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Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Properties And Feminine Energy

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Properties And Feminine Energy

The rainbow moonstone has a spark of life in it. It has a little bit of cosmic wisdom pulled down from the stars and given to you. It has something so finite and rare, so special and magical. It could be easily overlooked, and it is definitely hard to put into words.

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Properties

With rainbow moonstone, you get all the powerful properties of regular Moonstone: balance, intuition, introspection, the energy of the Moon, and a connection with the Great Goddess. But with rainbow moonstone, you get a powerful tool of transformation.

Now, I’m not talking about the aggressive manifestation you get with crystals such as malachite or moldavite. I’m talking about a deeply profound transformation of the soul—the ability to mature into your power, to find your word, to know your wisdom.

Rainbow Moonstone Feminine Energy

The archetypal symbol of the moonstone is the woman becoming the Crone or the elders becoming the leaders. In addition to personal transformation, it also has energies for manifestation.

Manifest Something Quickly And Succinctly

Rainbow moonstones can be used to manifest something quickly and succinctly. You can also understand the steps that need to be taken to get to your goal in an orderly fashion, so it’s fantastic for planning.

Powerful For Healing The Relationship With Feminine

I think it’s also incredibly powerful for healing the relationship with the feminine. Depending on your culture or your past life, female energy can be associated with being lesser, weaker, or inferior in some way.

And as we are in the time of the rise of women, we are seeking to change the deeply ingrained unconscious ideas and beliefs about feminine energy.

Essential For Women Trying To Free And Heal Themselves

Rainbow moonstone is essential for women trying to free themselves and heal themselves from the repressive past and is equally great for men who have trouble accepting their feminine energy.

It’s also incredibly supportive for anyone transitioning or who would consider themselves gender fluid or non-binary. We want to understand that our feminine energy is a total blessing and not a curse.

There is a tremendous amount of power in the feminine, and in this world of duality, we need both energies equally without the restriction of limitation and poorly designed gender roles.

Rainbow moonstone brings duality and it brings dimension, and this is not only the future, but it’s also freedom.

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