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best crystals for self forgiveness

Best Crystals for Self Forgiveness

Hi everyone, I’m Marjorie, a teacher of crystal healing classes and a holistic healer. I received this question from a few of you: Which crystals and gemstones are good for healing self-criticism? Let’s dive into this topic about the best crystals for self forgiveness, and I’m going to show you my top three stones that I like to work with.


Sometimes we can be harsh critics. We might criticize and judge ourselves for things we did, mistakes we made, or things we didn’t do.

Even if you’ve been procrastinating and didn’t get something done, and you’re judging yourself for that, or maybe you said something to someone else that wasn’t so great—perhaps it was kind of mean—and you’re judging yourself for that, criticizing yourself.

Maybe you made a mistake at work, and you’re judging and criticizing yourself for that.

Whatever the case may be, there are many situations and circumstances where we can fall into this trap of self-criticism and self-judgment.

This kind of criticism serves no good purpose; it just brings you down and becomes a cycle that feeds itself even more.

You start to criticize and judge yourself even more, feel even worse, and then the cycle repeats.

3 Best crystals for self forgiveness

Let’s break that negative cycle, shall we? Here are my top three best crystals for self forgiveness that I like to work with.


The first one on the list of best crystals for self forgiveness is Malachite.

Have a look at this beautiful stone. It has a bright healing energy and vibe. What I love about Malachite is that it helps to clear childhood wounds.

When others tell you that you weren’t good enough, or smart enough, or make fun of you or ridicule you for things you’ve done, those old childhood wounds can sit in our heart chakra. Over time, they can fester and later come out as self-judgment and self-criticism.

Malachite can help cleanse and release those childhood wounds, dissolve patterns of self-judgment and criticism, and heal the heart chakra. It allows you to be kind and loving towards yourself, helping to boost self-esteem and self-image.

Rose quartz

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The other one I’m going to talk about is rose quartz. This is my all-time favorite crystal and gemstone.

Rose quartz is very common, but I love this one because it has a beautiful soft, soothing energy to help you be kind to yourself.

From anger to acceptance

It helps you to release anger towards yourself. It also aids in releasing guilt that can feed self-judgment and self-criticism. So, it has a very soothing effect, releasing that anger, releasing that guilt, soothing your heart chakra, and enveloping you with beautiful energy.

Rose quartz also helps to flow loving energy to you, assisting you in being kind and loving towards yourself.

Reclaim your inner voice

What I love about rose quartz is that it helps to release the negative inner voice.

When your inner voice is telling you all these negative things—negative criticisms and judgments, asserting that you won’t be good at something, insisting you’re going to fail—it helps to release that negative inner voice.

It also boosts the positive inner voice, enabling you to provide positive inner talk and reinforcement.

Work on the heart chakra

This crystal works on the heart chakra to open it, helping you to be kind, loving, and gentle towards yourself.

By doing so, it replaces criticism and transforms the energy of criticism into love and acceptance, aiding you in loving and accepting yourself on a profound level. I love rose quartz for that.

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The last one on the list of best crystals for self forgiveness is Rhodonite.

As one of the best crystals for self forgiveness, rhodonite is a beautiful gemstone that helps dissolve self-criticism and judgment. It strengthens your ability to recognize and appreciate your gifts, skills, talents, and abilities. It encourages you to focus on these positives instead of dwelling on your faults or mistakes.

If you experience imposter syndrome, feeling not good enough or fearing that others will discover your perceived shortcomings, rhodonite helps heal imposter syndrome and shifts your energy. It directs your focus toward acknowledging and fully expressing your talents and attributes.

Rhodonite is also great because it helps you become your inner cheerleader. It encourages you to cheer yourself on, celebrating your successes, goodness, achievements, and wins in life.

Instead of fixating on mistakes, faults, things left undone, and self-judgment, rhodonite helps shift your energy to a brighter vibration. It enables you to acknowledge yourself for all the positive things you have accomplished.

How to use rhodonite?

best crystals for self forgiveness: rhodonite  worry stone
best crystals for self forgiveness: rhodonite worry stone

As a little exercise, you might want to try holding a piece of rhodonite during moments of self-reflection.

I hold it in my hand. I hold it to my heart chakra, and I go through all of the events of my day, and all of the activities in my day. I think about all of the things that I did accomplish.

If I was feeling stressed out and all I could do was make lunch and do a load of laundry, I celebrate the fact that I did that instead of going, “Well, I did that, but I didn’t get this done. I didn’t get that done,” and all of this.

So, instead of focusing on what I didn’t do in the day, if all I did was do laundry and make a meal, I celebrate that and say to myself, “That was a win.”

Focus on the good

When you focus your mental energy on that, you start to see more of the good things that you did do in the day—the good things that you accomplished, the good things that you said to people, the helpful energy that you helped someone with.

Okay, it will. You’ll see more of that. When you see more of that, then more of it will show up in your life, creating more. When you focus on your faults, your mistakes, what you didn’t do, and what you failed to do, you feed that energy.

So, which energy would you rather feed?

I like to do that at the end of my day before I go to bed, think about all of the good things I did in the day, the things that I did get done, and the things that I did achieve. I call those wins, and I’d like to cheer myself on for that.

I do work with rhodonite to help me with that.

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Conclusion on best crystals for self forgiveness

Do you have one of the best crystals for self forgiveness in your crystal collection? What do you love about them? Do you like to work with these for self-criticism and judgment, and what healing effect did it have for you? I would love to hear from all of you. Lots of love and light and blessings to all of you. May you enjoy this beautiful day.

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