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Peach Selenite Meaning, Properties, Benefits

Peach selenite is the crystal to change your attitude and, shortly after, your lifestyle when you’re not feeling peachy. It gives you insight, love, and encouragement during emotional transitions. Reviewing your past isn’t always terrible unless you employ it to avoid facing the future.

Selenite has potent medicinal properties in various cultures that date back many years. It is among the most crucial crystals in the arsenal of an energy worker. It contains strong energy which can defend you and enhance your well-being, as well as the ability to purge bad spirits from your environment.

What Is Peach Selenite?

Peach selenite (Satin Spar) is a popular crystal many individuals swear by. It offers direction, assistance, and uplifting energy for a new beginning. 

Peach selenite is the best crystal for cleansing all kinds of energy. It can also shield and defend you. It is also called red selenite or orange selenite.

Peach Selenite Sphere

The History And Origin Of Peach Selenite

Peach selenite has a long, storied history and is associated with Greek mythology. It is referred to as Selene, the Greek Moon Goddess, and gets its name from the Greek term for “moonstone.” 

Once you encounter the peachy gem, it’s difficult not to become captivated by it since it’s such a distinctive and lovely crystal. 

Peach selenite, among the more uncommon mineral varieties, receives its hue from iron-oxide (Hematite) found in desert sands, mainly frequently in Morocco. 

You may find it in the US in Michigan, West Virginia, and Oklahoma. But it’s also prevalent in Australia, Austria, Peru, Poland, and Mexico.

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Peach Selenite Meaning

Peach selenite is an exceptional healer and transformational gemstone. It can aid in mental healing and change negative energy into that of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Enhancing self-awareness, willpower, and self-esteem are possible benefits of peach selenite.

Peach Selenite Properties

Peach Selenite ball

1) Physical Healing Properties

Energy healers employ orange selenite to direct vitality into the body and remove obstructions. Additionally, skeletal system issues, especially those involving the spine, are treated with it.

2) Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Peach selenite connects with unadulterated, unconditional love, it can assist in letting go of past emotional traumas. It is among the best gemstones if you want to boost your self-esteem.

3) Metaphysical Properties

Peach selenite provides all of the selenite’s defensive properties and support for transformation. The stone has the power to expel negative vibes and unblock stagnant energy.

The solar plexus and sacral chakras are in tune with orange selenite. Orange selenite helps you become more self-aware and provides the skills to figure out what you might need to change about yourself to go forward spiritually. It gives you power at fresh starts and aids your intellectual and spiritual development. 

It helps you clear your aura and allow you to access your intuition. In periods of constructive change, it provides inspiration and protection.

4) Peach Selenite Zodiac Sign

The relationship between zodiac signs and crystals may be based on how each stone affects various personality qualities. Each zodiac sign has various birthstones that are associated with it. 

Orange selenite is especially associated with Taurus locals (born between April 20 and May 20) and Cancerians (born between June 21 and July 22).

  • Features of the Taurus selenite: gives harmony, clarity, quiet, and mental calmness
  • Effects of Selenite on cancer: remove toxicity, enhances intuition, and promote self-discovery

5) Peach Selenite And Chakras

The sacral chakra benefits significantly from orange selenite. You get the capacity to pardon, accept, and move forward. 

Holding an orange selenite gem in your hands can awaken sentiments of love and desire deep inside your soul and ignite a long-missed warmth through the body and spirit. 

Orange selenite is a high vibrational touchstone. If you want to surround yourself with loving light, set an orange selenite stone on your window sill. Use this stone as a meditation tool when you notice that your mind is drifting back toward negative thought patterns.

Peach Selenite moon carving

Peach Selenite Benefits

1) Promotes Tranquillity 

Crystal healer Samantha Jayne claims that selenite is a stone with extremely delicate vibrations. It is among the most potent crystals worldwide due to its high frequency. 

According to Jayne, selenite has a tranquil and peaceful vibe. It makes it a perfect gemstone for any circumstance requiring the restoration of serenity.

