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what does amazonite do

What Does Amazonite Do?

What is your reaction when you look at the beautiful Amazonite? How does Amazonite make you feel? Sure, it’s beautiful—a fabulous color, reasonably affordable, and fairly easy to get. But what does amazonite do? Do you know that in this unassuming stone lies a master teacher?

Benefits Of Amazonite

Amazonite is a mineral of many talents. Its energy is poetic and romantic; it is creative and sensual. It cultivates originality and uniqueness, and it is very invested in your personal development.

What Does Amazonite Do?

In this part, we will discuss what does amazonite do:

  • For throat chakra
  • A Bridge Between Dimensions
  • Approachable Yet Exceptional

Amazonite For Throat Chakra

Straight away, amazonite is an energy that heads to the throat. It improves communication by making it easier for you to articulate exactly what needs to be said to the specific person or group of people you are addressing.

By working with it, you will start to understand that you cannot communicate with everyone in the same way. You need to learn to adapt your speech when speaking to different people. It teaches that communication is meant to be nuanced, and if you don’t understand how to do this, it will teach you how to do it on a personal level. It teaches you to connect with your emotions and then improves the communication between your emotional self and your thinking self.

A Bridge Between Dimensions

What does amazonite do? If we want to take Amazonite even further, it is incredible as a bridge between dimensions. You can use it to teach you how to travel between dimensions.

What Are Dimensions?

If you don’t understand dimensions, think about it in terms of yourself. Each part of you is a different dimension—your thoughts, your feelings, your intuition, your unconscious, your higher self. These are all dimensions within you, and there are even so many more we can’t keep track of. There are dimensions outside of the self that you may or may not be connected to—things such as the astral plane, other worlds, higher frequencies, and lower ones.

Unlock Dimensions Safely With Amazonite

When you use Amazonite intentionally, it can show you how to traverse all these different worlds and dimensions safely.

Most dimensional travel happens during sleep or meditation, but just changing the brainwave state while you’re awake is kind of a form of dimensional travel.

So when you use Amazonite for this purpose, it helps you adapt and move between dimensions easier, and it can work as a translator when moving through the dimensions consciously.

You can even use it during sleep to help you translate your dreams better upon waking. If you decide to use Amazonite for dimensional travel, it is very safe; it can be trusted. This means it just works naturally, and you don’t have to set a whole lot of intentions first with it. It sort of just does the job on its own.

Amazonite’s Energy: Approachable Yet Exceptional

Amazonite’s energy is very straightforward; it’s fairly approachable, and it will work for most people. But there’s always an exception to the rule.

Another thing I’ll mention briefly is that it helps move time and manipulate energy. You can use it to help speed up time or slow down time for you, but we won’t go too far into that now. We’ll save that topic for a different thing. The last thing I will say, though, is to give Amazonite time to teach you properly. Don’t rush its mastery song.

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