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clear aura crystal

Clear Aura Crystal

I recently discussed how to strengthen your aura. But do you know how to use chakra crystal to clean aura? The main job of the aura is to work as a barrier between you and the outside world. In this article, you will get a list of clear aura crystals.

What Does a Clear Aura Mean?

The aura barrier can be an aggressive shield where nothing gets in. But the aura also works like a sponge. It will absorb anything from excessive physical energy, positive or negative emotions, any sort of thought transmission, energetic chords being thrown your way, and even random energy from global events or media that you consume.

This means your aura needs a wash, just like your clothes or your body. It needs real cleaning and tidying up from time to time.

When you keep your aura clean and clear, it makes you more intuitive, more aware, more alert, and far more present. It will help you manage your emotions better, keep your thoughts clearer, and just generally make your life easier.

How To Clean Aura?

Depending on your sensitivity, you could clear your aura every single day, or you could just do it as you feel you need it.

There are so many ways to clear your aura, such as clearing smoke, sound meditation, being in nature, and being in the water.

Clear Aura Crystal

This is a crystal page, so here are some crystals that will help clear your aura:


clear aura crystal Halite
clear aura crystal Halite

Halite is a crystallized salt and is a natural detox and filter for the aura. It is also self-cleaning and will continuously work pretty much forever. But don’t get it wet; it will dissolve.


Kyanite of any color, this is the blue kyanite, but it could be of any color, is a tremendous filter and mover of energy. It is also self-cleaning and will clear the aura and other crystals. Think about it in terms of an air purifier or a water filter.


Hematite is like a giant vacuum that sucks up negativity, but it’s not self-clearing. So you need to clear the hematite regularly, otherwise, it will stop working.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline also filters the aura and moves energy. It is absorbent to negativity and toxic sins but also strengthens the aura. It’s not self-cleaning, so make sure you clear it regularly.


Selenite will not only clear the aura but will charge it as well.


Citrine will purify the aura and the mental body.


Carnelian will clear the aura and purify the emotional body.


Garnet will move stagnant energy of any kind.

Hope this article about clear aura crystal may help you.

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