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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Lapis Lazuli Stone

Use Lapis Lazuli Crystal To Level UP Your Life

My name is Delia, and I’m excited to share the beautiful lapis lazuli crystal in this article. This is a pretty popular crystal. Maybe you have some in your crystal collection right now, and I am excited to dive into all the insights I have discovered while working with lapis lazuli crystal.

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What Is Lapis Lazuli?

Some keywords for lapis lazuli crystal are inner vision, royal virtues, intuition, and truthful communication. When we look at lapis, we immediately see this royal blue color, it is so breathtaking, and when we take an up-close look, we can see little gold pyrite pieces and also some white calcite mixed in. This mixture of minerals makes lapis lazuli crystal so identifiable. When you’re out crystal shopping, you can easily spot lapis lazuli crystal. 

Where Is Lapis Lazuli Crystal Found?

The finest lapis lazuli crystal is found in Afghanistan. However, there are other sites and deposits of lapis lazuli crystal, a little bit lower quality, found in Chile and Russia. 

The History Of Lapis Lazuli Crystal

There are a lot of ancient civilizations that worked with lapis in a special way. If we look at ancient Egyptians, we can see that ancient Egyptians utilized lapis lazuli in beads, pendants, jewelry and even grinded them up for makeup. 

Egyptian kings and queens were sometimes buried with lapis or had lapis ornaments during their burial ceremonies. Lapis lazuli crystal was a stone of royalty, and it had a very status symbol associated to it. 

And a lot of other civilizations also found this kind of special resonance with lapis lazuli stone and this mystical power that it has.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal And Chakra 

The chakras associated with this stone are our third eye and throat chakra.

The Energy Of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli crystal is a beautiful blend of royalty and spirituality. It carries the vibrations of the inner queen and king that lives within us all. The energy of this stone is much like the tarot card or the high priestess. It matches this to a t.

When we think of lapis lazuli stone, we immediately think of intuition. I do believe that lapis helps with our intuition, but I do think that there is something more that goes into the energy of lapis lazuli other than just being an intuition stone. 

What Does Lapis Lazuli Symbolize?

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Lapis Lazuli Stone

For me, lapis lazuli is a stone of empowerment. There is this sense of an inner queen in our king energy, but to me, it truly feels like this inner boss energy, just like a straight-up boss.

I feel like the inclusion of pyrite in lapis amplifies the feeling of having like boss energy. As I’ve been working with lapis, I have been diving into this inner queen-king-like energy. 

This shows up as us doing what we want to do for ourselves, really being the boss of ourselves and also for the people that we really care about. There is this leadership quality that goes into working with the stone. There is this feeling of having to show up. 

The reason for showing up, it’s not so much lounging and having people serve you. How can I make people respect me, and how can I feel like I am this queen? And you have to respect yourself first. If you don’t respect yourself, no one else will. 

You have to admire your work acknowledge, your talents, and appreciate how far you have come on this journey. And this requires you to take your self-reflection work very seriously. To know oneself deeply is to resurrect one’s inner divine nature. Lapis lazuli stone helps us on this journey. 

Lapis lazuli benefits

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What does lapis lazuli do? What is lapis lazuli good for?

1) Activate Our Psychic Center

While we dive deep into this self-reflection period, lapis lazuli stone helps us by activating our psychic center, which is our third eye chakra. It helps us develop and enhance our intuition. 

One of my favorite elements while working with lapis is the visionary awareness that it brings to our mind’s eye. It really shows up with images when we’re connecting with lapis whether we’re meditating, or maybe we have lapis jewelry. Lapis helps us with envisioning, and psychic awareness. 

It really builds up the feeling of tapping into our divinity and helping us process and understand what we’re going through in our life. And it really does show up with visionary aspect. 

2) Influence Our Throat Chakra

Not only does lapis lazuli stone activate our third eye chakra, but it also influences our throat chakra. It’s known as the stone of truth. 

When we’re having these experiences, these mystical spiritual experiences, chances are we’re going to want to communicate with someone about what we are seeing. Whether it’s going deep in meditation and having this experience or we are going into past life memories, we’re going to be more chatty and open in this process as we’re communicating with others.

3) Enhance Our Memory 

Lapis lazuli stone also really helps with enhancing our memory. It has a way of stimulating our mind to go after deeper knowledge, to dive into a subject that may be esoteric or something regarding spirituality or a spiritual awakening type of feeling.

4) Enhance Our Intuition 

It’s not uncommon to want to dive deeper into understanding something like that when you’re working with lapis lazuli stone, which stimulates this kind of need inside us. 

This need and stimulation come from really opening up our intuition. After enhancing our intuition, we’re going to feel those pings, and we’re going to feel the need to take our life in a different direction.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Grid

tumbled Stone

I’ve been drawn to lapis lazuli crystal recently, and I’d love to share with you my most recent grid that I created . Lapis lazuli stone was the center stone. It was the main focus. I was feeling super inspired by the energy of lapis lazuli crystal. This month I got a lot of good downloads from the energy of this grid. A rebirth has taken place. 

I really love the colors. There’s a lot of blues and purples, even a little bit of green. My intention was to have this empowering boss queen energy, I wanted to feel like this more in my life, and this grid helped uplift my energy and belief in myself, and this inner knowing that I am capable of doing the things that I want to create my life. 

This helped to remind me of the queen I am to feel this empowerment. I want to embody this new type of person more into my life. It’s so easy to stay the same and when we truly embrace change and make an effort. That is when the most amazing insights can happen, and self-realizations take place. I am so grateful for this past month and all the downloads I had with this grid because it feels like I needed this. I feel like I needed this to kind of up level and get to this next version of me. 


Overall lapis lazuli is a stone of self-knowledge and self-reflection. It helps one move out of the mundane mind and into an expanded awareness of one’s life and creations. As you work with lapis, the answers you seek will come from within, and a deeper sense of your inner power will rise as you take hold of your embellished crown of lapis lazuli. 

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