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Raw Rainbow Fluorite

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Prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating beauty and transformative power of raw rainbow fluorite. This stunning natural crystal is a true wonder of the earth, showcasing a breathtaking array of colors that dance and shimmer with an otherworldly elegance.

  • Size: 3cm/1.2″
  • Stone: raw rainbow fluorite
  • 2pcs
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raw rainbow fluorite
Raw Rainbow Fluorite $29.90 Original price was: $29.90.$19.90Current price is: $19.90.
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Raw rainbow fluorite has a wide variety of colors, and sometimes even colorless, it may have a little bit of clarity that you may or may not be able to see.

raw rainbow fluorite stone
raw rainbow fluorite stone

What is raw rainbow fluorite?

Raw rainbow fluorite is a specific type of fluorite that has multiple bands of color. For example, the green body of the crystal with some different colored stripes is usually pretty common of what you can expect when you see most rainbow fluorite, but fluorite itself comes in a huge variety of colors.

What does raw rainbow fluorite do?

  • Enhances mental clarity and focus
  • Promotes spiritual growth
  • Provides emotional healing
  • Boosts creativity and inspiration
  • Cleanses and balances chakras
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Varieties of raw rainbow fluorite

Now, it does range quite a bit. You may get one that has finer bands in it, but sometimes those bands are wider. And in many pieces, especially small pieces, it might be mostly or predominantly just one color.

Properties based on color

In the crystal healing world, when we talk about stones that come in lots of colors, things like fluorite and calcite, we typically break down their properties by the color variety.

We might have different properties for purple fluorite than we do for green fluorite, but rainbow fluorite in particular is pretty cool because you get so many different colors all together.

General properties of fluorite

Fluorite in general is a great crystal for mental clarity, for intuition. The name fluorite comes from the Latin word flow, for flow, which is because fluorite is mainly formed at fairly low temperatures, and so it has this kind of flow state to it.

It’s also known as fluorspar. This is an older name for the stone, fluorspar, and it may be one of your favorite crystals because of the amazing range of colors that it displays and also comes in different formations.

Zodiac signs and elements

Raw rainbow fluorite is related to the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and it’s connected with the air element. So again, logic, intellect.

Raw rainbow fluorite properties and meaning

rainbow fluorite raw
rainbow fluorite raw

What are the metaphysical properties or qualities of raw rainbow fluorite?

Enhance energetic protection

Rainbow fluorite is great for enhancing energetic protection. It’s an excellent stone for setting boundaries energetically.

Reduce your stress

It also supports you while you work to reduce your stress, because it provides some clarity, so it takes some of those questions and some of that uncertainty out of the mix, which helps support you while you’re working to reduce stress.

Transforming and transmuting energy

It is also great for transforming and transmuting energy.

So if you have energy that is in your space or in your energy field or energy of a situation that’s not supporting you, that you want to kind of shift up a little bit, raw rainbow fluorite can help you do that.

Strengthen your intuition

Rainbow fluorite raw also strengthens your intuition. It’s a great stone for enhancing your intuition, and it’s been said to encourage accurate psychic readings.

Self-confidence and objectivity

Because of the clarity that raw rainbow fluorite helps promote, it could be that it promotes some clarity in interpretation and that sort of thing.

It’s also said to promote or reveal the truth in a situation, so that could be helpful for doing readings, as well.

But one of the ways that people like to work with raw rainbow fluorite is for self-confidence.

It’s also a great stone for just enhancing your self-confidence.

“ I love working with it for so many reasons, but clarity and confidence and intuition are kind of my go to’s. It’s also said to promote objectivity.”-Jack

That can be connected with mental clarity. You’re getting a fuller picture of things, that sort of thing. It comes in a range of colors.

As you’ve seen, it can be clear, violet or purple, lavender, blue, green, or yellow. You see it in all these colors and in all these colors sort of mixed up together.

Affirmation for raw rainbow fluorite

If you had a piece of raw rainbow fluorite that you wanted to work with and you wanted kind of a focus for it, here’s the affirmation that we’ve been using along with my rainbow fluorite. My mind is clear, allowing me to co-create with the universe.

Where to buy raw rainbow fluorite?

You can buy raw rainbow fluorite at our crystal shop. You can get the fluorite at the best price.

Companion flower and oil

Its companion flower is cherry blossom, and an excellent companion essential oil is lemon verbena.

Combining raw rainbow fluorite with other stones

If you want to pair raw rainbow fluorite with another stone, a great stone to pair it with is black onyx because the black onyx helps bring in some grounding.

So once you have that kind of mental clarity, it keeps you grounded, and it also is an excellent protective stone. So, whereas this one helps you set energetic, protective boundaries, the black onyx then reinforces that.

Color Variety

Rainbow fluorite is a pretty cool crystal. It was once called the home of the rainbow. It’s a stone of, again, an amazing variety of colors, shapes, and formations, and a lot of people say that only tourmaline actually displays more color variety than fluorite.

Where is raw rainbow fluorite found?

Some of the best and most beautiful fluorite, other than coming from Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, comes from Mexico, England, and China.

In fact, some of the beautiful rainbow fluorite with these gorgeous bands comes from China and it is just gorgeous.

2 reviews for Raw Rainbow Fluorite

  1. Gwen

    Absolutely stunning! The rainbow fluorite I received is a true work of art, with vibrant hues of purple, green, and blue that seem to dance and shimmer.

  2. Julie

    I can’t say enough good things about raw rainbow fluorite.

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