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Dream Amethyst (Chevron Amethyst)-Here’s What Experts Say

Dream amethyst (chevron amethyst) is a potent healing stone that strengthens your goals. The amethyst in it shields you from harmful energies, calms your aura, and balances your emotions. The clear quartz will amplify the vibrations, enabling more powerful manifestation, visualization, and guidance.

dream amethyst chevron amethyst heart

The stone, dream amethyst, is great for artistic settings. If you enjoy drawing, creating, painting, or writing, keep a chunk of the amethyst in your workstation to help with creativity.

Some claim that chevron amethyst can promote restful sleep by helping you to let go of the worries of the day so that you can peacefully enter your dreams. Once there, the crystal may induce a restful sleep and accompany it with a few vivid dreams.

Let’s delve in and learn more about this precious gem.

What Is Dream Amethyst?

The dream amethyst stone, sometimes referred to as chevron amethyst, isn’t just another striking crystal in white, lavender, or purple hues. It has a variety of profound and intriguing qualities that make it the most sought-after item among crystal doctors and those who practice alternative medicine.

This gemstone is a lovely blend of white quartz and amethyst that displays a distinctive banded or V-striped pattern. It also goes by the name chevron amethyst and blends amethyst’s stress-relieving properties with quartz’s strengthening and boosting properties.

It’s among the most exquisite gemstones you can come across, vibrant, lovely, and mysterious. It is a kind of quartz stone among the most well-known semi-precious gemstones.

Dream Amethyst(Chevron Amethyst) Meaning

dream amethyst chevron amethyst tower

Other names for dream amethyst include dogtooth amethyst and banded amethyst. It has a long past that crosses eras, civilizations, and nations. 

Amethyst was regarded in ancient Greece as having healing and anti-intoxicating properties. As a result, it was used to make drinking utensils, and the ancient Greeks frequently wore them to prevent getting drunk. 

Note that the name of the stone is derived from the Greek word “ametusthos,” which means “not intoxicated.”

You can find deam amethyst crystal’s origins as far back as ancient China when it was revered for its extraordinary Feng Shui properties. 

The stone was valued in Feng Shui because it was thought to increase riches, ward off evil, and aid in overcoming challenges.

The quartz was used as ornaments in ancient Egypt to ward off witchcraft and unfavorable emotions like shame and fear. In the Renaissance, chevron amethyst is a protection stone and a symbol of regal might by rulers.

Dream Amethyst (Chevron Amethyst) Properties

tumbled dream amethyst chevron amethyst

1) Chevron Amethyst Healing Properties

Chevron amethyst shares some of the healing qualities of the real amethyst gemstone. It’s known to have a potent energy flow that supports your immune system and the wellness of your internal organs.

It’s also said to aid the body’s natural detox process by eliminating harmful emotional and mental residues. 

According to folklore, dream amethyst stones can also treat issues with the liver, eyes, lungs, pancreas, intestines, and thymus. Reports show that it can treat various medical conditions, including migraines, IBS, and infectious diseases.

As a bonus, chevron amethyst is effective at making your skin look younger and healthier and can even help balance your hormones. Furthermore, this gem alleviates tension and anxiety, leading to clearer thinking and better decision-making.

2) Chevron Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

In this context, it is important to highlight the metaphysical qualities of dream amethyst crystal. The chevron amethyst is a third eye crystal. Third eye chakra helps you think more creatively, see more clearly, and get more out of your shamanic experiences.

It’s believed by those versed in the metaphysical arts that this stunning crystal can open the “third eye,” or your intuition, and heighten your sensitivity to spiritual realities through its mystical powers. 

It can make you more attuned to the heavenly forces that permeate the universe and open communication channels with the realm of the departed. 

When used in meditation, amethyst helps to bring clarity to one’s dreams by opening one’s third eye so that one may more easily interpret and draw meaningful connections between dream imagery and waking life.

Additionally, people believe that the chevron amethyst gemstone fosters happy and fulfilling partnerships. 

