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december energy and crystal

December Energy And Crystal

The last two months have been a little chaotic, crazy. For some, it could have been a really hard period in their life. I mean, there was a lot of change that we had to go through these last two months to get us to this point right now, which is this beautiful month in December where we are going to be greeted with a sacred pause that’s going to help us see our life in a new light. In this article, I will discuss December energy and crystal.

My hope from this article is to help you understand how hitting the brakes, and doing some reflection work from all the change that has transpired over the last few months, is opening this new door for you in the new year.

Today’s article explores December’s energetic themes, delving into astrology and highlighting crystals that complement cosmic energy. Towards the end, I’ll share life updates and discuss the current crystals I’m incorporating.

For the structure of this article about December energy and crystal, I’ll begin by covering astrology highlights such as Mercury retrograde, the beloved new moon in Sagittarius, the shift into Capricorn season, the December Solstice, and finally, the full moon in Cancer.

Mercury Retrograde

Our first celestial moment is happening on December 12th. We have two things happening on this day, and that is Mercury retrograde and the new moon in Sagittarius.

I’m going to start with the Mercury retrograde topic first. So, this is a time for us to hold back on acting. It is a time for us to let things come to us.

What Happens In Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde happening right now in December is super important because it contributes to this month’s sacred pause.

This transit is a major time to reflect on the year we just had. Being that this sacred pause this month of December, we also have the solstice, which is known for kind of being in hibernation mode and having this deep introspection on our life.

december energy and crystals
december energy and crystals

Having Mercury retrograde go on during this time just adds more to that self-reflection work. It’s such a great time for us to really dive deep into our psyche, to get quiet, and to reflect.

I think one of the best things we can do during this Mercury retrograde in December is take a digital detox, however, that may be for you.

I know we all can have different relationships with social media, with our phones, with work, what have you. We live in a digital age. So, I would say that’s something I recommend doing, even if it’s for 24 hours.

I think multiple days would be nice, but everyone’s different. This is a great time to do that detox, do that social media detox, do that detox from maybe emails or purchasing things online—anything that has to do with technology.

This is a time to take a step back and take a pause from that. When I do social media detoxes or just stay away from my phone, I feel like I get such deep insights into my life.

What Crystals Are Good For Mercury Retrograde?

I think about things in a new way, and it’s just a great time right now in December to do this.

Black Tourmaline

So, some crystals that I recommend working with during Mercury retrograde would be black tourmaline.

This is great for protecting our energy. Mercury retrograde affects everyone differently, so it’s a really good protection stone to have. It’s also good if we are doing a digital detox; it’s nice to help ward off those EMFs and recalibrate our energy.

Smoky Quartz

I also recommend working with smoky quartz; it’s such a grounding crystal, and sometimes Mercury retrograde can cause a lot of friction in our lives. If you are going through it or feel like a lot of things are going on and you need something to ground you, I definitely recommend working with smoky quartz.

New Moon In Sagittarius

We have two celestial moments on December 12th, the second being the new moon in Sagittarius.

What Does New Moon In Sagittarius Mean?

This new moon is also a great time to dive into that deep introspection. What are the goals you want to set for the next year? Setting those goals right now is highly recommended because we are going to be feeling this inward energy like crazy, and we’re going to be thinking of things in a new way.

We’re going to be self-reflecting on what went right, what went wrong in the past year, and how we want to improve some areas in our lives in the new year. Just take some time to get quiet and set some intentions.

Also, this is a great new moon if you are looking to do some traveling in the new year.

Sagittarius energy is very adventurous, so take the opportunity to harness that energy into thinking about where you want to go and travel.

Also, be super fearless in those intentions you set. Don’t limit yourself and know that you can go and create your reality in any form you want.

Crystals For New Moon In Sagittarius

During the new moon in Sagittarius, I suggest working with Dalmatian Jasper to infuse youthful and childlike energy into our aspirations for the upcoming year.

We want to have fun with this new moon. Also, I recommend working with clear quartz; I just feel like Sagittarius energy and clear quartz mix well together. It’s also great for setting those intentions and amplifying your thoughts and feelings. Work with some clear quartz on the new moon as well.

Capricorn Season

Next up, we have our transition into Capricorn season, which is happening on December 22nd.

What Is Capricorn Season?

This cosmic season is all about thinking about where we want to direct our energy. What do we want to focus on? What do we want to watch grow in our lives? Is it in a financial avenue, family, friendships, or career? What area in your life do you want to focus more on this energy?

