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pink aragonite

Pink Aragonite

By far, one of our best-selling crystals is pink aragonite. People go nuts for this beautiful mineral and with good reason. Not only is it a fabulous color, but it is incredibly protective of the heart. Our hearts are so innocent; they want to give and receive love, and this makes them incredibly vulnerable.

Why Is Pink Aragonite Protective Of The Heart

Many of us have experienced so much heartbreak and betrayal that it can leave us cold and bitter. So, when you insert pink aragonite, it will show you how your heart can be used against you. It can help you see how your heart was betrayed, and someone used your love and kindness as a weapon against you.

pink aragonite toad
pink aragonite toad

Pink aragonite is really a stone to teach you about all things betrayal, and betrayal can come in many forms: a parent, a lover, a friend, a religion, or a government. Once the damage is done, it can take lifetimes to get over, and chances are you keep repeating the pattern over and over again. That is until you learn that soul lesson.

So, pink aragonite is like a tutor to teach you about the soul lesson of betrayal. It is a fast track to understanding why this keeps happening and what you can do to stop it.

Pink aragonite Is A Conduit For Divine Feminine Energy

Pink aragonite is also a conduit for divine feminine energy. It is a goddess stone that helps you embody that divine energy and, with that, helps you understand your own personal power. It helps dissolve the illusions of the heart, and that personal power is in feminine energy.

You come from a long line of women, and somewhere in your ancestral heritage were some powerful women who helped shape who you are today. These ancestors are rooting for you to become the best version of yourself, and they want to see you succeed. They made sacrifices so you can have opportunities and make more empowered choices, not only for yourself but for the women who will follow after you.

Pink aragonite is an understanding of the feminine nature, not as a vulnerable place behind men, but as wise, empathic leaders who know how to share power and delegate authority. It is being empowered in your own life but also empowered in the world. It is creating connections and seeing a better global future filled with kindness and equity, but also realizing that humanity is flawed and you can’t take any from anyone as well.

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