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Blue Aragonite: Tranquility & Inner Peace Stone

What Is Blue Aragonite?

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Behold the blue aragonite stone, a dazzling mineral kingdom gem. It has a hardness of four on the Mohs scale and a luster that can only be described as a glossy sheen. Its chemical formula is CaCO3, which naturalist Abraham Gottlieb Werner discovered in the late 18th century. It is blue-green and gray-white, with a specific gravity of 2.93-2.95. 

This blue stone can help its wearer be more conscientious and accepting of life changes. It also brings comfort to those who are feeling overwhelmed. Its beauty and power resonate with its ability to bring peace and joy, which is nothing short of remarkable.

Origin Of Blue Aragonite

Ah, blue aragonite crystal! A mysterious gemstone of wondrous origin. Discovered in 1788 by Abraham Gottlieb, its beauty and allure have captivated and inspired humankind for centuries. First found in Molina de Aragón, in Guadalajara, Abraham named it in 1797 as a tribute to the region. Since then, this blue crystal has been used to create thoughtful jewelry, enhance meditation, and bring inner peace and balance. 

It has a unique affinity for the third eye and throat chakra, allowing for greater insight and communication. The blue hues of this stone are often likened to the soothing blues of the ocean, and they can be found in Spain, Australia, Mexico, and China.

What Does Blue Aragonite Do?

Blue aragonite is one of nature’s most majestic and powerful creations, capable of providing peace, grounding, and strength while offering insight into the universe’s inner workings. 

Its unique combination of healing and spiritual properties makes it the perfect stone for further exploration of their spiritual journey. 

It stimulates and opens the throat chakra, allowing precise and effective communication. It also harmonizes and balances your own emotions while providing a better way to express them.

The Meaning Of Blue Aragonite 

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Blue aragonite is a powerful gemstone with a compelling meaning hidden in its ability to bring forth inner peace and harmony, providing its bearer with the courage and strength of will to conquer any challenge. It can also stimulate creativity and give a sense of stability and balance in life. 

The stone’s blue hue, purportedly connected to the ocean’s depths, symbolizes wisdom and trustworthiness. Therefore, the crystal’s beauty can unlock many possibilities, enable you to tap into your inner knowledge, and help you connect to your spiritual self.

Blue Aragonite Properties

In the world of blue aragonite properties, you hear a lot about what the crystal can heal. As such, the section below takes you through the emotional, spiritual, and bodily aspects embedded in this blue crystal.

Blue Aragonite Stone Healing Properties

Emotional Healing Properties

Blue aragonite is a crystal of emotional healing and peace, a gentle reminder that we must all take time to nurture our inner spirit. Its soft yet powerful vibrations soothe the soul, calming the mind and allowing a greater connection to our spiritual awareness. 

The deep blue hue has a calming effect when held close, encouraging feelings of acceptance and understanding. This remarkable stone offers a connection to the divine, allowing us to access its healing energy and use it to find balance in our lives. 

So please take a moment and embrace the power of this stone, and let its soothing vibrations bring a sense of serenity to your day.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Blue aragonite is a marvel of spiritual healing properties, possessing the power to bring peace and serenity to even the most troubled souls. 

By simply using it, you stay connected to the divine and access the power of the universe. Additionally, it brings clarity and harmony to your mind and soul, allowing the energies of the universe to help the holder find inner peace and balance. 

Furthermore, it is a no-brainer in stimulating creativity and intuition while encouraging its wearer to discover their authentic and unique purpose in life.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Ah, the mystical power of blue aragonite! It has been revered as a divine physical healer for centuries, possessing the ability to cure even the direst of illnesses. 

The energizing vibrations of this gemstone are so potent that they can relieve asthma, lung cancer, and any lung inflammation. While its vibrations can bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit, helping restore and heal. Its magical properties can be harnessed to protect against negative influences.

Blue Aragonite Metaphysical Properties

Blue aragonite crystal holds the secrets to heightened creativity, peacefulness, and emotional equilibrium, like a door opening to an enchanted realm. 

With its mesmerizing hue and its alluring energy, it has the potential to bring forth a significant transformation in the life of its wearer. 

Like a thunderbolt from the heavens, it strikes us with its grounding and boosting of intuition and creativity. Simply put, it is the fountain of peace, clarity, and focus!

Blue Aragonite Chakra

Blue aragonite power still translates to spiritual awakening! The energy of this blue stone helps to open the third eye and throat chakras, connecting one’s spiritual and physical existence and allowing for a deeper understanding of the world around them. 

The calming energies of this blue stone can help one release feelings of anger and unneeded stress and instead embrace a peaceful, mindful life.

Blue Aragonite Benefits

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From its impressive healing powers to its ability to strengthen one’s spiritual connection, let us explore the magical benefits of this beguiling gem:


It has immense healing powers, from helping recover physical ailments to overcoming emotional issues such as low self-esteem, stress, and anxiety.

Spiritual Connection

This gem can help open your mind to the spiritual realm and bring greater understanding and enlightenment, as well as the capacities for love, compassion, and creativity.


