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Carnelian Meaning Properties Benefits

Carnelian: Meaning, Properties, Benefits and Uses

The carnelian stone has the same color as the sunset. Better known as the stone of fidelity, this stone will fill you with positive energy, and also, it will give you back the joy of your day-to-day. It is one of those stones that fills you with fullness and allows you to enjoy the little things.

Sounds amazing, right? That’s why we have prepared everything you need to know about this crystal, whether you decide to buy one or have received it as a gift.

thesre carnelian crystals

What Is Carnelian?

Carnelian belongs to the chalcedony mineral group. It is also considered a type of cryptocrystalline, chalcedonic quartz. It is possible to find these stones in a wide range of amber and orange shades.

It is also called carnelian agate because it sometimes has the characteristic agate bands. Carnelian’s color is due to the iron oxide it contains. Iron oxide usually occurs in hydrothermal seams and volcanic or sedimentary rocks.

Carnelian Crystal Meaning

Besides being known as the stone of fidelity, this stone also gained recognition for its good luck. This stone brings vitality and strength, hence its link to the balance of the first and second chakra. It is a stone that can help people regulate their feelings and facilitate the ability to relate to and overcome fears.

People also recognize it as the “sun stone” (associated with solar energy and light). Carnelian is considered a love stone, a symbol of a successful and lasting marriage. Cause a strong feeling and, at the same time, protect its owner from the magical influence and love spells of others. On a healing level, this crystal is also a stone associated with sexual energy, reproduction, and fertility.

The History Of Carnelian

Throughout ancient Egyptian culture, evidence shows that this stone was used in various rituals. Thanks to its color, associated with energy, life, and vitality, its benefits have also been part of the Roman culture.

For King Alfonso X of Castile, carnelian was an “expression of the forces of the soul” and possessed “three great and good virtues”, as recorded in his lapidary. While in Buddhism, it is considered one of the seven treasures, the one assigned to wisdom.

With time, this stone found employ in goldsmithing, jewelry, costume jewelry, and healing, thanks to its association with medicinal and energetic properties. The carnelian stone’s name might come from the Latin carnis (flesh) because of its characteristic color. Some people today wear it everywhere, either as an accessory or as an amulet.

Properties Of Carnelian

Physical Healing Properties

Carnelian is considered a very feminine stone. It will help keep the reproductive organs in good condition and at an optimal level for those women who wish to conceive.

If you can’t have children, consuming the carnelian elixir can help make sexual intercourse more pleasurable and fruitful. It also helps to reduce premenstrual and labor pains.

It is an excellent ally for the regulation of the circulatory system. If varicose veins are present, it will help to prevent the veins from clogging. It also enhances the functioning of the kidneys so that they filter properly.

This crystal provides great energy and vitality to the body, to the point it strengthens the immune system and prevents the suffering of any disease. It helps to correct and regulate the functioning of the metabolism, so its energetic and vital impulse will help you move, stay active and improve your physical condition.

raw carnelian

Feelings And Emotional Healing Properties

It enhances feelings of trust towards others and grants superior self-confidence. The stone gives us the foresight to face daily life struggles, instilling the necessary courage to overcome them.

Carnelian has majestic healing properties, among which the following stand out:

– It improves depressive states or deep sadness.

– It has a calming effect.

– Provides a sense of peace to the body.

– It corrects energy losses and restores vitality to the body.

– It is an excellent alternative to correct infertility problems.

Metaphysical Properties

Carnelian is a stone charged with strong energy. It is excellent to recharge your body and soul with positive energies and eliminate physical and mental fatigue. And, of course, protect you from envy, evil eye, and any negative desire they may have against you.

As if that were not enough, this healing crystal has so much energy and is so strong that it can recharge the outside and vitality of other stones. It can even purify them even in the most negative-energy-filled environments.

Therapies With Carnelian Crystals

Although this stone can be found in different presentations and used in several therapies, it has a place in alternative medicine gem therapies. Small carnelian crystals are a treatment choice for ailing body parts.

