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what is a cocktail ring

What Is A Cocktail Ring?

Whether you’re a jewelry enthusiast or simply curious about this iconic accessory, this post will provide you with all the information you need to know about cocktail rings. In this article, we discuss the following: What Are Cocktail Rings? What is a cocktail ring? The statement ring, known as the cocktail ring to previous generations, […]

how to choose a chakra bracelet

How To Choose A Chakra Bracelet?

Chakra bracelets are a hot item in the yoga meditation world right now. But how to choose a chakra bracelet? There are a lot of vendors on the market who style the same design bracelet, the problem with most of them is they sell this bracelet with fake stones. So how to know if a […]

which hand to wear crystal bracelet

Which Hand To Wear Crystal Bracelet?

Which arm do you wear your crystal bracelet – the left or the right? What do you think about this subject matter? And are you getting the results that you want? This question of which hand to wear crystal bracelet is one of the most common questions. In this post, we will discuss this topic […]

jade bangle meaning jade bangles jade bangle bracelet thegreencrystal

Jade Bangle Meaning: Luck, Fortune, Health

Are you looking for jade bangle meaning? Here is what expert say. Read on. What Is Jade? A semi-precious crystal, jade, is divided into amphibole and two minerals with similar appearances, jadeite, and nephrite. Jadeite is more durable and robust than nephrite. Nephrite is less lustrous & nearly opaque.  Jade is the official stone for […]

why wear jade bangle on left hand

Why Wear Jade Bangle On Left Hand

If you are wondering why wear jade bangle on left hand, then you should note that this crystal is associated with feelings of calmness and functions as a good luck charm for warding off evil spirits. Let’s learn more about this brilliant resource from the lap of mother nature. Shop Jade Bangle Collections Benefits Of Wearing […]

real jade bangles real jade bangle real jade bangle bracelet

How To Tell Real Jade Bangle?

Owning a real jade bangle will satiate your ornamental and astrological needs. But how to tell a real jade bangle? Here are 6 easy ways.

Does Jade Bangle Change Color

Does Jade Bangle Change Color?

Are you wondering about does jade bangle change color? Let’s learn something about jade. What Is Jade? Jade or the jade stone, also known as the “Jewel of Heaven” and “The Emperor’s Stone,” is a precious gem. It has been used for thousands of years in jewelry across Asia, particularly in China, where it was […]

Feng Shui Bracelet: Meaning, Rules, And benefits

According to feng shui theory, a bracelet can generate or represent specific energy, such as love, luck, health, and money, which are then supposed to be transferred to the user. In this fashion, you can use Chinese characters, semiprecious stones, or symbolic charms. These kind of feng shui bracelets can assist you in rebalancing all […]

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