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kunzite properties

Kunzite Properties

Not only will I be sharing with you a crystal that has brought me so much joy and is so unbelievably gorgeous, but it is also powerful in affecting our well-being and how we choose to live each day. And that crystal is Kunzite. Get ready to dive into this article about kunzite properties!

Some keywords for kunzite properties are Divine love, activation of the heart, knowing, and emotional healing.

Kunzite Colors

You’ll notice the appearance of Kunzite varies; you can see Kunzite that is kind of like a clear pinky hue to a very vibrant pinky-violet color.

Kunzite Properties

Divine Love with Kunzite

Speaking of kunzite properties, its energy channels the true vibration of divine love by embracing all the other types of love.

One is preparing to consciously receive Divine love, and when the opening occurs, the immediate, inevitable response is love for the Divine. This is because love is the essence of the Divine in us, and when we truly feel it, we are one with the Divine.

Energetic Alignment

kunzite stone properties
kunzite stone properties

When one is actively working with the stone, there is a connection felt from the crown chakra to the heart chakra. This lit-up feeling is expressed outwardly to the world. Feelings of intense compassion, kindness, serenity, and altruism flow through us and interweave into everything we do.

Release And Healing

In terms of kunzite properties, I believe the beauty of Kunzite is that it can awaken the heart and encourage it to communicate more intimately with the mind. It is from this place that we can let go of anger, resentment, and any ill will towards a person that may have wronged us.

We can forgive and express ourselves, speaking from our heart center, and finding the courage to talk things out.

If you are currently going through a hard time, or feeling conflicted with some relationships in your life, Kunzite has a way of opening up your heart center so that you can move forward in your life and receive this loving energy.

A Path of Acceptance, Love, and Forgiveness

Reflecting on my healing journey, there have been situations and behaviors that I wanted to let go of, move forward, and grow from a situation.

I was looking for an energy that would wash away any resistance or, really, the acceptance of love in my life. While I was working with Kunzite, I noticed my heart expanding and opening.

The things that would maybe tick me off before didn’t even matter. I was literally on this path going forward where acceptance, love, and forgiveness were my main emotions, and how I wanted to continue with my life.

There is so much power in connecting with Divine love.

If you’re at this point in your healing journey, ready for a huge wave of love to come in and to express outwardly to everyone around you, helping you in situations that maybe you didn’t even know you needed a little boost in, Kunzite is amazing for anyone at that stage in their healing or spiritual journey.

Investing In Kunzite: Worth The Price

Something I wanted to share about Kunzite, is that Kunzite is not cheap. It is more of a pricier, expensive piece to invest in, but it is worth the investment when you are ready to purchase Kunzite.

If you’re looking to get some Kunzite, there is a little bit of an investment there.

One of my favorite ways to work with Kunzite is to wear my crystal jewelry pieces, whether it’s my bracelet or my necklace. That is kind of my main way of how I work with the energy of Kunzite.

I like bonding with this frequency because it helps me express myself and send love out to everyone around me in my life.

My Story With Kunzite

I have an interesting story that I want to share with you about the first time I started connecting with Kunzite and wearing it daily.

I think this was back in, maybe 2020 or 2021—anyway, around then. I had just gotten a necklace and was wearing it a lot, connecting with the energy, and I started to notice little shifts.

I think I noticed the biggest shift when I was just out and about one day. It was like a normal day in Santa Monica, waiting at a light for it to turn green.

I was sitting there, and then all of a sudden, I saw this homeless man in a car going across the street. He went right in front of me, and I was just staring at him, looking at him.

I felt like I was connecting with him, and I was very empathetic at that moment. There was something about this time, seeing this man walk in front of me, I just felt so much compassion in my heart to help him and to reach out.

I normally don’t feel that compelled when I see homeless people, but this one time, it was like I wanted to cry, and I was like, “Why am I so emotional right now? What is up with me?”

Then, kind of realized a minute or two later, I was like, “Oh, I think it might be my Kunzite necklace. I feel like I’m feeling this overwhelming sense of compassion and love.” It just made me reflect on how powerful Kunzite is when we receive that Divine love, when we are going to help someone in need, or just this feeling we feel when we know we can help someone out. It’s like one of the best feelings ever.

I kind of thought of a funny joke, but maybe it’s not that funny. I was thinking that Kunzite is kind of like the Jesus Stone. It’s all about Divine love, all about compassion. It just really gives a lot of Jesus energy.

I feel like I’ll probably get hate for saying that, but it matches so well with that vibration and that energy.

Kunzite Crystal Intentions

To wrap up this article about kunzite properties, I wanted to include some intentions that you can set with your Kunzite if you are about to work with Kunzite. Maybe you’re reading this article to get some inspiration.

I want to highlight three intentions that I feel would work well with the energy of Kunzite, depending on how you want to work with Kunzite.

The first intention is pretty straightforward: “I am open to receive Divine love.”

This is great if you are ready to embark on a self-healing journey, open and surrendering to love all around you, letting that abundance flow in, and feeling the joy of every day. That is a wonderful intention to set with your Kunzite piece.

The next intention is, “I listen to my heart and I express love and kindness in every situation.”

This would be great if you are exercising the fact that you want to act out in love more. Maybe you hold on to things, maybe you notice you can get irritable, and you want to work on your heart chakra.

This is a great intention for you to get softer energy, to welcome in this loving energy so that you can express it outwardly.

The last intention is, “I am at peace with myself, and I feel a deeper connection with the divine.”

I love this one. It’s pretty straightforward, really feeling into your heart center and building a connection with the Divine. It’s so amazing, so powerful. I think that one’s probably my favorite one.

Conclusion On Kunzite Properties

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the kunzite properties. I love this crystal so much; it’s so powerful. If you have Kunzite in your crystal collection and there is a certain practice you love to do with Kunzite or any insights or stories you have about really connecting with Kunzite’s energy, I would love to hear them.

Kunzite Properties FAQs

Can kunzite go in water?

Kunzite is a lithium aluminum silicate with a hardness of six to seven, so this is a crystal that is okay to cleanse in water.

Where is kunzite found?

Kunzite is found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States of America.

What chakra is kunzite?

The chakra that is related to this stone is the heart chakra.

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