In addition to its great ability to relieve pain, this stone helps open and balance chakras.


The carnelian chakra is the sacral chakra. When you have it blocked, you will notice how your creativity and opportunities decrease. Always carry an orange stone with you, to keep your creativity wide awake.

In addition, carnelian agate also helps to balance the root chakra, which determines emotions, stability, and self-sufficiency.

Therefore, wearing a carnelian stone helps to keep emotions in complete balance as well as personal power, creativity, and desires. It will also help you not to depend on material possessions and to get more into spirituality.

Birthstone And Zodiac Sign

Carnelian is found in different shades, so depending on it, it can be the birthstone for those born in one month or another.


Orange carnelian is the true birthstone for those born at the end of summer (August 22 to September 22).


Scarlet carnelian is one of the natural birthstones for those born in the first month of autumn (September 23 to October 21).


The red carnelian crystal is the birthstone of those born in mid-autumn (October 22 to November 20).

In addition, this crystal is the birthstone of those born under the sign of Aries. However, it is quite a versatile stone. It is functional for almost all zodiac signs except Scorpio. Since people born under the sign of Scorpio are quite impulsive people, possession of carnelian will increase impulsiveness and may lead to over-aggression and over-excitement.

carnelian stone

Benefits Of Carnelian

Thanks to its “cleansing” effect, carnelian can help restore energy balance and eliminates negative vibrations. Another of its benefits is that it corrects energy flow problems in the upper body.

Thanks to its properties as a good luck stone, this crystal is also widely used as an amulet in homes and businesses. This stone provides the necessary protection from bad energies, envy, and thoughts directed toward the wearer.

Carnelian Symbolism

Carnelian is considered a stone for good luck, so many people usually wear it when looking for a job. It is a stone of creativity, as it provides great mental focus and opens the mind to new ideas.

In addition to its energetic and healing properties, it also has an attractive aesthetic appearance. Carnelian is associated with autumn, reddish sunsets, and fertile soil.

How To Use Carnelian

At home

Carnelian is useful as a bad energy repellent, so if you have it at home, it can create a shield to protect you from negativity. Carnelian stone can be put on a table or countertop. Likewise, it can be in the bedroom next to the bed, especially if you want to stimulate fertility or sexual potency.

At work

Carnelian works best when linked to a person rather than a place. Therefore, if you want to use it at your workplace, it is best to wear the crystal as an amulet or place it on your desk next to you.

Meditation with Carnelian

When meditating, the intention of the practice is vital. When meditating with this crystal, we must focus properly on the intention of the meditation to perform, what we want to achieve and what energy we want to channel.

Meditating with it helps to promote changes, to move away from fear and the comfort zone. It is a stone of protection, stability, and vitality.


One way to take advantage of its benefits is to wear carnelian crystal as an accessory. The most common ways to wear this jewel are:

As A Necklace

Carnelian acts as an energetic barrier to prevent imbalances caused by external vibrational influences. At the same time, it radiates its energy to bring peace and tranquility to the physical and spiritual body.

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As A Bracelet

For introverted or fearful people, having a carnelian bracelet near the wrist will give them the courage to go out into the world and face difficult situations.

As A Healing Gem

The energetic power of this healing crystal can be directed to an organ or area of the body affected by a health disorder to take advantage of its revitalizing properties.

Feng Shui

Like many gemstones, it has a high degree of importance in feng shui. One of the most relevant presentations is as a feng shui tree.

a feng shui tree

It has the shape of a beautiful bonsai money tree, made of carnelian gemstones and golden wire, with an orgone pyramid base. The carnelian gemstone tree, not only looks divine and serves to decorate any space, but it also nourishes and balances the chakras of the people who inhabit the space. You can keep this bonsai tree near you for positivity and happiness.

