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Raw Green Fluorite

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This captivating crystal is known for its ability to promote mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. It’s perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being and connect with their higher selves. Order yours today and experience the transformative power of raw green fluorite!

  • Size: 3cm/1.2″
  • Weight: approx. 30g
  • Stone: raw green fluorite
  • 1pc
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raw green fluorite
Raw Green Fluorite $49.90 Original price was: $49.90.$39.90Current price is: $39.90.
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Green fluorite is a great stone for keeping your space cleansed. It is one of the good stones for supporting individual life and individual expression.

Raw green fluorite crystal meaning

Green fluorite is wonderful to work with at the heart chakra level, bringing that mental clarity, releasing confusion, and calming and settling the mind qualities down into that heart space. It is gorgeous, and you can have one on your nightstand.

  • Clears negative energy
  • Attracts wealth and abundance
  • Increases mental acuity
  • brings cleansing, renewal, and a spring-like freshness
  • Ideal for overcoming disorganization
  • Excellent study and learning tool

What is raw green fluorite?

raw green fluorite crystal
raw green fluorite crystal

Geen fluorite is chemically known as calcium fluoride. It’s a beautiful crystal known for its seafoam green color. It is typically created through volcanic activity.

The green color is created through acidic infusion during the hardening process. It is also known as fluorspar, with the prefix “fluo” meaning “to flow.” Raw green fluorite is a fabulous stone for giving life and for sustaining life, which is why people love this stone.

Raw green fluorite benefits and healing properties

raw fluorite green crystal stone
raw fluorite green crystal stone

The vibration of raw green fluorite makes it perfect for healing the body and unblocking chakras and dispelling negative energies.

The healing properties can be attributed to the green color combined with the earth energy which is heavily saturated in the stone during the formation process.

The vibration is formed through the fact that the earth gives life. Such powerful life-giving energy, combined with the green color specific to healing, makes the raw green fluorite very effective at treating illnesses and supporting vitality.

Raw green fluorite helps unblock the throat chakra, freeing individual expression.

Furthermore, it helps heal and unblock the heart chakra, both physically and spiritually.

Though it also unblocks the physical heart, it supports vitality by protecting the surroundings from disease. It helps heal scars, keep bones healthy, and keep teeth healthy. It can also treat sickness of the stomach and throat.

How to use raw green fluorite crystal?

green fluorite raw
green fluorite raw

To bring peace and order to a space

Raw green fluorite helps bring peace and order to a space. It is a good stone for relaxing and easing stress because it serves as a link to the earth.

Ground your energy

It is a great stone for grounding your energy, and it is effectively used in spaces where life is growing. It gets rid of pollutants and negative energies. It serves as a means of attracting water spirits and animals such as hummingbirds and butterflies because it is a hotspot of flowing natural energy.

So, we would very much suggest that you use raw green fluorite in your room if you are needing to bring some life to it.

Use raw green fluorite for plants

If you have a lot of plants, then we would suggest incorporating raw green fluorite into either the landscape or incorporating it into your inside space if your plants are inside because it will support that vitality.

To help with health problems

If you are having health problems, you can put a small raw green fluorite in your pillow. You can also put it under your mattress or carry it in your pocket, especially if you are having heart problems because raw fluorite helps to unblock the heart.

Unblock your throat chakra

Also, if you are feeling very constricted in your ability to express yourself, if you are feeling an artist’s block, or you are just in an environment that is not supportive of individual expression, fluorite will help you by unblocking your throat chakra, meaning that you will be able to express yourself more accurately and more eloquently.

So, you will be much better prepared for business situations and tricky interpersonal situations where you have to be very specific and very careful with your words. Unblocking that throat chakra is the key to good communication at times if you believe in chakras.

Use raw green fluorite to cleanse your space

You can cleanse your space using a very, very high vibrating stone like selenite or obsidian, but then you can go back into your space and place raw green fluorite in there because it essentially makes a spiritual energy forest, and it will make it much harder for any negative energies to come back and penetrate your sphere.

The vibration of green fluorite

Why green fluorite is the way it is, and why does it have that specific vibration?

The reason why fluorite is the way it is is similar to the reason why rose quartz is the way that it is. It is due to a color association in society, but also it is due to the quality of the fluorite crystals.

The color green has been associated with health and vitality because that is the color of plants and with new growth, especially beautiful lush new growth that happens in the spring.

It is the greenest that usually it will ever be. Green fluorite matches the color. So, as society has made that association, it has taken on that vibration, and that vibration has transferred to the raw green fluorite crystals.

But also, in the eruption process, similar to quartz, the raw green fluorite has been infused with a lot of earth energy, and it typically sits closer to the crust of the earth. So, it doesn’t have as much Universal energy, but it has a lot of earth energy.

And that earth energy, especially that violent earth energy that happens through eruption, makes it a fabulous stone for giving life and for being able to support life. It is similar to why islands like Hawaii have so much lush green life and so many different species living on it because it is through that earth energy and through that vibration that life can come.

So, that is why raw green fluorite has specific properties.

And when you are using raw green fluorite, we would suggest you use this for bringing new life. So, if someone is pregnant or someone is trying to have a child, we would use fluorite because it supports health and new life.

2 reviews for Raw Green Fluorite

  1. Kurtis

    I’ve been wanting to try raw crystals for a while, and I was drawn to the vibrant green of this fluorite. It arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. I keep it on my desk while I work, and I swear it helps me focus and clear my head.

  2. Joan

    I bought this raw green fluorite for meditation. It’s a good size for holding comfortably, and the weight is calming. The green color is very soothing.

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