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Larimar Stone Meaning Healing Properties

Larimar Stone Meaning Healing Properties

Did you know that there is a National Larimar Day? Let’s find out when and where. In this article, we are discussing the larimar stone—its properties, meaning, and healing properties and answering your top five questions about the stone. Now, let’s discuss Larimar and see if you are somebody who could benefit from Larimar in your life.

The top five questions that we are going to answer about Larimar stone today are:

  • What are the healing properties of Larimar?
  • How do you use Larimar in your healing practice?
  • How can you tell real versus fake Larimar?
  • What is the best quality of Larimar that you can get?
  • Is Larimar still being mined?

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a form of pectolite, and pectolite is a very abundant rock. It is found all over the world in all kinds of colors.

However, Larimar is this blue, sometimes blue-green form of pectolite that is only found in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar gets this blue color from copper inclusions, and it is a very distinct, rare, and popular gemstone.

Larimar healing properties

  • Peace and serenity
  • Gratitude and appreciation
  • Communication enhancer
  • Patience and calmness

Larimar, in the metaphysical world, is best known for its energy of peace and serenity.

It reminds us of the Caribbean Blue Seas from where it came from in the Dominican Republic. That tranquil energy helps us take a mental vacation, especially if you’re running around in the rat race in your everyday world, getting stressed out.

You can use Larimar to help calm that energy in your aura and focus on thoughts of gratitude for what you have in this present moment.

Larimar is also excellent for the throat chakra. It helps to open your Communication center so you can better express yourself and understand what other people are saying. It is a stone of patience and appreciation.

Larimar benefits

Larimar Stone
Larimar Stone

Can you benefit from having the larimar stone in your life?

Here are a few statements. If any of them relate to you, make sure that Larimar stone is in your collection.

  • First of all, if you’re somebody who is mesmerized by the blue greens of the tropical seas, you will want to gaze into Larimar crystals.
  • If you are somebody who is working on your throat chakra and you want to open your communication center, use Larimar here.
  • If you are drawn to dolphins, dolphin energy, If dolphins are your spirit guides, you can use Larimar to call them in.
  • If you are somebody who wants to connect with the wisdom of Atlantis and the Akashic records, make sure Larimar is in your practice.
  • If you are somebody who wants to just go on a mental vacation because you don’t have time for a real vacation, Larimar is here for you.
  • If you are looking for a peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams, use Larimar in your bedroom.
  • Larimar is a perfect stone for anybody who is seeking patience. So, if you’re looking for a patient, calming energy, use Larimar.

How to use larimar?

There are many different ways you can use your Larimar stones. Here, I’m going to give you just a few to get you started.

Larimar tumbled stones

First of all, you can use Larimar tumbled stones and place them around your bed, under the bed, at your bedside, or even under your pillow to help you with that peaceful energy, aiding in sleep and having beautiful dreams about your upcoming holidays.

Larimar stone spheres

Larimar spheres are nice and smooth; they fit in the palms of your hands.

You can hold them during your meditations, visualizations, or any time you’re feeling a little bit stressed out and want to relieve anxiety.

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Larimar stone eggs

Larimar eggs are also perfect to hold in the palms of your hands. These can be used if you’re going through any kind of transition.

The egg shape is great for new beginnings, and Larimar will help ease you into this transition. They can also be used as massage stones, releasing tension in your physical body.

If you don’t have any Larimar wands, Larimar eggs are perfect for this as well.

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Larimar moon-shaped crystals

You can use Larimar moon-shaped crystals for your new moon or full moon rituals. This is great to connect your spiritual mind with the higher realms and connect you with this physical world.

So, body, mind, and spirit with your Larimar moons and the energy of the lunar cycles.

Larimar pendants

You can wear Larimar pendants at your throat chakra or place Larimar stones at your throat chakra if you are working on this Communication Center to balance the energy.

Larimar’s guardian connection

Here, you can use Larimar stones if you feel a connection with a dolphin spirit animal.

Larimar is also recognized as the Dolphin Stone, aiding in connecting with your guardian animal.

Larimar stone for Atlantean and Akashic journeys

Larimar stone is referred to as an Atlantis Stone. Therefore, for those of you delving into the mysteries of the lost civilization of Atlantis or exploring the Akashic records to glean wisdom from the past, Larimar is an ideal choice for your practice.

Fake larimar vs real larimar

Like all the other gemstones, the best way to tell if your stone is real or not is to send it to a certified gemological laboratory. They can perform all the scientific tests and let you know for sure.

The second-best way is to have a reputable seller who knows what they are talking about, so make sure that they are educated in the stone that you want to buy. You can buy it from our crystal shop.

Otherwise, the third way is to educate yourself, and I’m going to give you a few tips on how to tell if your Larimar is real or not. These are not conclusive in themselves, but they’ll give you a clue as to what you have.

