I was like, “Oh my gosh, look at this. Our bill was 44.40, right in front of us—a confirmation, 444.”

We were shocked; we couldn’t believe it. It was like such a synchronicity and such a confirmation that our angels were with us at that moment, really wanting to show proof to my friend or just the relevance of like, “Hey, yes, angel numbers are real.”

It was so wild and so crazy; that’s one of my favorite stories to share when I was starting to get into angel numbers. You just get these confirmations, and crazy situations like that start to happen.

How Do You Know Your Angel Numbers? Best Practices

So, I’d love to dive into some best practices and talk about those really common angel numbers that you can start to see.

Be Very Mindful

One of the first best practices I wanted to cover with you is being very mindful of your thoughts and what you’re doing or saying when you see the number appear. That is a major indicator of what your angels are trying to tell you.

If you are talking about wanting to get a new job or thinking about applying to a new job and then you see an angel number, that can be a big indicator of your direction or guidance from your angels on that situation.

Be Very Grateful

Another big tip for a best practice, when you are starting to become aware of angel numbers, is to be very grateful when you do receive an angel number.

I think this is important. If you’re seeing angel numbers constantly, just thank your angels for giving you this reminder, this code. Be grateful for it. I think that’s a great practice. Now, I’d love to continue sharing more tips with certain angel numbers.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

angel numbers and angel numbers meanings
angel numbers and angel numbers meanings

I’m just going to dive into the most common angel numbers. This will be a little brief. I’m not going to go super into it.

Learn more about 1212 angel numbers meaing here.

What 1111 Means In Angel Numbers?

To start us off, I’d love to begin with Angel Number 11:11. I think this is probably the most common one.

When we hear “11:11, make a wish,” we might not know why that is a saying, and the reason why is because Angel Number 1111 has tremendous power in synchronicity and your manifesting ability.

It’s a sign to think a positive thought, think about your manifestation because you have this energy within you to bring it into being. This is a huge reminder that you are in charge and you are capable of creating your reality.

What Does Angel Numbers 222 Mean?

Next up, we have Angel Number 222. This is a sign from your angels that you are in alignment with your divine plan.

I know, especially for me, sometimes I can feel like I am not where I’m supposed to be. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve certain milestones by a certain age and all this stuff.

Angel Number 222 is a sign, saying, “Hey, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Things are in alignment. Just chill; I got you.” It’s a great angel number to receive.

What Does Angel Numbers 333 Mean?

Next up, we have Angel Number 333. This angel number is super powerful because it is a sign that God, Source, an ascended Master is with you in this moment.

So, you can imagine this is a very powerful, very Godly number. It is one where you are completely fully supported. When I say fully supported, I mean you have this god-like energy around you.

You shouldn’t be scared; you should go out and be confident because you have tremendous support around you.

If you’re receiving this number when you are struggling or going through a hard time, it is a great sign that you have the most support behind you, so keep going.

What Does Angel Numbers 444 Mean?

Next up, we have Angel Number 444. This is like the ultimate Angel Number. It means that your Divine angels are surrounding you in this moment. It’s a major number for protection.

Think of guardian angels. It can also be a sign that your angels are blessing you. Blessings are coming your way.

Angel Number 444, I think, is another very popular number to receive, especially when you are just starting to learn about angel numbers. It’s kind of like a confirmation from your angels, saying, “Yes, I am here. I’m going to be sending you messages, so get ready.”

What Does Angel Numbers 555 Mean?

Next up, we have Angel Number 555. This is probably one of my favorite ones to see because it means that there is a change headed your way, and it’s kind of like a big deal change.

If you have been waiting for something to happen, the tides are turning. Get ready because there is a positive change coming your way.

I personally really like this angel number. I know sometimes people can get a little bit of anxiety, wondering, “Well, what does this change? What’s going to happen in my life?” It is going to be an extremely positive change. Only positive change really happens with Angel Number 555.

What Do 666 Mean In Angel Numbers?

Next up, we have Angel Number 666. I think this is probably the most misunderstood number on this list, as people relate this to the underworld and the devil and all this stuff.

They’re kind of scared of it, but really what Angel Number 666 is all about is telling you to stop focusing on material objects, stop focusing on money, stop worrying about things that are so superficial.

In a sense, your angels are here to tell you, “Hey, you don’t need to worry about this. Stop worrying about these things; I got you. I’m supporting you, and you’re focusing too much on this.” So, it’s a really good reminder to just take a step back in a situation.

What Does Angel Numbers 777 Mean?

Next up, we have Angel Number 777. This is an angel number that indicates that you are on this spiritual awakening.

You are following your spiritual path, and you may be starting to kind of activate some psychic centers. Your third eye may be opening. It is an indicator that your angels are with you along this spiritual journey that you are going on.

This can also be an indicator of luck; it’s a lucky number. There may be some luck coming your way, so keep an eye out for that. It’s just a really good overall energetic energy number in itself.

What Does 888 Mean Angel Numbers?

Next up, we have Angel Number 888. This is another favorite of mine because it is all about this abundance. It’s the abundance frequency number.

This is a strong indicator that money is on the way, and that you are being successful. You don’t need to worry about money; you are in this abundance of attraction frequency.

Things are just going great. I love receiving this number; it’s so good. A tip, when you are seeing this number, is to be grateful for everything you have in that moment.

When we are calling in abundance, we have to be so grateful for what we have because that just keeps on attracting more and more goodness into our lives. So, remember to express gratitude when you see this number.

What Does 999 Mean In Angel Numbers?

The last angel number on this list is Angel Number 999. This Angel Number signifies a massive ending happening in your life.

What we need to be mindful of when an ending occurs in our life is that it means that a brand new beginning is starting. This is an angel number that signifies karma.

Your angels are telling you that it’s time to let go of what is no longer serving you so you can welcome this beautiful brand new beginning.

Conclusion On Angel Numbers And Their Meanings

So that is everything that I wanted to cover for angel numbers and their meanings. I hope that you enjoyed learning about their significance, and their meaning, going over some really common ones that I love to see. I see angel numbers all the time; I see them daily.

So, I’m really excited for you if this is something that you’re starting to dive into now that you are reading this article. I’m telling you, you’re gonna start seeing them everywhere. It’s just like an amazing connection practice to have with your angels. Hope this article about angel numbers and their meanings may help you.

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