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crystals for telepathy

Crystals For Telepathy

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, discover how crystals can enhance your empathic senses and foster communication beyond the physical realm. Elevate your spiritual journey and embrace the power of telepathy. In this article, we will discuss crystals for telepathy.

What Does Telepathy Feel Like?

General telepathy manifests in a lot of different forms. It is thinking about a song in your head and turning on the radio, and it’s playing. It’s thinking about a friend or a loved one, and they immediately call you. It’s also understood that an animal can make a request or talk to you, and you understand what they need. Being an empath is also a form of telepathy, feeling what another person feels.

Different Types Of Telepathy

Telepathy basically happens when two beings, either human or animal, have what is known as thought transference. This is when they communicate with their minds.

You can also have emotional telepathy. This is very common for empaths, and it is important to realize that the lines are often blurred between the senses. You can have telepathic communication with people during the waking part of your life, but you can also do it in the dream world when you’re asleep.

There is also the idea that telepathy is a form of precognition when you are thinking about things before they happen.

Best Crystals For Telepathy

If you want to enhance your telepathy, here are a few crystals that I recommend, which are great for bolstering all your telepathic senses.


Crystals For Telepathy Azeztulite
Crystals For Telepathy Azeztulite

Azeztulite can make you hyper-intuitive and empathic so you can understand all the telepathic information you’re not only receiving but transmitting. It turns you into like a little antenna.

Yellow Mica

Yellow Mica can enhance telepathy between two people who are separated by thousands of miles. You can each have a piece or just program one to work for both of you.


Obsidian can give you a keen understanding of the transfer of energy between people and other beings. It can work on the physical plane, the astral plane, or in higher dimensions. In general, it can help you hear people’s thoughts and see the future, translating telepathic information in real-time.

While all obsidians work to some degree, my two favorites for this are some sort of blue obsidian like the spiderweb or silver sheen obsidian. Gold sheen obsidian would probably work well too.


Cavansite sharpens our perception of time and energy while helping us to hear the whispers of the wind and opening our psychic centers.


Petersite can be used to read and translate what’s coming at you at all times.


And there is nothing quite like apatite. Apatite makes you omnipresent and enhances your relationship with time, space, and energy. It is a mineral for living dimensionally and is transcendent and complex. It is a mineral for expanded consciousness and is not bound by the physical plane. It is truly galactic.

We are blessed that it occurs on Earth, and I believe it occurs on other planets as well. Therefore, it enhances the interdimensional consciousness of extraterrestrial beings and acts as a tool to communicate with them.

Some Other Crystals For Telepathy

Finally, I’m going to give a general shout-out to all tektites, moldavite, libyan desert glass, and colombianite. All of them will help enhance telepathic communication because they come from other places and they just are of a different vibration than the Earth. Hope this article about crystals for telepathy may help you.

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