2) Removes Obstructed Energy

Because orange selenite resonates at such a high frequency, it has tremendous healing properties. It is good for releasing heavy, obstructed energy, as per the healers. This enables energy to move with a high vibration, lifting the spirit.

You can use orange selenite to cleanse:

  • your home 
  • your belongings
  • your energy
  • other crystals

3) Offers Clarity

Selenite can improve mental sharpness and unlock your intuition. According to healers, it possesses the power to quiet the mind, restore the soul to tranquility, and gain clarity to people who require it from a therapeutic perspective.

4) Brings About More Optimism

Orange selenite can boost good energy. Experts claims you can use selenites to revitalize people, places, and crystals.

peach selenite bracelet

How To Use Peach Selenite?

Water-soluble orange selenite is a delicate stone that you must handle with extreme caution.

A loss of brilliance may result from extended exposure to direct sunshine. To avoid scratching, place it in a soft fabric bag and wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not immerse it in water or rinse it with it.

  • To remove blockages from your aura and the sacral chakra, utilize a selenite wand.
  • Use selenite towers and wands to purify your house or place of business.
  • To increase the energy of other crystals, place the orange selenite on top of them.
  • You can wear orange selenite jewelry to purify and shield your energy flow.
  • Please include it in your ritual altars and crystal grids.
  • When performing rituals for manifesting, visualizing, or meditation, carry it in the palm.
  • Put it beneath your pillow to induce lucid dreams.
  • You can use it to clear and synchronize your sacral chakra.
  • Dealing with orange selenite will help you to make your noble intent and affirmations stronger.
  • You can slice your gems to cleanse and replenish them or put them on a selenite plate.

 Peach Selenite vs White Selenite

Peach selenite works closely with the heart chakra and has all the same energetic qualities as white selenite. However, peach selenite has a significantly different energy vibration. Removing harmful energy from the auric field is great.

crystal priamid

How To Cleanse Peach Selenite

When dealing with crystal vitality, purification is a crucial step. All crystals, according to healers, absorb bad energy. A crystal with such a high frequency doesn’t ever need to be cleansed or recharged.

Final Thoughts

Orange selenite is a potent healing gem that fosters tranquility, mental clarity, and overall well-being. It can assist you in linking to the spiritual world and remove bad energy. You can use them as jewelry or employ them in meditation and ritual techniques. 


What Is Peach Selenite Good For?

Peach selenite is a delicate stone that fosters calm and spiritual development. It immediately removes any obstacles to stagnant or negative energy, allowing positive energy to flow freely. 

Selenite crystals are ideal for recharging and reactivating your jewelry and other therapeutic crystals since they enhance the energy of every other gem.

Where Should I Put Peach Selenite?

Gypsum, an extremely soft mineral, is a type of selenite. Therefore, it naturally has some “nicks” in it. It has a lovely sparkle about it. Tumbled bits of unique orange selenite are perfect for grids, purses, or pockets.

Does Peach Selenite Need To Be Cleaned?

Cleaning your crystal is crucial because it removes any unwelcome or unfavorable energy associated. You don’t need to cleanse your orange selenite. But if you want to, you can try the following ways.

You can purify the orange selenite by leaving it exposed to the sun or moonlight for a few hours. You can also purge your stone of any bad energy by putting it in a pot of salt or employing a singing bowl, a sizable bell that resonates when struck.

Which Chakra Is Peach Selenite?

The sacral chakra benefits significantly from orange selenite. You get the capacity to pardon, accept, and move forward.

Where Is Peach Selenite Found?

The raw gem structures of selenite can reach lengths of 35 feet, and you frequently find them in the dark caves of Madagascar, Mexico, and Morocco. 

Selenite has some of the biggest crystals ever discovered. The largest one was discovered in the cave of the crystals at the Naica Mine, and measured 12 meters long and weighed 55 tons.

Does Peach Selenite Charge Crystals?

Yes. Orange selenite charge crystals.

Is Peach Selenite Dyed?

No! The stunning hue of orange selenite occurs naturally. It is pressed with sand and various minerals to give it its color.

Is Peach Selenite Natural?

Yes! Peach selenite is a natural stone. 

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