Metaphysical therapists use this stone to alleviate anxiety, despair, and fatigue symptoms. It has long been used in Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine for its metaphysical therapeutic properties. This rare stone can aid in taking life as it comes, letting go of past hurts, and forging ahead.

Dream Amethyst Chakra

Fortifying one’s resolve, chevron amethyst also dispels and drives away negativity. Dream amethyst is among the most effective stones for opening the third eye chakra, improving both psychic and optical perception. In meditation, you can benefit by holding a chevron amethyst.

Dream Amethyst Zodiac

Dream Amethyst brings a mystical element to the analytical mind of Virgos. It provides calm and soothing energy that promotes well-being, helping Virgos accept what they cannot change. Amethyst is a Virgo crystal that inspires an understanding of others, thereby improving their relationships.

Dream Amethyst (Chevron Amethyst) Benefits

dream amethyst chevron amethyst point

1) Healing And Health

The powerful healing field of the chevron amethyst can help strengthen the immune system. Skin irritations, soothing burns, edema, and headaches are some of the other conditions that it can treat. 

You can cleanse and strengthen the blood by using this rock. The respiratory tract and endocrine systems can benefit from this. It’s also useful in the rehabilitation of impaired hearing. 

Parasites, as well as other viruses, are also no match for this stone’s purging abilities. You can fortify the cleansing organs and bolster the circulatory system’s activities. Reports claim that Chevron curative amethyst’s energies are useful in treating alcoholism and other addictions.

2) Wealth

Chevron amethyst is a fortunate stone to own if you want to increase your fortune and get rid of debts. 

With this stone’s help, you’ll have the grit, self-control, and determination to achieve your goals. You’ll be able to explore novel avenues, some of which may lead to financial gain.

You’ll also get the chance to network with new people, which can open doors for you professionally. 

Inertia, dependence, and delay are all things that dream amethyst can help you overcome. It will take its position with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

3) Love and relationship

With this stone, you can pave the way for development and improvement. You’ll use what you’ve learned from your experiences, and the bad stuff will disappear. Even though these shifts make you feel anxious or uneasy, you should embrace them. Through them, you’ll develop both individually and together.

Forging ahead in uncertainty, chevron amethyst will also fortify you to adapt to new circumstances. With its aid, you may successfully navigate the changes that you must make in your personal life and relationship. 

Remove all negativity from your partnership with the help of this gemstone. You and your companion can release the negative energy that has been holding you down.

Dream Amethyst vs. Chevron Amethyst

tumbled dream amethyst chevron amethyst

Dream amethyst, also known as chevron amethyst, is a variety of amethyst that has been combined with white quartz to create a striped or V-banded appearance. Translucent and opaque variations of shades of purple, including dark purple, white, light purple, and grey, are possible.

Dream Amethyst vs. Amethyst

When comparing the energies, vibrations, and metaphysical characteristics of dream amethyst and amethyst, there is little difference between the two. However, their appearances are very different from one another.

Regular amethyst does not have the distinctive white quartz bands in V-shapes seen in a dream or chevron amethyst. 

Compared to a conventional amethyst crystal, a dream amethyst is more potent because it possesses both the stress-relieving properties of amethyst and the metaphysical qualities of quartz.

Chevron amethyst, also known as dream amethyst, has a powerful effect on the upper chakras, including the crown chakras and third eye.

Dream Amethyst (Chevron Amethyst) Products

1) Dream Amethyst Sphere

Dream amethyst stones are often polished into orbs and utilized as crystal balls for divination. A sphere represents finality, karma, and purity, say metaphysicists and clairvoyants.

It also helps your aura settle to the frequencies released by the sphere, which suggests a feeling of unity and regard for cyclic forces. It has a stunning and magical appearance, making it a great piece for decorating the home.

2) Dream Amethyst Tower

Spiritualists and other healers frequently use towers built from chevron amethyst stone for their work. Dream amethyst towers concentrate the crystals’ emitted energies. 