Larimar’s sole home: the Dominican Republic

First of all, as we said, Larimar only comes from the Dominican Republic.

The vendor should always market it as the Dominican Republic. If it’s coming from somewhere else, that is a great giveaway that it is not a real Larimar stone.

Navigating the price of larimar stone

Larimar stone should also be priced accordingly. It is on the higher end of the scale of gemstones that you will be buying, especially beads and jewelry.

They are more pricey than your other beaded gemstones, so make sure that the price is according to Larimar on the market.

Identifying real Larimar through hardness

Larimar is usually a four to a five on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that anything that is greater than five should be able to scratch your Larimar stone.

Anything below a four should not be able to scratch it. This can come in handy when you are scratching stones like calcite, which is softer than Larimar. You can see if that is real or fake.

If you’re scratching something like quartz, then that is much higher on the Mohs scale of hardness than Larimar.

If you’re using a stainless steel knife and scratching the surface of your Larimar, it should be able to scratch it.

However, a lot of the Larimar on the gemstone market is stabilized. Other materials are stabilizing your Larimar to make it more durable.

Most of your Larimar jewelry will be stabilized. A lot of the stones will be as well, they can retain their shape without falling apart. Sometimes they are waxed on the surface as well, it might be a little bit harder to scratch and determine, but that is one way that you can tell if your Larimar is real or fake.

Unmasking fake Larimar with acetone and veins

Larimar crystal
Larimar crystal

Authentic Larimar is never dyed, unlike fake Larimar or real stones dyed to mimic Larimar, where the dye may wash off when soaked in acetone.

This method helps you distinguish real Larimar with genuine inclusions from fake counterparts. Inauthentic Larimar might also attempt to replicate veins, but true Larimar veins are always white. Occasionally, you may encounter howlite with gray veins, posing as Larimar, providing a significant clue.

Educate yourself

The best way, of course, is to educate yourself. Look at real Larimar versus fake Larimar pictures, videos, and real-life stones, and soon enough, you will become an expert on Larimar. You do not want to be fooled in this market because Larimar is so rare and precious.

Glass Larimar vs a real Larimar

Glass Larimars often lean towards the green side, while genuine Larimar typically showcases a soothing blue-green hue reminiscent of the ocean. You can see the deep clear glass inclusions within the glass Larimar.

Also, if you had a magnifying glass, you might be able to see air bubbles within this glass, whereas real Larimar would never have bubble inclusions.

Real Larimar is also heavier than glass. If you have a relatively same-size stone, the Larimar should feel heavier in your hand than the glass version.

Caribbean calcite versus Larimar

They are very similar. Caribbean Calcite is a natural blue calcite with white to brown aragonite, and this is often passed off as Larimar. It comes from Pakistan and not the Dominican Republic, so that is the first clue.

Caribbean Calcite is also much softer on the Mohs scale of hardness, it’s much easier to scratch than Larimar. That is a good indication that it is not Larimar.

Is Larimar expensive?

Larimar Stone bracelet
Larimar Stone bracelet

Yes, larimar is expensive. It is very rare. As for grading, the deeper vivid blues of Larimar with the white turtleback patterns are the most valuable, whereas Larimar with all the inclusions and more of a greenish tone is less valuable for the gemstone trade.

For collectors, for us as healers, we prize Larimar for its properties. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. It can still have all the inclusions and unique characteristics, and this helps us in doing any kind of gazing or any healing work. It helps us in our healing endeavors.

Why is Larimar expensive?

But why is Larimar so expensive? As we discussed, rare Larimar is very rare. It comes only from a certain area in the Dominican Republic, and it must be carefully extracted from the mine.

You can’t use heavy dynamite or heavy machinery because it will destroy the crystal. Each piece is painstakingly extracted for the market.

Is Larimar still being mined?

Yes, at the current moment, Larimar is still being mined in the Dominican Republic.

As we discussed, it is a very difficult process for Larimar to be extracted, and it must be done by skilled miners.

Now, there was a delay a few years ago because there were a few fatalities in this mine, and the government shut down the mines to make sure that the safety codes were up to standards.

And now, the mining has resumed. However, nobody knows how much Larimar is left in the tubes, so we can’t determine when the Larimar will be exhausted. That makes it even more precious to obtain.

Larimar Day

Larimar is the prize of the Dominican Republic, and as we said in the beginning, Larimar Day occurs in the Dominican Republic every year on November 22nd. If you want to have a big crystal celebration, head to the Dominican Republic at the end of November.

Conclusion on Larimar stone

Did you learn anything new about Larimar today? Larimar stone stands as a captivating gemstone, celebrated not only for its mesmerizing blue-green hues reminiscent of the ocean but also for its profound spiritual connections.

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