How To Cleanse Carnelian

To purify this crystal, place the stone in a bowl and put enough dry sea salt on it. It should be left like this for 2 to 3 hours and then cleaned with natural water. Another way to cleanse this stone is by placing it under flowing water.

How To Program Carnelian

Those who collect gemstones or get them for their properties know one way to program them is under the light of the full moon, after a cleansing.

A different way to do it is to apply the intention of what we want to obtain with this stone. Sit quietly with the piece in your hands, breathe deep, imagining that you take in very white and bright light, and visualize your intention for this piece. Ask for it in the best way and for your highest good. The stones will be listening and ready to assist you in your intention.


What Is Carnelian Crystal Good For?

– It improves the way how you perceive yourself. It gives courage and tenacity.

– It is a stone that enhances persuasion and eloquence. Such quality is convenient for those involved in sales.

– It provides great motivation and energy.

What Chakra Is Carnelian Good For?

Although it can work with all the chakras of our body. This stone works best when used on the sacral chakra and root chakra, which are its true specialty.

Is Carnelian Good For Love?

Yes. The reddish tones of carnelian have been associated with life and power, but also with love and sex.

Can I Sleep With Carnelian?

Yes, the carnelian can accompany you at bedtime. Not only on the nightstand, but it can also go under the pillow to stimulate your dreams. This will also help you to keep your mind balanced and overcome.

Can A Carnelian Go In The Water?

The answer is definitely yes, it is not water-soluble nor is it toxic. Even one of the ways to clean this stone is with tap water, so it can go into the water without any problems.

Can Carnelian Be In The Sun?

It can be in the sun, but not for long periods as it can lose its original hue.

How To Make Your Carnelian Crystal Work

You can use this crystal all by itself, but you can also use it with a grid and some white quartz. It all depends on the intention you want to apply to it and what you want to obtain.

What Chakra Is Carnelian?

It is the stone of the sacral chakra and root chakra.

How To Tell If Carnelian Is Fake?

The luster is one of the main indicators, a real one maintains a mesmerizing glow while a fake one is usually quite opaque.

What Does Carnelian Look Like?

– It is a type of chalcedony, derived from quartz.

– Its beautiful reddish tones are due to the iron oxide present in its composition.

– It shows very vivid colors, with a translucent appearance when polished.

Can Carnelian Go In Salt?

Yes, it can go in salt, both for cleaning and for its programming.

How To Activate The Carnelian Stone?

Like any other crystal belonging to the quartz line, it can be activated under the moonlight, with the sun’s rays, and with incense.

What Does Carnelian Do For Love?

Carnelian can make our love relationships better, but also, for those who do not have a partner, it can give them the courage to declare their love to that special person. It also helps to make relationships last longer.

Can Carnelian And Amethyst Be Used Together?

Yes, they work together because their properties complement each other. Carnelian is associated with courage and passion. While amethyst is considered healing and relaxing, both are wearable in a bracelet or necklace to take advantage of their benefits.

Does Carnelian Help With Love?

Definitely yes, from helping you get to the heart of the person you like, to maintaining harmony within the relationship.

How To Activate The Carnelian Crystal?

You can do it with the intention of the crystal, leaving it under the light of the full moon or with the sun’s rays after cleaning the stone.

How To Use Carnelian For Love?

You can give it as a gift to that special person, although if this person does not understand the meaning. You can use it to meditate and, at the same time, apply in it the intention to get love. This way, you will attract love into your life.

What Does It Mean When Your Carnelian Bracelet Breaks?

A carnelian bracelet can break for different reasons. One of them has to do with our vibration levels and if you clean the stone recurrently or not. If we do not clean or download our stones, they become overloaded with the energy they accumulate. That is why you will notice that they break or change slightly in color. Some will become ashen or opaque tones and lose their luster.

How To Take Care Of Carnelian

The ideal is not to leave it under the sun for long periods. If you are not going to use your carnelian crystal, keep it in a velvet bag or some soft material that will not mistreat it or disrupt its energy.

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