The first day of the Capricorn season is also the winter solstice or the December Solstice, depending on where you are in the world.

In the northern hemisphere, it is the winter solstice. So, it is a time when we are going inward like crazy. When we’re thinking about where we want to focus our energy,

It’s good to be quiet; it’s good to be sitting in that stillness and thinking about your life and where you want the direction of your life to go.

At the beginning of Capricorn season, I feel like we’re going to be preserving our energy. We’re not going to be putting too much out into the world; we’re going to be taking it all in. We’re in that receiving mode.

It’s a time for us to gain that mental clarity, to receive the benefits of being alone and having stillness to then make decisions later in the month, maybe January, I should say, in the year.

For when we want to act on those things that we’ve been ruminating about, what we’ve been thinking about in December.

Crystals For Capricorn Season

Some crystals that I recommend working with during Capricorn season would be green fluorite. It brings this focused energy like no other. I love working with green fluorite; it’s also really great to work with during Mercury retrograde, so a little double dose of energy to help you there.

For the winter solstice or December solstice, I recommend working with shungite. I have been working with shungite a lot lately, and I’ve been loving it. It just helps clear that energy to feel like you’re renewed and restored and just really good energy. I could see that being a crystal to work with on the winter or December solstice.

Full Moon In Cancer

Our last celestial event is happening on December 26th, and that is the full moon in Cancer.

How Does Full Moon Affect Cancer Zodiac?

This is a very family-oriented day, being that it’s the day after Christmas. It’s also the day of Kwanzaa. A lot of holiday breaks are happening during this time when we may be with our loved ones on this night or this day.

Cancer energy loves being with family, it loves being at home, it loves feeling that comfort from home, that comfort from communicating with their family, and that’s very much the energy of this full moon.

It’s also the last full moon, so it’s a major time of release to again dive into that introspection, think about everything you’ve gone through this year, what you’re letting go of that didn’t serve you in the past year as you embark on a new journey in next year.

I would recommend taking this full moon and feeling the gratitude of your life, how grateful you are for everything you have for the last year.

Take things slow; it is a period of receiving to have that mental stillness to gain those insights as you recharge your batteries for the next year ahead.

Crystals For Full Moon In Cancer

A crystal I recommend working with for the full moon in Cancer is pink opal. I feel like this is such a Cancer crystal; it helps bring out your emotions.

Being that we will be around family, maybe we’ll be having some heart-to-heart conversations or just talking about our own lives with the ones we love most.

Some deep conversations can go on during the full moon in Cancer, so working with pink opal will help open up your heart chakra and just feel that love, and receive that love during this full moon.

My Favorite Crystals

Now, diving into some crystals that I have currently been working with, I have two that I would love to share with you.


The first one is shungite.

I’ve been using shungite extensively, primarily due to the significant changes happening in my life and the ongoing Eclipse season.

I was utilizing shungite during the eclipse in Taurus. I did a little ritual with it, and did some meditations, and I do feel like I am entering into a new life as I’m getting married very soon. It’s just like a new chapter is starting for me, and shungite feels like it’s clearing old baggage.

I feel like I’m only seeing the horizon ahead of me; I feel hopeful for the future. I’m not holding on to the past with this stone that I’m noticing. I’m letting go of the past the more I work with shungite, which I like.

I’ve been utilizing the pyramid shape in my home. I’ve been having it kind of like a centerpiece in my living room. I just feel like it gives that kind of clearing energy in my home, so that’s great.

And I’ll also use this in meditation; I’ll put this on my body. But it’s been great, and shungite has been a crystal I’ve been working with for the last month.

Rose Quartz

Next up, I have good rose quartz. I’ve been seeing a lot of rose quartz recently because rose quartz is going to be a crystal that is intertwined with my wedding.

I have some fun plans with this specific type of rose quartz; you’ll see. This is a raw rose quartz. I’m making some favors, some party favors, whatever you call them, for my wedding with rose quartz, and I’ll also be having these little rose quartz as decor at my wedding too.

I can’t even tell you; I think we got no joke like 100 lbs of rose quartz, so we have a lot of rose quartz to work with. And I’ll be sharing with you guys how I utilize rose quartz in my wedding.

But being that I have rose quartz around me so much, I feel like it’s been helping me feel a little anxious about my wedding, just remembering what matters most on this day, and that is love. There is such a presence of love when you work with rose quartz.

So just been tapping into that energy and hanging out with my family a lot and getting ready for this day. I feel like rose quartz has added a nice energy to everything.

Hope you will like this article about December energy and crystal.

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