With its ability to bring balance and harmony to one’s life despite difficult emotions, it can help restore balance and peace in all areas of life.


It brings clarity of thought, so you can see the bigger picture and make life-changing decisions.


This blue gem can help increase one’s mental strength and resilience through its ability to strengthen one’s spiritual connection. As a result, it means having the courage to face any situation with grace and power.

Who Should Use Blue Aragonite?

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Oh, what a puzzle! Who should use it? This blue stone primordial force is undoubtedly a boon to those who choose to wield it! 

But are there other contenders? Of course, intuitive healers and astrologers can find solace in its calming, azure hue. 

While grounded Capricorns, too, can benefit from its stabilizing power, those seeking clarity and balance can draw upon its transformative energy.

Blue Aragonite vs. Caribbean Calcite

Blue aragonite and caribbean calcite are chemically related minerals. 

First, it is a stone of nurturing and compassion, a gentle reminder to be kinder to ourselves and others. This stone heals emotional wounds and can often bring peace and tranquility to the soul. It is typically found in shades of blue and green and is associated with the element of water.

On the other hand, caribbean calcite, a combination of blue calcite, white mica, and light bronze aragonite, is a stone of creativity and communication. It aids in finding one’s voice and can help unlock new ideas and pathways. This stone is commonly found in shades of blue, yellow, and white and is associated with the element air.

How To Use Blue Aragonite?

That dazzling sea blue mineral that one can scarcely take their eyes off, a symbol of strength and courage and a powerful symbol of peace, can be used in myriad ways! Here’s a list of ways to use this blue stone:

  • Invite the tremendous power into your home. Place a piece of the stone in the southwest corner of your abode to awaken your innermost desires.
  • Use it in meditation: Place a piece of this blue stone in your meditation space to help bring a sense of peace and calm.
  • Make a grid: Place a piece of this gem in each corner of your home or office to create a grid of protection and harmony.
  • Could you put it in your pocket? Carry a small piece of this blue stone with you whenever you need emotional support.

Blue Aragonite Products

Blue Aragonite Sphere

The beautiful aragonite sphere is a stunning example of nature’s artistry. The calming blue hue and the intricate swirls of white and gray create a mesmerizing effect—the ideal finishing touch for any room and an excellent centerpiece.

Blue Aragonite Palm Stone

The gorgeous blue palm stone has a captivating blue hue with streaks of off-white throughout. Its smooth, rounded shape makes it perfect for meditation, healing, and chakra work. Its calming energy will perpetuate peace and tranquility in any space.

Blue Aragonite Tower

The magnificent blue tower has an eye-catching blue color with streaks of white throughout. Its tall and slender shape makes it perfect for crystal healing and meditation. It is said to bring peace and harmony to any space. Please place it in your home or office to enjoy its calming energy.

Tumbled Stones

These blue polished stones are a perfect way to add a bit of nature to any décor. The mixture of blue and white colors creates a unique and eye-catching design. It’s ideal for displaying on a shelf or using in meditation.


What Is Blue Aragonite Good For?

Blue aragonite is a powerful crystal that offers calming and soothing energies to help reduce stress and anxiety. Its power can help activate the third eye and throat chakras, allowing one to express feelings and emotions without fear or the buildup of anger and unneeded stress.

Is Blue Aragonite Rare?

Yes, blue aragonite is indeed a rare mineral. It is found in only a few areas around the globe, in the form of crystals in the cavities of dolostones. Its habit is usually long prismatic crystals or fibrous crusts, making it a unique and valuable mineral.

What Does Aragonite Mean Spiritually?

Aragonite is a stone of strength and support, helping to take us deep within ourselves to discover the root of our problems. It enables you to accept reality and move through difficult times with patience and understanding.

Where Do You Put Blue Aragonite In Your House?

Blue aragonite stone works excellently when placed in a spot like the living room or dining room, which is an ideal way to create a peaceful atmosphere. According to Feng Shui, put it in the home’s center or the room where the family usually meets.

Can Blue Aragonite Go In The Sun?

Yes, aragonite loves to soak up the sun’s rays, allowing the energy of Mother Nature to bring her magical powers to life!

Can Blue Aragonite Go In Water?

It should not be submerged in water, as it can dissolve and be damaged over time.

How Much Is Blue Aragonite Worth?

It is worth anywhere from $0.03 to $260 per carat. But, Faceted gems can go from $26 to $260 per carat, while cabochons range from $40 to $50 per carat.

How To Charge Blue Aragonite?

To charge blue stone, try smudging it in sage, immersing it in brown rice, leaving it in the sun for an hour, or burying it in the ground overnight.

How To Cleanse Blue Aragonite?

To cleanse your blue stone, wipe it down with a cloth dampened in warm water—a simple yet effective way to keep it sparkling!

Is Blue Aragonite Natural?

It is naturally occurring.

Where Is Blue Aragonite Found?

 It’s found in various locations. Some blue aragonite crystal is found in Mexico, Morocco, and the United States, while others are found in Pakistan.

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