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4 best crystals for school and concentration

Best Crystals For School And Concentration

I’m Susan, a reiki master. With the timing of going back to school, I will share some best crystals for school and concentration. You may be about to take on a new course or something new in your life or need more focus, and I’m excited to dive into all these crystals.

I’d love to go over the energy of going back to school or being a student. There are many other things that go into our energy when we pursue education. So I’m going to highlight crystals that mesh well with that.

The Energy Of Being A Student

The energy of being a student, going back to school, pursuing your education, working towards a degree, or maybe you just got into college, and it’s going to be like a brand new setting, and you’re kind of got some nerves, whatever it may be,  it really brings about this energy of newness. We’re branching out in a new direction, and our energy is kind of split up into different categories. It’s about more than just mental enhancement.

5 Best Crystals For School And Concentration

So for the crystals for studying I picked out in this post, I wanted to think about outside influences, like our inner consciousness, what we like to go through when we are back at school or just pursuing education. I’m excited to dive into the crystals for studying and give you a well-rounded approach to being a student.

1) crystals for school-Fluorite

best crystals for school and concentration Fluorite necklace

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The first crystal on the list of best crystals for school and concentration is my favorite, fluorite. Fluoride speaks of the power of thought, focus, and concentration. It encourages one’s thinking to become orderly and coherent. It can assist with clearing away mental fog, confusion, or conflicting ideas. Fluoride is a wonderful stone for balancing the brain.

My number one suggestion is definitely fluoride. This is a serious crystal hack for a student. Fluorite organizes our brains and retains information like crazy, whatever kind of fluorite you have.

Yellow Fluorite

Fluorite comes in a lot of different colors. Yellow fluorite is known for mental, like concentration. It’s a little bit more focused with our brain.

Green Fluorite

Green fluorite is more towards our heart chakra energy there. But I’ve had the most amazing experiences with green fluorite and like learning. This is definitely my number one suggestion.

Rainbow Fluorite

rainbow Fluorite best crystals for school

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Rainbow fluorite is another great fluorite to use for school and learning. It’s definitely more so working with all our chakras, it brings this cleansing feeling to our chakras, but again it’s great for mental enhancement.

Fluorite will help you memorize and perform well in your academics. It has a way of really keeping you calm in that process too. You don’t feel super overwhelmed when you’re working with fluoride. So my number one suggestion for a student out there is to get some fluorite.

2) Crystals For Students-Carnelian

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The next crystal on this list of best crystals for school and concentration is carnelian. Carnelian activates the passion and power within themselves. I know we all have a memory of going back to school and just having this need to be confident. We kind of show up with our new haircut, clothes, or shoes. We want to make an impression and feel confident.

Having carnelian with you on your first day or your first week at school can bring this influx of courage and confidence to your education.

Because carnelian activates our lower chakras, it brings this motivation. If you are new to school, or transferred into a new school, or you’re going to university, you don’t know anyone there. Having some carnelian with you or wearing a piece of carnelian jewelry can help you meet new people and be more chatty and outgoing.

This can also help you in the sense that you’re taking a class that’s really not your favorite, or it’s a little challenging, and you need something to keep you motivated. Carnelian is wonderful for this.

Carnelian is one of my favorite crystals. It has so many amazing benefits. If you’re just looking to start on a good foot with your education and being a student, I recommend having some carnelian with you.

3) Crystals For Concentration-Ametrine

The next crystal on this list of best crystals for school and concentration is ametrine. Its vibrational pattern enhances brain processes and assists one in mental endeavors. Ametrine is a beautiful combination of amethyst and citrine, connecting us with the physical realm and our higher consciousness. It helps us with creative thinking and mental clarity, which is perfect for a student.

Since we get to utilize both amethyst and citrine with ametrine, one of my favorite qualities about ametrine is that we get those protective vibes that amethyst provides. If you want more protection when going back to school, ametrine is awesome in that sense.

Ametrine also has this stimulation of our solar plexus with citrine, giving us confidence and the power to feel strong and protected.

I suggest having ametrine on your desk when you’re doing homework or studying. You will notice how your study habits may shift when you incorporate ametrine during that hour. It helps us so much in that sense. So definitely make sure you try ametrine.

4) Crystals For Studying-Sunset Sodalite

The last crystal on this list of best crystals for school and concentration is sunset sodalite. This creative stone stimulates the mind and connects it to source energy. So creative ideas can flow with ease, easing writer’s block. It supports academics, students, and teachers and discloses the hidden significance behind what is learned or experienced.

With inclusions of hematite, giving it that beautiful orangey-red color, this is an ideal stone for those taking things easy, easing anxiety that may be stirred up and pushing forward with courage. I love my sunset sodalite. If you can find sunset sodalite, definitely grab it.

I suggest this stone for writing projects. If you are taking an English class or anything like that, like writing a lot of essays, sunset sodalite is wonderful for that creative process.

Sodalite helps with enhancing our intuition and keeping our logical thoughts in order. It’s a beautiful balance between the left and right brain, especially with sunset sodalite. You will love having it with you when you are pursuing your education.

Conclusion On best crystals for school

Hope this list of best crystals for school and concentration may help you.

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