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crystals for higher heart chakra

Crystals For Higher Heart Chakra

Let’s talk about crystals for higher heart chakra.

Where is the high heart chakra?

The high heart chakra sits in the middle of the chest, between the throat and the heart, underneath the thymus gland. It is known as the “pee” chakra or the chakra of the higher self.

Unlike other energy centers, it doesn’t sit inside the physical body; it sits slightly above it. It is worth mentioning that the high heart chakra is associated with the thymus gland.

In my observation, the endocrine system, as a whole, functions as a bridge between the physical cell and the energetic cell. Very often, the energy centers associated with the endocrine system function at a very high vibration.

7 Best crystals for higher heart chakra

  • Larimar
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue aragonite
  • Amazonite
  • Turquoise
  • Blue opal
  • Chrysocolla


First and foremost, the number one on the crystals for higher heart chakra list is larimar.

Larimar is a stone of higher consciousness. Wearing it raises your vibration and brings inner peace, helping you evolve in many ways while making you more aware and present. It’s comforting and beautiful.


Aquamarine also works with the throat, but it is one of the crystals for higher heart chakra as well.

It is tremendously aligning, balancing, centering, and protective. It helps you be more aware, intuitive, and connected with your spiritual self.

It’s a stone of advancement and courage, allowing you to move forward in a relationship of divine trust with the universe.

Blue aragonite

Blue aragonite is another good choice.

It lightens the load of the physical burden of being human and offers tremendous insight and self-awareness.


Amazonite can help you align with your higher self, understand your divine free will, and open you up to joy and advanced states of consciousness. Learn more about what does amazonite do.


Turquoise is the original high heart stone.

It’s no coincidence that you find it in the jewelry of advanced indigenous cultures around the planet.

Turquoise helps you connect with interdimensional deities and beings, teaching you spiritual advancement either through meditation or in the dream state. It’s a powerful stone that moves you forward, even if you’re not trying. Turquoise means business.

Blue opal

Blue opal is like a portal to a higher dimension. It allows you to live simultaneously in a higher dimension and the Earth dimension at the same time. This aligns with the function of the high heart chakra. It is incredibly peaceful and loving, providing advanced spiritual wisdom.


Speaking of crystals for higher heart chakra, who can forget chrysocolla?

Simultaneously complex and simple, chrysocolla can help you understand your humanity and your spiritual life path. You can use it to call in your higher self and communicate with the divine. How can you go wrong with that?

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