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how to make a crystal elixir

How To Make A Crystal Elixir?

I love making elixirs. But how to make a crystal elixir? So in this article, I will share the simplest way that you can make an in-home crystal elixir.

What is a crystal elixir?

What you are attempting to do when you make an elixir is to charge the water with the energy of the crystals. That way, when the elixir is done, you can ingest the water, bringing the energy of the crystals inside your physical body.

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When to make a crystal elixir?

I recommend making a crystal elixir during a full moon. You can put it outside directly in a full moon, or you could put it in a window or somewhere in your house.

You may want to start a few days before, let it charge, and sit throughout the full moon, and then a few days after the full moon is finished.

You can also leave this out for an extended period, not necessarily in concurrence with the full moon, and it will work; it just may take longer than if you charge it during the full moon.

Step-by-step guide on how to make a crystal elixir

how to make a crystal elixir at home
how to make a crystal elixir at home

Choose your crystals

You want to put some thought into what type of elixir you want to make; what is your end goal? Do you just want to make an elixir using one crystal, or do you want a certain effect like inner peace, increased intuition, or letting go of old patterns? You can choose yours at our crystal shop.

For this elixir today, I have a clear quartz cluster, a blue-green tourmaline with kunzite, an amethyst point, and a druzy, Hawaiian quartz.

The intention behind this elixir would be to balance the heart and the mind from a very spiritual place, to bring inner peace.

No need to put crystals directly in the water

I do not recommend putting crystals directly in water; it can be toxic.

Sure, there might be some crystals that you could put in water, but I’m not going to recommend any of them to you. I’m going to recommend the indirect method.

Take a bowl and cover it

How do you infuse the crystal energy into the water?

I’m going to take a bowl and cover it; that way, the energy is contained in a closed space.

Some people like to add a pyramid.

The pyramid is known in sacred geometry to be a mass accelerator, so this will bring an extra charge to your elixir.

You could even be fancy and get a pyramid-style container, but it’s not necessary. You could also experiment with other sacred geometry shapes; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a pyramid.

You can add other intentions

Now, in addition, if you’d like to add other intentions, you can write them down on a piece of paper and insert them into the bowl.

I would recommend sticking them underneath the jar of water. If you’re not familiar with how this works, water is highly programmable.

Add a few drops of brandy

When the elixir is finished charging, I recommend adding a few drops of brandy to it to preserve it—not a lot, just a few.

Label it

Now you want to store your elixir in any sort of jar you want. Make sure you label it with what exactly you put in it, its intention, and if you used a moon phase, give it a date, so you know how old it is.

It’s really important to label them because you think you will remember them, but you won’t.

To administer the elixir, you can also use a dropper jar. I like to use anywhere between 4 and 25 drops and just put it right on the tongue. You can use it several times a day or once a day, however much you need it.

Conclusion on how to make a crystal elixir

I hope this article about how to make a crystal elixir can help you. Always experiment around and make it yours. Go do some research of your own to find alternative ways to make elixirs. You can also add alternative ingredients. Don’t feel you need to use what I used here. Have a wonderful time with it and add a new tool to your healing arsenal.

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