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celestite benefits

Celestite Benefits

Celestite, also known as Celestine, and it is perhaps one of the most important minerals of our time. Speaking of celestite benefits, it is a gateway to the mystical realms of the astral plane, and it is a key to accessing the vast dimensions of your consciousness, including your unconscious, your conscious self, and your higher consciousness.

Celestite Stone Meaning

Just holding celestite will begin to expand your energy out past the physical realm and create pathways to higher vibrations and more dimensional spaces.

Top 3 Celestite Benefits

What is celestite good for? Here, we will list some celestite benefits.

The Energy Of The Sky

Speaking of celestite benefits, it is the energy of the sky; even its name is derived from the Latin word meaning heaven and transports you to heaven. It does. It is one of the premier stones for connecting with the angels, and ascended masters, and it helps you connect to your ancestors.

If angelic communication seems a bit advanced for you, not to worry; it will gently help you build your intuition at your own pace, so you feel more confident.

Strengthen The Intuition

Generally speaking, it is fantastic for strengthening the intuition and it helps improve your clair senses, particularly clairaudience, and clairsentience. It also helps improve intuitive perception and increases the ability to receive the future.

However, even with all this incredible ability, its real place to shine is with astral projection and dreamwork. When celestite is used during the dream state, it is excellent.

Celestite And Dreams

Celestite is like the technicolored clouds of the dream world during the deepest sleep, and it is during sleep that it becomes a gateway to the mystical realm where dreams and interdimensional messages exist. It is the place in the sky where ideas meet with inspiration and thus find the road to implementation.

Now, if you’re not a person who has an easy psychic-induced sleep, you may need to practice. Everyone sleeps differently, and for those of us who have a rich and vivid dream state, it will help make improvements such as better dream recall and dream decoding.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a person who barely sleeps and barely dreams, it could help improve your situation over time. I always recommend testing to make sure it is comfortable for you, and if you find it uncomfortable, it’s not the stone for you.

Celestite Is Very Calming And Helps With Meditation

If you decide you want to try other celestite benefits, it is very calming and helps with meditation. It is relaxing because it connects you with a transcendent and infinite space where you’ll find bliss, and that feeling will become all-encompassing. It moves you into different expanded brainwave states. It also brings positive activity and inner peace, and who doesn’t love that?

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