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Crystal Shapes 101-Crystal Shape Meaning and Uses

In this article, we will talk about the different types of crystal shapes and how the formation of crystals influences the energy they give off. This is a really cool and unique topic when it comes to working with crystals.

crystal shape crystal shapes

Why Do Crystal Shapes Matter?

Crystals emit energy that we can pick up on and sense. Everything in the world vibrates. We as humans vibrate.

So when you are connecting with crystals and crystal energy, you can sense that in theory, but what’s even cooler than crystals emitting energy is that depending on the formation of that crystal, you can sense that energy differently. You will learn a few common crystal shapes and formations in this post.

Difference Between Crystal Shape And Formation

What’s the difference between a crystal shape and formation? The crystal’s shape is how a crystal or stone is formed or cut by man. A formation is a way that a crystal naturally forms in nature.

Every crystal’s atomic structure has unique properties that can naturally influence the crystal’s shape. When you’re out crystal shopping or looking at crystals, one thing you may be aware of is that you can be attracted to the crystal’s shape as well as the crystal.

What Are The Different Types Of Crystal Shapes?

There are many types of crystal shapes, like sphere, pyramid, tower, etc. Maybe you have some of these common crystal shapes in your collection, and now you can learn how to use their energy in a beneficial way. Let’s jump into this crystal shapes list.

Crystal Shapes-Sphere

The first crystal shape is a sphere. Spheres are pretty common when you’re out crystal shopping. Pretty much every crystal shop has a sphere there.

Spheres are really unique and cool because their energy is transmitted outwardly in 360 degrees. Literally, anyone who comes close to a sphere will feel that energy immediately.

This is the ideal shape to have in a room where you want to have the energy emitting throughout the room. It really harmonizes the energy depending on what crystal you have.

Another really popular thing to do with a sphere is you can do scrying with spheres. People that like to gaze into crystal balls. Basically, scrying is when you gaze into a crystal ball.

It’s kind of like you’re meditating with it, like you’re connecting with that energy, you’re thinking about yourself inside that crystal and harnessing that energy. It’s pretty cool, and that’s another really popular thing to do with a sphere shape.

Crystal Shapes-Pyramid

The next crystal shape is a pyramid. The pyramid is so cool. It helps you connect with ancient civilizations, such as Egypt and Peru. It’s all about like connecting with that archetypal type of transformational energy.

Basically, a pyramid’s energy starts at the bottom, is concentrated at the bottom, and then goes all the way, like beaming up towards the tip. The tip is really amplifying the energy in a pyramid.

Because the bottom of a pyramid is a square, it has this really grounding energy, but since all of it is shooting up towards that concentrated beam at the top, the energy will reach that spiritual connection.

So a pyramid is really good to have when you’re meditating, to stay grounded, but yet want to feel like getting into that higher consciousness.

Crystal Shapes-Tower

The next crystal shape is probably the most popular, and that is a crystal tower. This is a rose quartz crystal tower, like we just talked about with the pyramids, how it was a concentrated tip, and that’s amplifying that energy. It’s the same with crystal towers.

Wherever that tip is, that’s where the energy is being like flowing out. So this energy is literally being broadcasted out from the tip. You can direct the energy any way you want, when you are having the tip go where you want.

Wherever you’re directing the tip is where that energy will flow out. If you want to receive energy from a crystal, you can hold it in your hand and point to yourself, so the tip is coming towards you, and you’re receiving the crystal’s energy.

If you want to give your energy into the crystal, you will hold it the other way, so the tip is going down, you can hold it like that, and then you’re giving your energy to the crystal.

So think wherever that tip is pointed or flowing, that energy is going out. This is a pretty basic understanding of how crystal shapes work. Wherever that tip is, if there’s a point, that’s what that energy will be broadcasting out of.

Crystal Shapes-Palm Stone

The next crystal shape is a palm stone. Palm stones are pretty popular. You can find them at crystal shops near me, but palm stones are so popular because they’re slightly larger than tumbled stones, so they have a really good grasp when you hold them.

Palm stone also maintains that energy so well. When you want to work with a palm stone and do some crystal healing with it, palm stones are great to place on your body and your chakras, because it’ll just like settle into that energy and rest there.

Palm stone is good at just maintaining the energy of that crystal and having it flow nicely out of it.

Crystal Shapes-Tumbled Stones

What are tumbled stones? Tumbled stones are smaller, and they have this subtle energy to them. It’s not very overpowering, but that’s not to say they don’t pack a punch.

Since there are no points in a tumbled stone, that energy isn’t really being directed anywhere. It’s just kind of like the palm stone, just like this subtle energy. It helps maintain the energy.

You can have tumbled stones in your car because you can drive with a tumbled stone. Pick a few before you go somewhere. You will have a good feeling while you’re driving. You feel protected, and it’s just like this soothing feeling you benefit from tumbled stones when driving.

Tumbled stones are easy to pick up and carry and take with you wherever you want. You can place them in your purse, in your pocket. They’re quick, and easy to get that energy when you need it.

Crystal Shapes-Generator

crystal shapes crystal shape generator

The next crystal shape can actually be found naturally as well, but many of them are man-made. It’s a generator.

Generators are six sides forming to a tip. They are super duper powerful. They are really helpful in the manifestation process because they’re carved out in these six sides. It brings this big concentrated energy.

You can find generators that form naturally in nature, but a lot of them are man-made, man-carved. Generators are perfect for like center stones in a crystal grid, because they have this ginormous big energy. It helps bring a very high vibe into your home, and it’s so grounding.



The next crystal shape is actually formation crystal, it’s one of the most popular crystal formations that form naturally, and that is a cluster.

Clusters are awesome to have in your home where a lot of people come and conjugate, and are just like together a lot, so you could think living room, kitchen, if you have like a backyard, like sitting area, clusters harmonizes all of that energy from a bunch of people.

And like we talked about with points and how crystals are directing their energy towards that point, clusters start at this base and then splinter off and their energy goes in so many different ways.

It’s really helpful in the home where a lot of people conjure it, because it’s going to harmonize all your energies, and everyone will feel the same energy because it’s like splintering off in every direction.

Double Terminated Crystal

Double Terminated Crystal

The last crystal shape we’ll discuss is a double terminated crystal. Some of them can be formed naturally, but most of them are made by man.

What’s really awesome about double terminated crystals is that they obviously have two points, but this means since they have two points, the energy is literally gonna flow right through you if you’re holding it.

This is so cool because you can harness whatever crystal you have. It’s like the energy is going to flow right through you. You could even take a double terminated crystal, and place it on your chakras to help align your chakras and clear blockages, because it’s going to help your energy flow through. It goes in and out through the tips.

If you have a double-terminated crystal, you would hold it and see how you feel, it should help you feel balanced, and you should feel very energized while holding a double terminated crystal.

That’s all for crystal shapes. Hope this crystal shapes list will help you.

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