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crystal pairings

Crystal Pairings

Let’s compare some pink and black crystal pairings.

Black Tourmaline And Rose Quartz Crystal Pairings

Start out with the classics: black tourmaline and rose quartz. What can you say about this pair? It’s grounding, loving, and expansive. You get an overwhelming sense of love, but in the physical sense, you don’t have to walk through your day hating all the humanity around you.

Pink Aragonite And Obsidian Pairings

Next, we’re going to go with pink aragonite and obsidian crystal pairings. This one can help you find what’s in the depths of your heart. Very reflective and informative about what your heart is calling for. It helps you communicate with your heart and love the difficult parts of yourself.

Morganite And Nuummite Pairings

We’re gonna go with Morganite and nuummite. This pairing makes me never want to do anything again. Well, these two are great together. I just feel like I’m in the center of my body, and I couldn’t be happier to be there. This pairing would get you in touch with yourself. Just on a serious note, it’s great. It’s extremely comforting too. Notice how my energy changed. It calmed me down. It’s nice.

Pink Chalcedony and Black Onyx

So, we have pink chalcedony and black onyx crystal pairings. These two are just super happy. They’re very fun, very joyful, but you’re also very smart and aware of what’s going on around you. Very light but also very present at the same time.

Verticrosite And Hematite

We have verticrosite and hematite crystal pairings. I know hematite isn’t really black; it’s very, very dark gray, but we’re gonna go with it. Very grounded and present in my body, but I feel very strong on the inside. Like no one can mess with me. I’m a diva. I’ve got—I may look beautiful, but I’ll tear you apart. I like this one.

Azurite And Pink Tourmaline

How about some azurite and pink tourmaline crystal pairings? Wow, this is a very compassionate pairing. I feel the energy of Avalokiteshvara, the regarder of the cries of the world. This pairing would make you more compassionate, want to do acts of service, make you feel very loving, help generate empathy, very soft, and bring out your softer side.

Pink Lemurians And Biotite Mica

So we have the infamous pink Lemurians and biotite mica. This would give you tremendous insight and vision, and help you to see things for how they are, not how you want them. You could use them to see the future, you could use them to see the past, you could use them to understand how time is not linear and how everything is happening all at once. This pair is kind of trippy.

Tugtupite And Black Moonstone

Finally, we have tugtupite and black moonstone crystal pairings. This is a witch’s dream right here, what a magical pairing. Very exciting. You get the passion and love vibration of the tugtupite and then the dark, sensual feminine energy of the black moonstone. You could use this to conjure a lover or banish one away from you. This one is exciting. There’s almost a fire energy to it.

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