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crystal combinations for school

Crystal Combinations For School

I’m Susan, a reiki master. Here are some crystal combinations for school that you can do to enhance the intention or whatever you’re looking to bring into your life, as you’re going back to school or with your education. Then I’ll share some intentions with you. You may need help picking out an intention for your crystal.

5 best crystal combinations for school

1. Fluorite With Lapis lazuli

This first crystal combination for school is to help you with memorizing.

I use this pairing a lot because I like to be prepared before presenting information, so this pairing works very well, and that is pairing fluorite with lapis lazuli.

Both are known for helping us with memorization. Maybe you’re in a time crunch you didn’t study, and you’re doing a power hour before a test, you can set an intention with both of these together to help you memorize information.

2. Amethyst With Black Tourmaline

I have one last crystal pairing for students to share with you, and this is just for someone who needs protection when it comes to school or you want to feel extra security. Maybe some people are bugging you, and you just want to feel extra energetic and supported with protection. I recommend pairing amethyst with black tourmaline.

Pairing these two together calls for protection. You can be as detailed as possible, protecting from getting bad grades, whatever it may be, this is a great combination to protect you. So this one is a good one for protection.

3. Ametrine With Lepidolite

The next crystal combination for school is for anyone who gets anxious before taking a test, you have to speak in front of a teacher or your peers, and you’re a little nervous and need something to calm your nerves. I definitely recommend pairing ametrine with lepidolite.

Ametrine is such a powerhouse for a student because it has amethyst and citrine. It’s just like this beautiful combo. So the power of amethyst is really this calming sensation that we get when we are holding amethyst.

Lepidolite is a stone known for aiding us with anxiety and excessive worry. You pair these two together, setting an intention that you are not going to feel any anxiety, you’re going to feel relaxed, calm, and collected, which will greatly assist you. So definitely try this pairing out.

4. Carnelian With Sunstone

The next crystal pairing is for anyone out there that needs to build more confidence. Maybe you’ll be working with others, and you want to feel good in that sense, I suggest pairing carnelian with sunstone.

This makes such a stellar pairing because it brings this influx of confidence and leadership, and just like life force energy, you’re gonna be very talkative and feel good.

If you’re going to be doing maybe like a lab, or a group setting, in that case, you’re gonna be chit-chatting with other students, and this is wonderful to pair together to bring abroad to bring about this self-confidence. Just inner knowing that you’re working with a team and you’re going to accomplish your goals.

This pairing is very helpful if there is a subject you’re not the best in, and you need a little extra push toward retaining the information. Sunstone is one of those stones that help you flow with whatever you’re trying to pursue. So I recommend this pairing.

5. Sunset Sodalite And Sunstone

The next crystal pairing is for all the writers out there.

If you need just this constant flow of words , you need to write a bunch of essays, and I recommend pairing sunset sodalite with sunstone.

It helps stimulate our minds with ideas and the will to keep going. We could put everything down, pen to paper, put all our ideas down, and then sort out and see which ones work and which don’t. But we need that initial just like the brain dump,  all of our ideas just flowing like this.

If you’re a writer or you need a lot of different things coming out and creativity coming out of your brain, I recommend sunset sodalite and sunstone.

Intention Ideas of Crystal Combinations For School

Now we’ve gone over some crystal combinations for school, and I would love to now go over some intentions. This can be a little tricky for some people trying to think of an intention for their crystal, but it is important that we narrow down the intention for our stones so they can work extra hard for us.

1. Intentions For Fluorite 

The first one I will share with you is the intentions for fluorite. This is an overall great intention for fluorite, just to use it as a student, and that is:

“my mind is clear, and I am ready to activate my mental powers. “

“I call in mental concentration.”

You can always personalize your intention for something you’re trying to accomplish. I hope that those two can stimulate some ideas for you.

2. Intentions For Carnelian 

Let’s go into some intentions for carnelian. I love those two great for stimulating that creative force within us. You can say:

“I take action with confidence.”

“My actions are filled with purpose and passion”

3. Intentions For Ametrine

Next up, we have some intentions for ametrine.

“I find balance in learning and living my life.”

“I align my thoughts and will for my highest educational pursuits.”

4. Intentions For Sunset Sodalite

Last but not least, sunset sodalite. Intentions I like for this stone are:

“my mind is working at full capacity.”

“I can solve problems and provide solutions.”

Conclusion On Crystal Combinations For School

I hope you enjoyed this article about crystal combinations for school. It is helpful as you pursue your education, go back to school, start a new course, or whatever you are doing in your life right now. There are also many crystals for students. I am sending so much abundance your way and lots of mental enhancement, and I wish you luck in your pursuits.

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