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cleansing home with singing bowl

Cleansing Home With Singing Bowl

In this article, I’ll be highlighting the benefits of cleansing your home with a sound bowl. I’ll show you a step-by-step tutorial on a few methods for cleansing home with singing bowl and discuss the overall benefits of sound cleansing.

Singing bowl from thegreencrystal

The singing bowl I’ll be demonstrating how to cleanse your home with sound is from thegreencrystal. We work with artisans in Nepal to bring authentic, beautiful sound bowls to anyone curious about working with sound frequencies.

singing bowl
singing bowl

The quality and sound of our bowls are like no other. When you start to play it, you will immediately notice the difference in how you feel and the sound. If you’re looking for a new sound bowl, you can choose one from us.

How do sound bowls work?

Cleansing home with singing bowl? Do sound bowls work? What’s the main catch here?

Sound bowls restore broken frequencies, which can occur in our environment and within ourselves. They are popular in meditation and some yoga practices for establishing a calm center, feeling one with the universe, and purifying surroundings through the frequencies you hear.

I mostly use a sound bowl for energetic clearings in my home, especially during the full moon, the new moon, or when setting an intention.

Before I jump into the tutorial on how to cleanse a home with a singing bowl, I want to emphasize that everyone can use a sound bowl in their unique way. These practices have helped me welcome positive energy into my home and set a foundation for flow in my life.

And I have felt tremendous positive energy from cleansing home with singing bowl.

Tips before cleansing home with singing bowl

Clear home

This is my first tip for cleansing home with singing bowl, and this doesn’t involve a singing bowl.

This is just something I enjoy doing, and I feel the effects of it. That is, before I do an energetic clearing in your home, one of the most important things you should do first is make sure your home is very clean.

There is a lot of power in taking time to make sure your home is fresh and not cluttered.

Energy can build up in our home when there is clutter around, when there’s a mess, when there’s dust, we can sense that, and also just our energetic flow senses it as well.

So, I would say the first thing before you start cleansing your home, I recommend making sure everything is very clean. Take time the day before to do a great clean inside your home.

Cleansing home with smoke or with auric spray

My next step for you, which is a little extra step that I like to do, is cleansing my home with smoke or with auric spray.

Depending if you are sensitive to smoke, I love to use herbs. I love to use Palo Santo; those are some of my go-to tools that I use to energetically cleanse the air.

If you have sensitivities to smoke, you can use an auric spray. I suggest maybe getting a sage auric spray, maybe a Palo Santo lavender, something that promotes a cleansing energy.

Cleanse each room

After I’m done cleaning, the next step what I do is will cleanse my home in each room.

I allow the smoke to drift, with an open window during this process. It helps to create a refreshed atmosphere in the home before proceeding with the sound cleansing.

Ways of cleansing home with singing bowl

Alrighty, now that we went over those little extra things that I like to do, let’s go into how you can play the sound bowl in your home to energetically cleanse.

cleanse home with a singing bowl
cleanse home with a singing bowl

Do a simple ding in each room

The first method that I’m going to share with you on cleansing home with singing bowl is just doing a simple ding in each room.

I do this probably the most; it’s the fastest way to break up stagnant energy in my home.

All I’ll do is I’ll go in each room and I’ll do a nice ding and let that ripple out in each room. It feels really good when you play the singing bowl, and you’ll just feel in tune with your environment and also bring in this very cleansing energy into your home.

Play the singing bowl

The next method I like to do if I’m not doing a little ding in each room is I’ll play the singing bowl for a good minute or two in each room.

If you don’t know how to play a singing bowl, I will give a step-by-step in there. But it’s super easy; what you’ll do is you’ll go into each room.

And you’ll start playing my ring in each room. You just let it play for like a minute, and feel centered while you’re playing, and that’s going to cleanse and break up the energy in each room.

The method for a deep energetic cleanse

I have one last method for cleansing home with singing bowl, which is a pretty powerful method, especially when you feel like your home needs a deep energetic cleanse. You need to send stuff out of your home, and you want to welcome new energy into your home. That’s where I feel like this method has a lot of power.

What you would do is start at the front door of your home. You would open your front door, and you’d have your singing bowl.

What you would do is set an intention that as you’re playing or as you’re dinging, whichever method you’d like, you are removing any stagnant energy in your home. You’re going to be thinking about that while you go into each room.

I would also suggest, when you do this method, to go counterclockwise in your home. Once you arrive back at your front door, what you’re going to do is shut the front door.

This time, you’re going to go around, and you’re going to be thinking about welcoming in all this new energy into your home – all this positive energy, white light energy.

You’ll do the same process again, and you’ll go around your home in a counterclockwise way. When you get back to the front door, I like to send gratitude at the very end.

It’s kind of like this fun, energetic practice that you can do.

For whatever reason, if you don’t feel comfortable having your front door open, maybe you have neighbors that are close by and you don’t want them to know what you’re doing, that’s fine.

What I recommend is picking a window in your home. Make sure all the other windows are closed. Have this one window be the open window that’s going to be sending out all the energy. Then close that window and repeat the process with welcoming in new energy.

I have been doing this practice, working with singing bowls for a few years now. This is so beneficial for not only ourselves in bringing in this positive energy but also for having our atmosphere feel very calm and secure.

Conclusion On cleansing home with singing bowl

There are so many ways to utilize singing bowls; there are so many different modalities that you can work with singing bowls. When I’m cleansing home with singing bowl, I just feel so powerful and so strong.

If you’re feeling called to get a singing bowl, maybe you’re inspired to try this out yourself. I hope that you enjoyed this article about cleansing home with singing bowl; maybe this may inspire you to do some more cleansing in your home to bring in more positive energy.

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