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Large Rose Quartz

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Imagine adorning your living space with this stunning large rose quartz, the gentle pink hue reflecting the warm embrace of universal love. You are purchasing one grade AAA large rose quartz. While numerous online stores specialize in crystal sales, thegreencrystal stands out by providing exceptional products. We meticulously curate the crystals and stones available in our store, prioritizing authenticity and optimal energy to guarantee the highest quality for customers.

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large rose quartz
Large Rose Quartz $499.00 Original price was: $499.00.$399.00Current price is: $399.00.
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Elevate your space with our large rose quartz, a captivating crystal that harmonizes elegance and positive energy. Rose quartz is such an abundant crystal; it’s very popular. Chances are, when you’re first starting to collect crystals, it might be one of the first crystals that you get.

Features of large rose quartz

  • Handmade
  • AAA rose quartz
  • Size: 4″/10cm
  • Weight: approx. 1.6KG (3.5 LB)
  • With stand
big rose quartz

Large rose quartz properties

Some keywords related to rose quartz are

  • love
  • gentleness
  • compassion
  • emotional healing
  • release of stress
  • uniting with the divine
  • the chakra associated with this stone is the heart chakra

Right away from the name of rose quartz, we know that it’s part of the quartz family, which is one of the most abundant mineral families on Earth.

It has this really strong amplification element to it. The color of rose quartz can vary; it can be a translucent pink hue to more of a rosy pink color.

Rose quartz is the stone of love

big rose quartz sphere
big rose quartz sphere

Rose quartz is the quintessential stone of love – love for oneself, love for one’s life, for children, parents, family, friends, community, the earth, and the divine. Quite literally, everything.

It helps dissolve one’s boundaries of isolation and mistrust and moves one into a sense of union with the all, healing the heart of its wounds and reawakening its trust. This is one of rose quartz’s gifts.

Rose quartz is one of the most important stones in tune with the true vibration of love.

When you go out into the world, you kind of experience life differently. When you have an open heart, you feel more compassion, and you can just connect better with civilization. The world just seems more beautiful.

Benefits of large rose quartz

  • A crystal for emotional renewal and positive transformation
  • Activate the heart chakra
  • Attract true love
  • Activate heart seed chakra and higher heart chakra
large rose quartz crystal
large rose quartz crystal

A crystal for emotional renewal and positive transformation

Rose quartz crystal releases tension, stress, anger, fear, and resentment, and sets in motion a rebirth of faith and hope in the universe.

Activate the heart chakra

Not only does this large rose quartz sphere activate the heart chakra, but it also links our personal heart to the heart of the earth. Its love vibration can penetrate down to the cellular level, reprogramming the cells for joy and longevity.

If you have a rose quartz and hold it a little low, like right around where your heart chakra is, it can vibrationally support the energetic stabilization of your physical heart.

It can aid those who experience heart palpitations, skipped heartbeats, irregular heart rhythms, and anyone experiencing a really hard emotional change.

Attract true love

One thing that large rose quartz gets a huge rap for is being a big go-to for people seeking love. They want to find true love, and rose quartz helps attract loving, mutual relationships instead of codependency or abuse.

One thing that I believe to be true when looking for true love, looking for a partner that you want to spend the rest of your life with, is that you need to start with unconditional love for yourself and self-acceptance.

Self-love is essential before love is accepted by others. Let me repeat that: self-love is essential before love is accepted by others.

If you are trying to attract the one into your life, don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself and practice those self-love practices, whatever those are for you.

I truly believe that when you are just in tune with who you are and you love yourself, love finds you when you least expect it.

Activate heart seed chakra and higher heart chakra

As far as chakra work goes with the stone, not only does this crystal activate the heart chakra, but it also activates the heart seed chakra and the higher heart chakra.

When all three of these chakras are activated, cleansed, and integrated, the soul’s presence is felt more strongly on the earth plane.

Embodying a heart-centered state of being will not only affect your emotions, but it will strongly heighten your sense of compassion for yourself and others.

Working with rose quartz turns the heart towards love and bathes the body, mind, and soul in this healing and enlightening frequency.

How to use large rose quartz sphere

I want to share some wonderful practices that I was doing to jumpstart some self-love. One of those practices that I’m continuously doing still today is meditating with rose quartz.

I pretty much have added this into my morning routine. I will put my hand on the large rose quartz sphere, and I will set an intention that is heavily programmed with love, being the core manifestation. As far as this experiment, and how it’s going, it’s been incredibly positive.

So far, it’s been six weeks, and what I have noticed is that I feel like I’m able to reach this frequency of compassion in my day-to-day life more frequently.

I also believe that I’m slowly releasing old thinking patterns that have kept me stuck in the past. It is like a new mindset, a new shift in my mind has been set in place since I’ve been doing this kind of crystal manifestation technique every morning. I want to keep doing this.

You can kind of feel that reality of feeling that love vibration in your daily life.

My experience with large rose quartz sphere

When I first started collecting crystals, rose quartz was one of the first crystals I got. I felt super attracted to it. I was on the heart-healing journey at that time.

If you’ve just gotten some rose quartz, you might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t know, this stone seems kind of girly,” or maybe you think there might be some other stones that seem cooler to work with. 

But I just want to let you know that working with large rose quartz, this energy, is going to affect you in an extremely positive way.

A mantra or a quote that I really like to think about when I am working on my heart chakra or while I’m doing any kind of heart healing—whatever practices—I really like to think in my head, “Listen to your heart.”

I think that sometimes in life, we kind of don’t listen to our heart as much as we should. So, I feel like this large rose quartz sphere is a really good reminder to be in that heart center and to listen to our hearts.

Where to buy large rose quartz?

Why not choose us? While many online stores focus on selling crystals, thegreencrystal distinguishes itself by offering exceptional products. Our store meticulously selects and curates crystals and stones, placing a priority on authenticity and optimal energy to ensure the utmost quality for our customers.

3 reviews for Large Rose Quartz

  1. Catrin

    Beautiful!!!!! Just beautiful!!!! Better than in the picture!!! And the service was heavenly

  2. Katie

    Stunning peice, breathtaking, and a visual masterpiece.

  3. Layton

    Gorgeous!!! I bought it for a friend and I know she will love this large rose quartz sphere. Arrived quickly. Very pleased. Thank you!!!

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