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crystals for social anxiety

Crystals for Social Anxiety

Hi everyone! I’m Marjorie, a teacher of crystal healing classes and a holistic healer. I received this question from a few of you, and it’s about which crystals and gemstones are good to help be sociable and have fun at social events. So, let’s find comfort and support in the beauty and energy of crystals for social anxiety. Learn how these natural wonders can cultivate inner strength, reduce self-doubt, and foster positive self-talk.


Raising your hand if crowded rooms and small talk make your heart race and palms sweat? Yeah, me too. Social anxiety can feel like an unwelcome shadow, constantly whispering doubts and amplifying awkward moments. But what if there was a gentle, natural way to quiet that inner critic and find your calm center, even in the face of social butterflies? Enter the world of crystals.

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5 Best crystals for social anxiety

Here are my top picks of crystals for social anxiety

  • lepidolite gemstone
  • peacock stone
  • crazy lace agate
  • septarian gemstone
  • orange calcite

Lepidolite gemstone

The first one on the list of crystals for social anxiety is the lepidolite gemstone. It’s a beautiful gemstone to work with, especially for those with social anxiety.

Lepidolite helps clear anxieties, particularly in groups or when meeting new people. The calming effect of lepidolite helps you be calm and relaxed around others, making it perfect for social events like dinners, parties, or any other gatherings.

It also helps you open up, relax, and have fun, making it ideal for those who feel worked up or anxious before social events.

Peacock stone

The next one on the list of crystals for social anxiety is peacock stone. I’ll show you a couple of pieces. I love peacock stone because it helps you sparkle and shine at social events, empowering you to be with others, especially family and friends.

It aids in healing shyness, allowing you to be strong in your authentic self, and empowering you to open up, have fun, and shine at social events.

What I love about peacock stone is that it also empowers your sense of self, boosting your self-worth and self-confidence. It helps you recognize your value, making it easier to contribute to conversations at social events.

If you ever feel that you don’t have much to add or worry that your contributions might not be valuable, working with peacock stone will help you release those concerns, enabling you to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions confidently.

So, in summary, peacock stone not only helps you shine but also empowers your sense of self, boosting your self-worth and confidence. It’s a valuable tool for contributing meaningfully to conversations at social events, allowing you to share inspiring ideas with others instead of sitting quietly.

It has a lot of the blue color in the stone, which works on the throat chakra, helping you to open up to have conversations, and also helps you to share your words with others, your ideas, and your insights.

Getting to know people through conversation and sharing yourself by also sharing your talents and abilities. Additionally, sharing your life experiences with others and your inspiration with others.

The gold color in peacock stone works on the solar plexus chakra, which helps to boost your sense of self, your empowered sense of self when you are with other people.

Crazy lace agate

crazy lace agate bead
crazy lace agate bead

The next one on the list of crystals for social anxiety is crazy lace agate. This type of agate is so beautiful because it helps you to open up, to relax, to have fun, to laugh, to be playful, and to enjoy.

If you go to social events and you feel a little bit uptight, stressed out, or overwhelmed, it helps to cleanse that from you, to help you open up, to have fun, to laugh with other people, enjoy the company of other people in a really good way, and to open up to others to form those beautiful heart-to-heart connections with others.

I love this one to open up that fun side, to strengthen your fun-loving side, to express that in social situations.

Septarian gemstone

The next one I would like to talk about is septarian gemstone. The septarian gemstone helps to harmonize group energy. It helps people to get along.

When you’re going to social events of different kinds, this helps to harmonize the group energy. If you carry this stone in your pocket when you go to a social event, then it will bring beautiful healing energy into the group, harmonizing the group, helping people to get along, relax, open up, and also to respect each other in a good way.

If you’ve ever hesitated about attending a social event – perhaps due to potential conflicts with someone who’ll be there, or maybe you’re not fond of a certain person – carrying this stone in your pocket can help. Whether you have unresolved issues or simply wish to avoid tension, this stone promotes healing. It works to dissolve conflicts and animosities, allowing you to relax, be yourself, and fully enjoy the event.

Septarian gemstone has a double action. It can also create a little bit of invisibility around you.

For example, imagine attending a social gathering with around 20 people, and there’s one person you don’t get along with very well. If you prefer to remain inconspicuous and avoid potential bother, this stone can create a subtle shield of invisibility around you, allowing you to navigate the event comfortably.

So that the other person doesn’t even take notice of you, just leaves you alone, and focuses their energy and attention onto other people instead of you. So that’s one action of the stone.

On the flip side of that, if you have a tendency to be shy and you want to fade into the background at social events and not want to be seen by other people or heard by other people, and you kind of pull into yourself, it can help to heal that pattern, getting you out of that pattern of shyness. So that you can come forward to be able to be with other people, to share yourself instead of shying away.

Orange calcite

The last one on the list of crystals for social anxiety is orange calcite. I love orange calcite because it has a nice bright positive vibration.

Orange calcite helps you to relax, have fun, and open up. It also helps to open up expression of inspiration and creative energy to help you to open up to have new fun adventures, and new fun experiences, meet new fun people, to open up to others in a good way.

When attending a social event, using orange calcite can help shift your perception. Instead of approaching it with uncertainty and doubt, thinking, ‘I don’t know if I’ll like it or connect with people,’ orange calcite encourages a positive mindset. Picture it as a fun adventure – ‘I’m going to this social event, and it’s going to be exciting. I wonder who I’ll meet and what new friends I might make. What an adventure it’s going to be!

Conclusion on crystals for social anxiety

With any of those crystals for social anxiety that I mentioned in this article, you can put it in your pocket or wear it as jewelry as you go to social events, dinner parties, and fun times with others, and the stone will radiate healing energy to you to help you in that beautiful social event.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about crystals for social anxiety. Do you have these crystals and gemstones in your collection? Do you like to work with them? Have you tried taking this to a social event, and what healing effect did it have on you? I would love to have you share your experiences.

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