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Yellow Quartz Crystal Meaning, Properties And Benefits

Yellow Quartz Meaning, Properties, And Benefits

Yellow quartz is a crystal that can offer better energy to you. It can provide joy and creativity in your life, and it’s connected with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is known for giving self-confidence, healing power, and many more. 

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What Is Yellow Quartz?

Yellow quartz is known as the citrine stone, which can have a reddish to yellow color. This quartz is hard and made of silicon and oxygen atoms. The atoms are connected in a special pattern. The yellow color of the crystal gives the name citrine, and it has an earthy tone. 

Yellow Quartz Meaning

What is the yellow quartz spiritual meaning? The yellow color of the crystal provides warmth to its texture. For this capability, yellow quartz symbolizes happiness, positivity, and romance.

This yellow crystal also symbolizes emotional well-being, mental clarity, new beginnings in life, freshness, and vitality. 

Yellow Quartz Properties

Mentally, this yellow crystal can give you self-confidence, and you will get better mental strength. You may get a better flow of positive energy in your body

Physically, yellow quartz crystal can heal indigestion, purify the body and remove toxins, and improve vitality, immunity system, and blood circulation. This yellow crystal will give you warmth and vitality and protect your body from various diseases. 

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Yellow Quartz Benefits

There are various benefits of yellow quartz crystal. Check out the benefits below. 

  • Get Confidence
  • Get Clarity
  • Provides Calmness
  • Get Power
  • Avail Prosperity And Flow Of Wealth
  • Get Happiness And Joy
  • Gives Warmth

Get Confidence

Self-confidence is a very important thing in life. If you start to use this yellow crystal, it may bring back that lost confidence in you. 

Get Clarity

With this yellow crystal, things will not stay under the shades anymore, and you will get better clarity and be in control of your life. 

Provides Calmness

Your mind will be free from all types of negativities, and it will bring calmness to your body and mind. 

Get Power

You will feel renewed power when using yellow crystals in daily life. You will get the energy to speak up. 

Avail Prosperity And Flow Of Wealth

If you’re worried about your financial state, you can try using the magic of yellow crystal. It will bring prosperity and wealth to your life

Get Happiness And Joy

With this yellow crystal, you will get more happiness and joy in life. Your dull life may become energetic and filled with happiness once again. 

Gives Warmth

If you are looking for love and warmth in relationships, then you need yellow quartzs. This will provide vitality, warmth, and better energy in your life. And these will help you bring back the spark in your relationship

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How To Use Yellow Quartz

You can put the yellow quartz crystal in your room so that it can bring warmth and energy into the room. It will improve the moods of everyone in the room. 

You can also keep this yellow crystal in your workplace. It will give you better energy and self-confidence. 

You can keep the stone in your wallet or pocket for personal use. 

You can wear this yellow crystal as a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings. It can also ease your anxiety when you are in a public place. It will improve your self-confidence. 

How To Cleanse Yellow Quartz

  • Place Under A Full Moon
  • Cleanse In Moon Water
  • Bury It Under The Earth
  • Use Sound Treatment
  • Use The Smoke Of Herbs
  • Use Salt To Cleanse
  • Use Your Breath To Cleanse

Place Under A Full Moon

The full moon has a deeper connection with crystals. You can put the yellow crystal under a full moon to cleanse it.

Keep this yellow crystal outside and under the light of a full moon overnight. Make sure the stone is in a safe place and retrieve it in the morning. The crystal will receive the light all night. And it’s an easy way to cleanse and charge crystals. 

Cleanse In Moon Water

Place this yellow crystal under moon-soaked water. This means when the moonlight is reflecting over the water source, you have to dip the yellow crystal in it and wait some hours before you take it back. 

The moon water will give this yellow crystal better energy, and the negativities will go away from it. 

Bury Yellow Quartz Under The Earth

Crystal is a natural product, and when you bury it under the earth, it will get better cleansing. 

You have to create a small hole in the earth and bury this yellow crystal. You can bury it under a tree with its roots to accompany the crystal. Mark the place with something so that you can find it later. 

You have to keep this yellow crystal buried in the soil for seven days. This way when you take out the crystal again, it will be cleansed and fully charged. 

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Use Sound Treatment

You can put this yellow crystal in a ringing jar and then tap on it so it creates sound. This is sound cleansing of crystal. 

Use The Smoke Of Herbs

You can burn dragon blood sage, cedar, Palo Santo, or sweetgrass near this yellow crystal, and its holy smoke will cleanse the stone. 

To cleanse the crystal, you can also burn incense made of jasmine, lavender, or sandalwood. Keep the herbs burning for a while, and it will cleanse yellow stone and clear your house from negative energy. 

Use Salt To Cleanse

Like any other crystal, you can dip this yellow crystal in salt. Keep the stone that way for a long time, until it gets cleansed and charged. 

Use Your Breath To Cleanse

You can cleanse yellow crystals with your breath. Hold the stone in one hand and breathe over the stone to cleanse it. 

Is Yellow Quartz The Same As Citrine?

Citrine can be any crystal that has an orange to yellow color. Sometimes the color is made in the lab, or it can be natural. But most yellow quartz crystal available in the market is heat treated. 


1) Where Is Yellow Quartz Found?

You can find natural yellow quartz crystals in Madagascar and the mountains of Russia. But the lab-treated one comes from Brazil mainly. 

2) Is Yellow Quartz Natural?

Yes, it’s natural. Yellow quartz crystal can be found in its natural state in Madagascar, Kazakhstan, and the mountains of Russia.

3) What Is Yellow Quartz Called?

Yellow quartz is another name for citrine. The orange to yellow color of it is the reason for its name. This is related to the name of lemon citrus fruit. However, some citrines have a yellow color in the lab. 

4) What Does Yellow Quartz Help With?

This yellow crystal may provide energy, and freshness and can give you clarity in life. It’s a crystal that mostly offers positivity, as it brings warmth to relationships and brings vitality. 


Yellow quartz is a crystal of warmth. It may provide energy, positivity, and self-confidence in you. If you are thinking of getting this crystal, you can read the details mentioned on this stone. 

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