Mostly, you can utilize the towers to magnify positive energy once combined with quartz points, and you may find them in gem classification sorts like amethyst crystal points.

3) Raw Chevron Amethyst

These beautiful bits of chevron amethyst are great for craft projects and work best for terrariums and crystal grids!

4) Tumbled Chevron Amethyst

tumbled crystal

Tumbled dream amethyst is a gorgeous and effective tool for overcoming addictions, from substance abuse to unhealthy relationships. The patterns and colors in this amethyst are stunning.

5) Dream Amethyst Point

Dream amethyst point is ideal for easing anxiety, mending emotional wounds, and ending destructive habits and behaviors. There is nothing subpar about dream amethyst, the colors and patterns are stunning, and the craftsmanship is superb.

6) Dream Amethyst Bracelet

crystal bracelet

A bracelet of iridescent dream amethyst may make you look radiant. Wearing it with clothes that accentuate its design will make you the center of attention at any festival or social gathering. The gem stays near the skin, so you can absorb its healing properties and look beautiful simultaneously.

7) Amethyst Dream Catcher

A dream catcher and amethyst tumble stone tucked under your pillowcase can help you get a good night’s rest. Try sleeping with a dream amethyst at your side for a restful night’s sleep. 

Some people believe that the dream-catcher might relieve them of nightmares. Dream catchers filter out the bad dreams and let the pleasant ones in. Nightmares become trapped in the net, evaporating when the sun comes up.

8) Chevron Amethyst Skull

This gorgeous chevron amethyst crystal skull has been meticulously hand-carved from raw amethyst and refined to a mirror-like finish. This stunning crystal is known for its healing abilities, promoting mental peace, shielding it from destructive ideas, and blocking out nightmares. 

The amethyst crystal skull is perfect for meditation, and you may also use it to clean your top chakra of any obstructions. Gift it to the crystal enthusiast in your life, or use it as a showpiece in your own house.

9) Chevron Amethyst Heart

A chevron amethyst quartz heart can help quiet the mind and calm the spirit when used for prayer or meditation. Protect yourself against harmful energy and psychic assaults with the help of this lovely heart-shaped stone. Another attribute of amethyst that has gained widespread notoriety is its ability to reduce anxiety and tension.


The dream amethyst in your possession will make your meditation session more fruitful. Ensure you only buy from trustworthy internet retailers and crystal shops if you want to reap the full advantages of this magnificent, magical crystal.

The stunning arrow-shaped decorations set it apart. In many ways, its characteristics mirror those of traditional amethyst. It enhances our capacity for organization, allowing us to set priorities and de-clutter our minds for clearer thought.

Chevron amethyst is among the most effective stimulants for the third eye and enhances inner intuitive and outside physical sight as well as encourages astral projection. Its intense vitality quickly dissipates any negative vibes.


Is Dream Amethyst Natural?

Dream amethyst crystal is a type of quartz that is a crystallized structure of silicon dioxide. Typically mined in nations like China, Russia, India, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, and some areas of Africa, it is found naturally within enormous rock cracks or veins.

The Alps used to be home to plenty of natural amethyst reserves, too. Though fairly hardy, the smooth surface of real dream amethyst quartz should be protected when working with it for jewelry.

What Is Dream Amethyst Good For?

Dream amethyst’s calming and energizing properties improve concentration, memory, and drive. Exposure to this rock’s energies will increase your knowledge and provide you with most of the solutions you need. Because of this, you can communicate with your guardian angels and supernatural forces in the afterlife. 

Dream amethyst is a powerful stone for enhancing clairvoyance, imagination, inner direction, and dream recall. Additionally, it aids in the restoration of one’s soul. 

Natural dream amethyst is for use in contemplative practices. If you want to bring a sense of harmony into your home or workspace, you can set it on a desk, altar, or nightstand.

Is Dream Amethyst The Same As Chevron Amethyst?

Yes. Dream amethyst is the same as chevron amethyst.

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